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Grant Status Previously Funded
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP)
Branch Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL
Allen, Jennifer Dacey Tufts University Boston Addressing Prostate Cancer Information Disparities with Ehealth Technology 5R21CA178296-02 167844 2014
Auslander, Beth University of Texas Med Br Galveston Reasons for the Gap Between Parental Intentions and Initiation of HPV Vaccination 5R03CA177597-02 75134 2014
Bastani, Roshan University of California Los Angeles Increasing HPV Vaccine Uptake in a Low Income Ethnic Minority Population 5R01CA154549-06 375733 2017
Buckley, David Oregon Health & Science University Activating Rural Clinics and Women with Disabilities to Improve Cancer Screening 5R21CA167087-02 162451 2014
Byrne, Margaret M. University of Miami School of Medicine Development and Feasibility Testing of a Lung Cancer Screening Decision Aid 5R21CA173880-02 162440 2015
Champion, Victoria Lee Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Increasing Colorectal and Breast Cancer Screnning in Women 5R01CA136940-05 518664 2014
Colditz, Graham A. Washington University Implementation of Patient Navigation in Rural Areas After an Abnormal Mammogram 5R21CA181684-02 132675 2015
Coronado, Gloria D Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Strategies and Opportunities to Stop Colon Cancer in Priority Populations 5UH3CA188640-05 1527917 2017
Crabtree, Benjamin F Rbhs-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Pcmh Implementation Strategies: Implications for Cancer Survivor Care 5R01CA176545-03 636103 2016
Duhamel, Katherine N Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Improving Crc Screening for Diverse Hispanics in an Urban Primary Care Setting 5R01CA140737-04 662279 2014
Egleston, Brian L Research Inst of Fox Chase Can Ctr Clinical Trials with Exclusions Based on Race, Ethnicity, and English Fluency 5R03CA167264-02 86573 2014
Eng, Eugenia Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Accountability for Cancer Care Through Undoing Racism and Equity (ACCURE) 4R01CA150980-05 433633 2016
Erwin, Deborah O Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Crc Screening Thoughts and Feelings: Increasing Engagement of African Americans 4R01CA171935-04 645851 2016
Geller, Alan Charles Harvard School of Public Health Reducing Skin Cancer Risk in Childhood Cancer Survivors 5R01CA175231-05 643350 2017
Gerend, Mary A. Northwestern University at Chicago HPV Vaccination Among Low-Income Hispanic Adolescents 5R21CA178592-03 118909 2015
Greiner, K Allen University of Kansas Medical Center Tailored Touchscreen Colorectal Cancer Prevention in American Indian Communities 5R01CA158238-04 504749 2014
Hatcher, Jennifer University of Kentucky Promoting Colorectal Cancer Screening in Rural Emergency Departments 3R21CA177359-02S1 124293 2016
Hatcher, Jennifer University of Kentucky Promoting Colorectal Cancer Screening in Rural Emergency Departments 5R21CA177359-02 163669 2015
Hernandez, Claudia University of Illinois at Chicago Assessing Resident Physician Melanoma Detection Across Ethnic Groups 5R21CA176534-02 166721 2014
Holt, Cheryl L Univ of Maryland, College Park Implementation of Evidence-Based Cancer Early Detection in Black Churches 4R01CA147313-06 350075 2016
Holt, Cheryl L Univ of Maryland, College Park Longitudinal Study of Religion and Cancer-Related Behaviors in Black Americans 5R01CA154419-05 440712 2015
James, Aimee S Washington University Reducing Rural Colon Cancer Disparities Through Multi-Level Intervention on Follow-Up After Abnormal Screening Tests 1U01CA209861-01A1 475922 2017
Jones, Beth A Yale University Cancer Screening Behavior in Hispanic/Latinas Living in the Northeast United Stat 5R01CA134276-05 618913 2012
Kahana, Eva Case Western Reserve University Health Care Partners in Cancer Prevention and Care Among Aged - Competing Renewal 5R01CA098966-10 268023 2015
Karliner, Leah S University of California, San Francisco Disparities in Abnormal Mammogram Follow-Up: Actionable Communication and Care Coordination Strategies 5R21CA195429-02 137895 2017
Kepka, Deanna Lee University of Utah Community-Level Geographic Factors and HPV Vaccination in the U.S. 5R03CA202566-02 77058 2017
Kobetz, Erin N University of Miami School of Medicine Addressing Cervical Cancer Disparity in South Florida Cbpr in Action 5R01CA183612-04 508478 2017
Krishnan, Suneeta Research Triangle Institute Understanding Delays in Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer in India 5R03CA172542-02 67339 2014
Kue, Jennifer Ohio State University Southeast Asian Women's Health Project 5R03CA175464-02 77000 2015
Landier, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine in Cancer Survivors 5R01CA166559-05 674412 2016
Landon, Bruce E. Harvard Medical School Social Networks and the Spread of Cancer Care Practices 4R01CA174468-04 628534 2016
