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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP)
Branch Healthcare Assessment Research Branch
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Adams, Alyce Sophia Stanford University Leveraging Machine Learning to Improve Risk Prediction for Chemotherapy Inducedneuropathy 5R01CA249127-05 PA19-056 467950 2024
Bao, Yuhua Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Opioid Treatment of Pain in People with Cancer: Intended and Unintended Consequences of State Policies Addressing Opioid Prescribing 5R01CA267996-02 PAR21-190 379977 2023
Braithwaite, Dejana K University of Florida Personalized Screening for Lung Cancer: the Importance of CO-Existing Chronic Conditions to Clinical Practice and Policy 3R01CA249506-04S1 PA19-056 65002 2024
Braithwaite, Dejana K University of Florida Personalized Screening for Lung Cancer: the Importance of CO-Existing Chronic Conditions to Clinical Practice and Policy 5R01CA249506-04 PA19-056 608786 2024
Braithwaite, Dejana K University of Florida Advancing Precision Lung Cancer Surveillance and Outcomes in Diverse Populations (PLUS2) 5R01CA284646-02 PA20-185 497819 2024
Brito Campana, Juan P Mayo Clinic Rochester DE-Implementation of Inappropriate Thyroid Ultrasound 5R37CA272473-03 PA20-185 630402 2024
Butterly, Lynn F Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic Optimizing Colorectal Cancer Prevention: a Multi-Disciplinary, Population-Based Investigation of Serrated Polyps Using Risk Prediction and Modeling 5R01CA243449-05 PA19-056 541681 2024
Carroll, Nikki Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Natural History of Lung Cancer Diagnosed Within and Across Diverse Health Systems Implementing Lung Cancer Screening 5R50CA251966-04 PAR19-290 150171 2023
Carroll, Nikki Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Estimating Overdiagnosis After Implementation of Lung Cancer Screening in Community-Based Healthcare Systems 1R03CA292991-01 PAR23-058 158290 2024
Corley, Douglas Allen Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Optimizing Colorectal Cancer Screening Precision and Outcomes in Community-Based Populations (PRECISE) 5UM1CA222035-06 CA16-016 564678 2023
Doubeni, Chyke Abadama Ohio State University Addressing Disparities in Outcomes of Screening for Colorectal Cancer in Community-Based Settings 5R01CA278052-02 PA20-185 637940 2024
Farjah, Farhood University of Washington Comparative-Effectiveness of Pretreatment Lung Cancer Nodal Staging 5R01CA258352-03 PA20-185 569699 2024
Frerichs, Leah M Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Evaluating a Remotely Delivered, Digital Health Crc Screening Intervention Among Racially Diverse Patients of a Community Health Center 1R01CA273331-01A1 PAR21-035 650993 2023
Gareen, Ilana F Brown University Lung Screening: Efficacy Versus Effectiveness 5R01CA215240-06 PA16-160 488886 2023
Gasoyan, Hamlet Cleveland Clinic Lerner Com-Cwru Modifiable Determinants of Disparities in Multiple Myeloma Treatment Patterns 4R00CA277136-02 CA21-060 248999 2024
Gupta, Samir Veterans Medical Research Fdn/San Diego Post-Polypectomy Surveillance for Reducing Colon Cancer Incidence and Mortality 5R37CA222866-06 PA16-160 544634 2023
Han, Summer S Stanford University Integrating Multiple Electronic Health Records Systems to Improve Lung Cancer Outcomes 5R01CA282793-02 PA20-185 611784 2024
Han, Summer S Stanford University Evaluation of Genetic, Clinical and Environmental Risk Factors to Establish Effective Screening Strategies for Second Primary Lung Cancer 5R37CA226081-07 PA16-160 621799 2024
Heintzman, John Oregon Health & Science University FRONTIERS: Foreign-Born Latinos Cancer Screening 5R01CA258464-03 PA20-185 528769 2024
Henderson, Louise Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Comorbidity and Functional Status in a Population Undergoing Lung Cancer Screening 5R01CA251686-04 PA19-056 403840 2023
Henderson, Louise Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Evaluating Lung Cancer Screening Patterns and Outcomes in Diverse Populations and Settings 5R01CA212014-07 PA20-185 507725 2024
Hollenbeck, Brent K. Massachusetts General Hospital Physician Dispensing of Oral Specialty Drugs for Advanced Prostate Cancer and Its Implications for Patients 5R01CA275993-03 PA20-185 495286 2024
Hong, Arthur Seokjae UT Southwestern Medical Center Actionable Categories of Avoidable Hospital Care Among Adults with Cancer 1R01CA282242-01 PA20-185 611294 2023
Hughes, Amy E UT Southwestern Medical Center Multi-Level Optimization of the Cervical Cancer Screening Process in Diverse Settings & Populations (METRICS) 5UM1CA221940-06 CA16-016 986593 2023
Ji, Xu Emory University Understanding the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Healthcare Coverage, Utilization, and Outcomes for Childhood Cancer Survivors 5R03CA267456-02 PAR20-052 83883 2023
Kirchhoff, Anne C University of Utah A Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Health Insurance Literacy and Surveillance Among Young Adult Cancer Survivors 5R01CA276825-02 PAR21-035 613806 2024
Kong, Chung Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Optimizing Lung Cancer Screening Nodule Evaluation 5R01CA260889-03 PA20-185 686206 2023
