BRP-Funded Grants

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Angell, Karyn L Oregon Research Institute Is Breast Cancer Stage of Disease Influenced By Stress? 5R03CA083339-02 80241 2000
Acevedo-Garcia, Dolores Harvard University (Sch of Public Hlth) Assimilation and Tobacco Use Among U.S. Immigrants 1R03CA093198-01 80909 2001
Anderson, Cheryl B Baylor College of Medicine Prevention Through Physical Activity-Parental Influence 5R03CA090185-02 75000 2002
Aragones, Abraham Suny Downstate Medical Center HPV Vaccine Practices Among Physicians Serving High Risk, Minority Populations 5R03CA144734-02 79542 2010
Bass, Sarah B Temple University Use of Internet Health Information By Cancer Patients 1R03CA090145-01 63359 2001
Barnett, Tracey E University of Florida Developing a Better Assessment of Hookah Use Among Young Adults 5R03CA165766-02 67956 2013
Bartle-Haring, Suzanne Ohio State University Factors in Choosing Breast Cancer Risk Assessment 5R03CA110949-02 72993 2006
Bennett, Jill A Oregon Health & Science University Exercise Choice to Prevent Cancer in Rural Adults 5R03CA113135-02 75500 2005
Bhargava, Alok University of Houston Behavioral Factors and Dietary Change in Whtfsmp 5R03CA097738-02 74250 2003
Brooks, Daniel R Boston University Medical Campus Predictors of Smoking Behaviors in U.S. Black Women 5R03CA115228-02 78852 2006
Browne, Ruth C. Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health A Training Curriculum Guide for Prostate Cancer Control 5R03CA097806-02 54447 2003
Bryan, Angela D University of Colorado Developing Endophenotypes for Responses to Exercise 5R03CA097870-02 74188 2004
Buchanan, Adam H Duke University Adherence to Cancer Risk Management Among Unaffected BRCA1/2mutation Carriers 5R03CA157212-02 84884 2012
Burkhalter, John E Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Intention to Quit Smoking Among Lgbt Smokers 5R03CA103485-02 84250 2004
Cadmusbertram, Lisa Anne University of California, San Diego Using Technology to Promote Activity in Women at Elevated Breast Cancer Risk 5R03CA168450-02 72850 2013
Clark, Matthew M Mayo Clinic Body Image Treatment for Weight Concerned Smokers 5R03CA093183-02 67369 2002
Copeland, Liesel H Cleveland Clinic Foundation Efficacy Study of an Internet Tobacco Nonuse Program 5R03CA086597-02 74000 2002
Duhamel, Katherine N Mount Sinai School of Medicine Increasing Crc Screening Among African Americans 5R03CA084809-02 84552 2000
Daley, Christine Makosky University of Kansas Medical Center Colorectal Cancer Screening Barriers in American Indians/Alaska Natives 5R03CA121828-02 71369 2007
Dave, Jayna Markand Baylor College of Medicine Kids Cafe: Impact of a National Feeding Program on Children's Dietary Behaviors 5R03CA153586-02 64980 2011
Dejoy, David Michael University of Georgia Explaining Fruit & Vegetable Intake with a Consumer Mar* 5R03CA117470-02 71870 2006
Denberg, Thomas D University of Colorado Denver Disparities in Prostate Cancer Decision-Making and Qol 7R03CA099505-02 76584 2003
Dennis, Leslie K University of Iowa Tanning Bed Use Among Ui Students 1R03CA099520-01A1 69884 2003
Deshpande, Anjali D Washington University Understanding the Contex for Physical Activity in Urban African Americans 7R03CA121801-03 36810 2007
Dolan, Sara L Brown University Developing an Expectancy Challenge for Diverse Teens 5R03CA115306-02 77023 2006
Du, Wei Wayne State University A Videotape to Increase Cancer Clinical Trials Particip* 5R03CA096437-02 75500 2004
Duggan, Catherine Rose Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Exercise Effects on Serum Biomarkers of Angiogenesis 5R03CA152847-02 88000 2012
Dunsiger, Shira Ilana Miriam Hospital Statistical Methods for Assessing Patterns of Change in Cancer-Control Behavior 5R03CA153942-02 73834 2011
Ellington, Lee A University of Utah Communication Analysis of BRCA1 Genetic Counseling 5R03HG002359-02 10000 2002
Erblich, Joel Mount Sinai School of Medicine Family History of Smoking and Reactivity to Smoking Cues 5R03CA088599-02 84750 2001
Fisher, Susan G Loyola University Chicago Behaviors After Familial Breast Cancer Mortality 5R03CA083378-02 74884 2000
Fernander, Anita Fay University of Kentucky The Impact of Smoke-Free Policy on Quitline Utilization and Smoking Outcomes 5R03CA144721-02 74250 2010