Larkey, Linda K Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Navigation From Community to Clinic to Promote Crc Screening in Underserved Popul 4R01CA162393-05 538307 2016
Lee, Sunmin Univ of Maryland, College Park Behavioral Intervention to Reduce Breast Cancer Disparity in Underserved Koreans 5R21CA178471-02 160342 2014
Lee, Sunmin Univ of Maryland, College Park Behavioral Intervention to Reduce Breast Cancer Disparity in Underserved Koreans 3R21CA178471-02S1 75985 2015
Leng, Jennifer Cf Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Informing the Adaptation of a Chw Model to Facilitate Lung Cancer Screening for Chinese Taxi Drivers 5R03CA202515-02 85700 2017
Liles, Elizabeth G. Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Maximizing Yield of the Fecal Immunochemical Test for Colorectal Cancer Screening 5R01CA154982-04 519771 2014
Luque, John S Georgia Southern University Implementation Evaluation of a Cervical Cancer Screening Initiative in Cusco, Per 5R03CA173105-02 67430 2014
Luque, John S Georgia Southern University Salud Es Vida: Reducing Access Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening Among Unders 5R21CA163159-02 107132 2013
Martinez Tyson, Dinorah University of South Florida Cultural Adaptation of a Supportive Care Needs Measure for Latino Cancer Survivor 5R03CA168403-02 61131 2013
Miller, David P Wake Forest University Health Sciences A Primary Care Multilevel Mhealth Colorectal Cancer Screening (MCRC) Intervention 4R01CA178941-04 320379 2016
Mustanski, Brian Northwestern University at Chicago Using Text Messaging to Increase HPV Vaccination Among Young Sexual Minority Men 5R21CA208329-02 208815 2017
Nattinger, Ann B. Medical College of Wisconsin (PQE3)A Statewide Rct to Reduce Use of Ineffective or Unproven Breast Cancer Care 5R01CA190016-04 617350 2017
Niccolai, Linda M Yale University Disparities in HPV Vaccine Completion: Identifying and Quantifying the Barriers 5R21CA163160-02 216282 2014
Okeke, Edward N Rand Corporation The Demand for Cancer Screening: Peer Effects or Learning 5R21CA173621-02 117928 2014
Onega, Tracy Dartmouth College Effectiveness of Pre-Operative Mri in Breast Cancer Surgery and Outcomes 5R01CA149365-05 528483 2015
Ostroff, Jamie S Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Empathic Physician Communication and Stigma in Lung Cancer Patients 5R03CA193986-02 87950 2016
Pasick, Rena Joy University of California, San Francisco Prostate Cancer Detection Decision-Making for Low-Income African American Men 5R21CA171953-02 199478 2014
Pollack, Craig Evan Johns Hopkins University The Impact of Provider Social Networks on Breast Cancer Screening 5R21CA194194-02 154942 2017
Ramaswamy, Megha University of Kansas Medical Center Correctional and Public Health Links to Bolster HPV Vaccine and Cancer Prevention 5R21CA204767-02 205035 2017
Reiter, Paul L Ohio State University Increasing HPV Vaccine Coverage Among Young Adult Gay and Bisexual Men 5R21CA194831-02 167845 2016
Robinson, June K Northwestern University at Chicago Training Primary Care Physicians to Perform Melanoma Opportunistic Surveillance 5R21CA182725-02 131059 2016
Schapira, Marilyn M University of Pennsylvania Lung Cancer Screening: a Debate of Practice, Policy, and Science 1R13CA189538-01 7500 2014
Schwartz, Marc D Georgetown University Evolving Model of Cancer Susceptibility Testing: Clinical Decisions & Outcomes 5R21CA194965-02 169106 2017
Shastri, Surendra Srinivas Tata Memorial Hospital Early Detection of Common Cancers in Women in India 5R01CA074801-16 189801 2014
Shields, Cleveland George Purdue University Social and Behavioral Influences on Clinical Communication and Pain Management 5R01CA155376-05 489050 2015
Simon, Melissa Andrea Northwestern University at Chicago Adapting Patient Navigation to Promote Cancer Screening in Chicagos Chinatown 5R01CA163830-06 523819 2017
Taylor, Victoria M Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Development of a Cervical Cancer Screening Program for Refugee Women 5R21CA187401-02 220740 2016
Underwood, Willie Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Race, Prostate Cancer Treatment, and Treatment Decision Difficulty and Regret 5R01CA152425-05 542725 2014
Wagner, Lynne I. Northwestern University at Chicago Targeted Ehealth Intervention to Reduce Fear of Recurrence Among Cancer Survivors 5R21CA173193-02 162979 2014
Walsh, Judith Mary Eileen University of California, San Francisco Pre-View an Interactive Video Doctor to Encourage Cancer Screening 4R01CA158027-05 414889 2016
Wang, Judy Huei-Yu Georgetown University A Rct to Promote Mammography Adherence Among Chinese Immigrant Women 5R01CA142941-05 524596 2014
Weaver, Kathryn Elizabeth Wake Forest University Health Sciences End of Treatment Transition to Follow-Up Care Among Early Stage Lung Cancer Survi 5R03CA179019-02 77250 2015
Williams, Donna L Lsu Health Sciences Center Feasibility of Community Based Tampon Self-Sampling to Prevent Cervical Cancer 5R21CA157263-02 91445 2013