Langston, Marvin Epolian Stanford University Tailored Prostate Cancer Screening: Addressing Uspstf Priority Research Gaps in a Racially-Diverse Study Population 1R01CA283896-01 CA22-050 680237 2023
Lee, Christoph I University of Washington Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Breast Cancer Diagnostic Work Up and Outcomes 5R01CA266377-04 PA18-932 550682 2024
Li, Christopher I Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Coordinating Center for Population-Based Research to Optimize Cancer Screening (PROSPR) (U24) 5U24CA221936-06 CA16-017 642698 2023
Liu, Ying Washington University Impacts of Neighborhood Contexts and Medicaid Policy on Lung Cancer Survival in Low-Ses Patients 5R01CA268007-03 PAR21-190 179862 2024
Mcdowell, Bradley D University of Iowa Building a Patient-Centered Cancer Data Mart in a Rural State 5R50CA243692-05 PAR18-887 98066 2023
Miglioretti, Diana L University of California at Davis Advancing Equitable Risk-Based Breast Cancer Screening and Surveillance in Community Practice 5P01CA154292-12 PAR20-077 2928797 2023
Mitchell, Aaron P Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Understanding the Importance of Industry Relationships for Cancer Care Quality, Outcomes, and Costs 5R37CA264563-02 PAR21-190 384714 2023
Montgomery, Guy H Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Enhancing the Public Health Benefits of Mammography Screening By Informing Women of Both Breast Cancer and Breast Arterial Calcification Results: a Randomized Trial to Promote Cardiovascular Health 5R01CA251754-04 PAR18-559 665018 2024
Nagykaldi, Zsolt J University of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Tribally Engaged Approaches to Lung Screening (TEALS) 5R01CA225439-05 PAR17-496 406763 2024
Offodile, Anaeze C Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Examining the Effects of Global Budget Revenue Program on the Costs and Quality of Care Provided to Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy 1R37CA276322-01A1 PA20-185 624077 2023
Pollack, Craig Evan Johns Hopkins University Housing Assistance, Outcomes, Medicare, and Seer (HOMES): Using a Novel Data Linkage to Understand Cancer Inequities 5R01CA269488-03 PA20-185 530341 2024
Ramsey, Scott D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Disparities in Financial and Clinical Outcomes Among Commercially-Insured Cancer Patients Following the Affordable Care Act 1R01CA274541-01A1 PAR21-190 402600 2024
Redwood, Diana Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Randomized Controlled Trial of the Stool DNA Test to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Alaska Native People 5R01CA247642-04 PAR17-496 415873 2023
Ritzwoller, Debra P Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Center for Research to Optimize Precision Lung Cancer Screening in Diverse Populations 5UM1CA221939-06 CA16-016 729340 2023
Sabik, Lindsay Marie University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Impact of Rural Hospital Payment and Delivery Reform on Geographic Disparities in Cancer Surgery 5R01CA244189-05 PA19-056 539524 2024
Sakoda, Lori Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Multilevel Determinants of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Lung Cancer Screening Utilization 5R01CA263322-03 PA20-185 8149 2024
Shahinian, Vahakn B University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Aligning Financial Incentives to Promote Rational Use of Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer 5R01CA269367-03 PA20-185 451145 2024
Shahinian, Vahakn B University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Urology Practice Consolidation and Care for Men with Prostate Cancer 1R01CA279746-01A1 PA20-185 593112 2024
Shepherd, John Alan University of Hawaii at Manoa Hawaii Pacific Islands Mammography Registry 3R01CA263491-02S1 PA18-932 62131 2024
Shepherd, John Alan University of Hawaii at Manoa Hawaii Pacific Islands Mammography Registry 5R01CA263491-02 PA18-932 618819 2024
Singal, Amit UT Southwestern Medical Center Harms of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Screening in Patients with Cirrhosis 5R01CA212008-06 PA16-160 376765 2022
Sprague, Brian L University of Vermont & St Agric College Clinical Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Models for Women with a High-Risk Benign Breast Diagnosis 1R01CA282725-01 PA20-185 840327 2023
Sprague, Brian L University of Vermont & St Agric College Identifying Effective Risk-Based Supplemental Ultrasound Screening Strategies for Women with Dense Breasts 5R01CA248068-05 PA19-056 707023 2024
Tosteson, Anna N. A. Dartmouth College Disparities in Access to and Outcomes of Cancer Surgery for Rural Medicare Patients 5R01CA248470-04 PAR18-288 627289 2023
Tracy, J. Kathleen University of Vermont & St Agric College Translating Molecular Diagnostics for Cervical Cancer Prevention Into Practice 7U01CA190366-09 PAR19-274 492261 2023
Vachon, Celine M Mayo Clinic Rochester Evaluation of Novel Tomosynthesis Density Measures in Breast Cancer Risk Prediction 5R01CA275074-02 PA20-185 637516 2024
Wisnivesky, Juan P Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Optimizing Lung Cancer Screening in Cancer Survivors 5R01CA264995-04 PA20-185 654045 2024