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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP)
Branch Outcomes Research Branch
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Avis, Nancy E Wake Forest University Health Sciences A Prospective Study of the Impact of Breast Cancer on Symptoms and Functioning 5R01CA199137-05 PA13-302 361860 2019
Badger, Terry A University of Arizona Improving Informal Caregivers' and Cancer Survivors' Psychological Distress, Symptom Management and Health Care Use 5R01CA224282-04 PAR16-317 610291 2021
Badr, Hoda J Baylor College of Medicine A Psychosocial Intervention for the Caregivers of Advanced Lung Cancer Patients 5R01CA187143-05 PA13-302 456456 2018
Boehmer, Ulrike Boston University Medical Campus Variations in Needs After Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis 5R01CA181392-05 PA12-111 497934 2018
Brownson, Ross C Washington University A Cross-Country Comparison of Evidence-Based Prevention of Cancer 5R21CA179932-02 PAR13-054 166216 2015
Butt, Zeeshan Ahmad Northwestern University at Chicago Improving Longitudinal Quality of Life Assessment in Hepatocellular Carcinoma 5R03CA173025-02 PAR12-035 74932 2014
Cella, David Northwestern University at Chicago Implementation and Evaluation of an Expanded Bilingual Electronic Symptom Management Program Across a Multi-Site, Fully-Integrated Comprehensive Cancer Center 3UM1CA233035-01S1 PA21-071 428372 2021
Cella, David Northwestern University at Chicago Evaluating Patient-Reported Outcomes Monitoring in Routine Care of Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia for Increasing Adherence and Clinical Response to Therapy: Theempathy Pilot Study 5R21CA230367-02 PA18-014 161380 2020
Cella, David Northwestern University at Chicago The National Person-Centered Assessment Resource (PCAR) 5U2CCA186878-04 CA13-008 2091780 2017
Cella, David Northwestern University at Chicago The National Person-Centered Assessment Resource (PCAR) 3U2CCA186878-04S1 CA13-008 890799 2018
Chao, Chun R. Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Follow-Up Care and Preventive Service Use Among Survivors of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer. 5R21CA198042-02 PAR15-340 177068 2017
Chen, Ronald Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Promis Validation in Prospective Population-Based Prostate Cancer Research Study 5R01CA174453-04 AR12-007 280122 2015
Chen, Ronald Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Promis Validation in Prospective Population-Based Prostate Cancer Research Study 3R01CA174453-04S1 AR12-007 150000 2016
Chow, Eric Jessen Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Improving Treatment of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Childhood Cancer Survivors 6R01CA204378-06 PA13-302 487899 2021
Craig, Benjamin M H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Hrqol Values for Cancer Survivors: Enhancing Promis Measures for Cer 5R01CA160104-05 PAR08-212 579653 2015
Danhauer, Suzanne C. Wake Forest University Health Sciences A Stepped-Care Telehealth Approach to Treat Distress in Rural Cancer Survivors 5R21CA198237-03 PAR13-146 79570 2018
Danhauer, Suzanne C. Wake Forest University Health Sciences Work Ability in Young Adult Surviviors (WAYS): a Quantitative Investigation 5R21CA191989-02 PAR13-146 168563 2017
Davis, Rachel Ellen University of South Carolina at Columbia Addressing Acquiescence: Reducing Survey Error to Promote Latino Health 5R01CA172283-05 PA11-260 421078 2017
Devine, Katie A Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Improving Transition Readiness in Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Survivors of Childhood Cancer 5R21CA222936-02 PAR16-278 134180 2019
