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PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Armenian, Saro Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Remote Monitoring of Cardiac Function in Childhood Cancer Survivors 5R21CA261797-02 174379 2022
Berg, Carla J George Washington University An Mhealth Positive Psychology Intervention to Reduce Cancer Burden in Young Adult Cancer Survivors 1R21CA261884-01A1 240237 2022
Dixon , Stephanie Berry St. Jude Children's Research Hospital PREDM: an Adaptive, Open-Label, Pilot Intervention Trial for Diabetes Prevention 1R21CA261713-01A1 250770 2022
Hoyt, Michael A University of California-Irvine Caregiving for Young Adults with Cancer in Latino Families: Understanding Healthcare Engagement and Family Wellbeing 5R21CA261628-02 176575 2022
Kadan-Lottick, Nina S Georgetown University Bridging Information Divides and Gaps to Ensure Survivorship: the Bridges Randomized Controlled Trial of a Multilevel Intervention to Improve Adherence to Childhood Cancer Survivorship 5R01CA261881-02 577153 2022
Miller, Kimberly Ann University of Southern California Individual, Cultural, and Area-Based Factors Associated with Survivorship Care Among Asian/Asian American Childhood Cancer Survivors 5R01CA261888-02 626057 2022
Park, Elyse R Massachusetts General Hospital Assessing the Effect of Virtual Navigation Interventions to Improve Health Insurance Literacy and Decrease Financial Burden: a Ccss Randomized Trial 5R01CA271380-02 693499 2023
Patel, Sunita K Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Leveraging Digital Health Solutions to Reduce Learning and Functional Disparities in Children with Cancer 1R01CA261793-01A1 763831 2022
Recklitis, Christopher John Dana-Farber Cancer Inst STEP-YA: an Online Self-Management Intervention for Young Adult Cancer Survivors with Insomnia 5R21CA261863-02 200606 2023
Thom, Bridgette H Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Enhancing Health Cost Literacy and Financial Capability Among Young Adult Cancer Survivors 5R21CA261828-02 199479 2023