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Grant Status Currently Funded
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP)
Branch Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Aldrich, Melinda Vanderbilt University Medical Center Addressing Racial Disparities in Lung Cancer Screening 5R01CA251758-04 546688 2024
Blinder, Victoria S Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research The Breast Cancer and the Workforce Communication App: a Randomized Controlled Trial of an English/Spanish Intervention to Promote Long-Term Job Retention 5R37CA214785-07 530952 2024
Colon, Vivian Comprehensive Cancer Center Univ/Pr Implementation of School-Entry Policies for Human Papillomavirus Vaccination 5R01CA232743-05 366277 2023
Dossett, Lesly A University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Evaluation of the Implementation and Effectiveness of the American College of Surgeons Operative Standards Program 1R01CA288625-01 504112 2024
Doubeni, Chyke Abadama Ohio State University Promoting Equity of Cancer Screening and Follow-Up for Lung Cancer 5R01CA269832-02 642126 2024
Havens, Jennifer R University of Kentucky Increasing Access to Hepatitis C Treatment in Opioid Endemic Rural Areas: the Kentucky Viral Hepatitis Treatment (Key Treat) Study 5R01DA047952-05 753882 2023
Jacobs, Bruce L. University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Centralization of Cancer Care: Implications for Access, Outcomes, and Disparities 5R37CA262366-03 580586 2024
Leapman, Michael Stuart Yale University Optimizing Prostate Cancer Care: Integrating Risks, Benefits, and Patient Experiences in the New Era of Molecular Imaging 1R01CA281959-01 660392 2023
Moucheraud, Corrina New York University Identifying Modifiable Multi-Level Factors Associated with HPV Vaccine Uptake in Kenya and Malawi 1R37CA272664-01A1 644061 2024
Ramaswamy, Megha University of Kansas Medical Center Tri-City Cervical Cancer Prevention Study Among Women in the Justice System 3R01CA226838-05S1 38490 2023
Sawaya, George F University of California, San Francisco Cervical Cancer Screening After Age 65 in the Era of HPV Testing: Estimating Benefits and Harms of Screening Cessation and Continuation 5R01CA267725-02 654794 2023
Schwartz, Marc D Georgetown University Facilitated Education and Testing in Brca Positive Families 5R01CA223606-05 324342 2022
Smith, Cardinale B Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai The Role of Implicit Bias on Outcomes of Patients with Advanced Solid Cancers 5R01CA251547-04 642048 2024
Toumazis, Iakovos University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Optimizing Personalized Screening and Diagnostic Decisions for Lung Cancer Based on Dynamic Risk Assessment and Life Expectancy 5R37CA271187-03 502013 2024
Tu, Shin-Ping University of California at Davis Smart Cancer Care Teams: Enhancing Ehr Communication to Improve Interprofessional Teamwork 5R01CA273058-02 644673 2023
Wickliffe, Joi University of Kansas Medical Center Tri-City Cervical Cancer Prevention Study Among Women in the Justice System 5R01CA226838-05 534301 2023