Diefenbach, Michael A Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Developing a Decision Aid for Adolescent and Young Adult Female Cancer Survivors Considering Future Family-Building After Treatment 5R03CA212924-02 PAR14-007 82500 2018
Dy, Sydney Morss Johns Hopkins University Evaluation of Implementation of Point-of-Care Palliative Care Quality Measures 5R21CA197362-02 PAR13-054 176175 2017
Ellington, Lee A University of Utah Cancer Caregiver Interactions with the Hospice Team: Implications for End of Life and Bereavement Outcomes 5R01NR016249-04 PA13-302 100000 2020
Ferrante, Jeanne M Rbhs-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Reducing Health Disparities By Decreasing Weight Bias in Community Healthcare Set 5R21CA165939-03 PAR10-137 167726 2014
Hedeker, Donald University of Chicago Novel Statistical Models for Intensive Longitudinal Analyses of Cancer Control Behaviors 5R01CA240713-04 PAR18-352 538384 2022
Hollen, Patricia Jean University of Virginia A Decision Aid with HRQL Assessment to Reduce Costs in the Treatment of NSCLC 5R01CA157409-03 PA09-122 607647 2014
Hoyt, Michael A University of California-Irvine Caregiving for Young Adults with Cancer in Latino Families: Understanding Healthcare Engagement and Family Wellbeing 5R21CA261628-02 CA20-028 176575 2022
Lai, Jin-Shei Northwestern University at Chicago Validation of Promis Measures in Children with Brain Tumors 5R01CA174452-04 AR12-007 309251 2015
Lapane, Kate L Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester Opioids and Adjuvants for Pain in Nursing Home Residents with Cancer 5R21CA198172-02 PA13-119 332156 2016
Lee, Simon J Craddock UT Southwestern Medical Center Incorporating Primary Care Factors Into Risk-Stratified Cardiovascular Care for Complex Cancer Survivors 3R01CA203856-05S1 PA18-591 150000 2020
Lee, Simon J Craddock UT Southwestern Medical Center Care Coordination for Complex Cancer Survivors in an Integrated Safety-Net System 5R01CA203856-05 PA13-302 493742 2020
Lee, Simon J Craddock UT Southwestern Medical Center Care Coordination for Complex Cancer Survivors in an Integrated Safety-Net System 3R01CA203856-05S2 PA18-591 176438 2020
Lewis, Frances Marcus University of Washington A Field Test of a Group-Delivered Enhancing Connections Program: a Partnership Grant with the Cancer Support Community 5R03CA212993-02 PAR14-007 77250 2018
Lindau, Stacy Tessler University of Chicago Bionic Breast Project: Towards Restoring Breast Sensory Function in Women with Mastectomy 5R21CA226726-02 PA18-286 173586 2020
Luo, Juhua Trustees of Indiana University Diabetes, Metformin and Breast Cancer Prognosis 1R15CA179463-01 PA12-006 414602 2013
Mack, Jennifer W Dana-Farber Cancer Inst End-of-Life Care for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer: an Evaluation of Care and Development of Patient-Centered Quality Measures 5U01CA218651-05 PA15-324 607778 2022
Manne, Sharon L Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Intimacy-Enhancing Couples' Intervention for Localized Prostate Cancer 4R01CA140297-07 PA10-067 282254 2016
Milbury, Kathrin University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Yoga Intervention for Family Caregivers of Patients with Brain Tumors 5R21CA218309-02 PAR16-318 202536 2019
Monahan, Patrick Oneal Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Estimating Health Utilities Using Qol Data Among Patients with Gyn Malignancies 5R03CA168351-02 PAR09-003 74636 2013
Nelson, Christian J Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Identifying and Measuring Depression in Older Cancer Patients 5R21CA164350-02 PAR08-213 177968 2013
Ness, Kirsten Kimberlie St. Jude Children's Research Hospital A Longitudinal Assessment of Frailty in Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer 5R01CA174851-05 PA11-260 511226 2018
Nichols, Hazel B Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Clinical Pregnancy Outcomes in Adolescent and Young Adult Female Cancer Survivors 5R01CA204258-05 PA13-302 626637 2021
Nightingale, Chandylen Lenae Wake Forest University Health Sciences Prepare to Care, a Supported Self-Management Intervention for Head and Neck Cancer Caregivers 5R03CA208560-02 PAR14-007 77500 2017
Noyes, Ekaterina I State University of New York at Buffalo Problem Solving Skills Training in Adult Cancer Survivors: Bright Ideas-Ac 5R21CA217382-02 PA16-011 165472 2019
O'Neill, Suzanne C Georgetown University A Question Prompt List to Promote Communication in Genomic Medicine 5R21CA201827-02 PAR15-340 172029 2017
Osarogiagbon, Raymond U Baptist Memorial Hospital - Tipton Improving Pathologic Nodal Staging of Resected Lung Cancer 5R01CA172253-10 PA16-160 472577 2022
Paller, Channing Johns Hopkins University The Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) 17th International Conference, "the Science of Living Well with Cancer" 1R13CA254452-01 PA18-648 15000 2020
Palmer, Steven C University of Pennsylvania Implementing Survivorship Care Plans: Metrics to Foster Research and Fidelity 5R21CA169950-02 PAR12-145 202536 2014
Parker Oliver, Debra Washington University Access_access for Cancer Caregivers to Education and Support for Shared Decisionmaking 7R01CA203999-05 PA18-590 610484 2021
Prigerson, Holly Gwen Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Enhancing & Mobilizing the Potential for Wellness & Emotional Resilience (EMPOWER) in Caregivers of Icu Cancer Patients 5R21CA218313-02 PAR16-318 184960 2018
Qanungo, Suparna Medical University of South Carolina Implementation of Home-Based Palliative Care in Limited Resource Settings 1R21CA252850-01 PAR19-275 367472 2020
Reblin, Maija Anne H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Refining and Testing the Electronic Social Network Assessment Program (ESNAP) 5R03CA201684-02 PAR14-007 86000 2017
Recklitis, Christopher John Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Identifying Ptsd in Young Adult Cancer Survivors in the Dsm-5 Era: Are Newly Revised Pro Measures Accurate Compared to a Structured Diagnostic Interview? 5R21CA223832-02 PAR16-261 183316 2019
Rosser, B R Simon University of Minnesota RESTORE: Improving Sexual Outcomes of Gay and Bisexual Prostate Cancer Survivors 5R01CA218657-05 PA15-261 580073 2021
Rosser, B. R. Simon University of Minnesota Understanding the Effects of Prostate Cancer on Gay and Bisexual Men 5R21CA182041-02 PA12-113 165300 2015
Salsman, John Wake Forest University Health Sciences Meta-Analysis of Positive Psychology Interventions for Cancer (MAPPIC) 7R03CA184560-02 PAR12-144 77500 2015
Salz, Talya Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Simplifying Care for the Complex Cancer Survivor 5R21CA187441-02 PA12-274 190725 2016
Schrack, Jennifer Ann Johns Hopkins University Defining and Quantifying Fatigability in Functionally Independent Older Adults 5R21AG053198-02 AG16-013 226468 2017
Schwartz, Lisa A Children's Hosp of Philadelphia Implementation of Survivorship Care Plans for Adolescent and Young Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer: Stakeholder Perspectives of Barriers and Facilitators 5R21CA219371-02 PA16-011 213818 2019
Sloan, Jeff A. Mayo Clinic Rochester Assessing Promis and Other Simple Patient-Reported Measures for Cancer Research 4R01CA154537-05 PAR08-212 629172 2016
Volandes, Angelo Massachusetts General Hospital Videos for Advance Care Planning in Young Adults 5R21CA234708-02 PA18-155 188201 2020
Wang, Xin Shelley University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Improving Recovery After Major Cancer Surgery Using Patient-Reported Outcomes 5R01CA205146-04 PA13-302 626375 2019
Wernli, Karen J Kaiser Foundation Research Institute National Trends in End of Life Care for Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients 7R21CA205309-02 PAR13-146 144804 2017