Frosch, Dominick L Friends Research Institute, Inc. Smoking Cessation Outcomes in the Methadone Maintained 5R03CA083380-02 55622 2000
Gifford, Elizabeth R University of Nevada Reno Acceptance Treatment and Smoking Cessation 5R03CA084813-02 53373 2000
Goel, Anupam Wayne State University Driving Distance and Mammography Utilization in Vermont 5R03CA101493-02 75500 2004
Gregg, Jennifer San Jose State University Impact of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Salivary Cortisol in Breast Cancer 5R03CA144751-02 63000 2010
Griffin, Kenneth W Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Competence Skills and Smoking Among Subgroups of Youth 5R03CA096467-02 84750 2003
Gurmankin, Andrea D Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Risk Perception Fluctuation and Psa Screening Preference 5R03CA113087-02 85500 2005
Hamann, Heidi Ann UT Southwestern Medical Center Conceptualization and Measurement of Lung Cancer Stigma 5R03CA154016-02 76873 2011
Han, Hae-Ra Johns Hopkins University Better Breast Health for Korean American Women 5R03CA110939-02 67340 2006
Hastrup, Janice L State University of New York at Buffalo Beliefs About Gene-Behavior Interactions in Disease 5R03CA096449-02 78500 2004
Hay, Jennifer L Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Res Measurement of Cancer Related Risk Perceptions 5R03CA093182-02 81500 2002
Holt, Cheryl L University of Alabama at Birmingham Spiritually-Based Breast Cancer Communication 7R03CA097741-03 39991 2003
Hurley, Karen E Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Prophylactic Colectomy Intentions in Hnpcc Patients 5R03CA101511-02 84250 2005
Juon, Hee-Soon Johns Hopkins University Cancer Screening Behavior in Korean American Women 5R03CA084814-02 81934 2000
Jandorf, Lina Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Sociocultural Factors and Brca Genetic Counseling for Diverse Latinas 5R03CA139905-02 82208 2011
Jennings, Ernestine G Miriam Hospital Postpartum Exercise Intervention for Previously Smoking Mothers 5R03CA162985-02 71239 2013
Kim, Hyoshin Battelle Centers/Pub Hlth Res & Evaluatn Bio-Behavioral and Environmental Factors in Teen Smoking 5R03CA105989-02 96224 2004
Klecan, Debra A University of New Mexico Tobacco Cessation Project for Native American Youth 5R03CA083352-02 62616 2000
Klein, William M P University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Acceptance of Colorectal Cancer Risk Factor Feedback 5R03CA101529-02 72505 2006
Krebs, Paul New York University School of Medicine An Interactive E-Health Program to Promote Health Behaviors Among Cancer Survivor 5R03CA142042-02 92236 2012
Kroenke, Candyce H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Social Networks & Breast Cancer Prognosis in the Chinese and Us Evaluation Study 5R03CA171771-02 71472 2013
Larkey, Linda K University of Arizona Hispanic Adaptation of the Ala's Freedom From Smoking 5R03CA086563-02 62500 2001
Lee, Simon J. Craddock UT Southwestern Medical Center An Inter-Personal Framework for Lung Cancer Decision-Making in African Americans 5R03CA159706-02 74730 2013
Lewis, Jane Jane Univ of Med/Dent NJ-Sch of Public Health Tobacco Industry Direct Mail Marketing 5R03CA126433-02 75495 2007
Lindsay, Ana C Harvard School of Public Health Latina Mothers' Feeding Practices and Child Obesity 5R03CA108347-02 82000 2005
Loescher, Lois J University of Arizona A Skin Cancer Prevention Video Intervention for Organ Transplant Recipients 5R03CA144552-02 74723 2010
Love, Gail D California State University Fullerton Using Ee Video to Promote Cancer Screening in Thai Women 5R03CA113158-02 64941 2005
Maddock, Jason E University of Hawaii at Manoa Improving Direct Measurement of Sun Protective Behaviors 5R03CA115092-02 66548 2006
Madlensky, Lisa University of California San Diego Health Behaviors and Family History of Colorectal Cancer 5R03CA108360-02 76000 2005
Mallett, Kimberly A Pennsylvania State University, the Enhancing Patient Communication Among Dermatologists 5R03CA144435-02 52000 2010
Marcy, Theodore W. University of Vermont & St Agric College Usability Testing of a Cdss for Tobacco Use Treatment 5R03CA111640-02 76000 2005
Mays, Darren M Georgetown University Framing Messages for Teen Smoking Prevention in Primary Care 5R03CA162839-02 77750 2013
Mcgrady, Gene A Morehouse School of Medicine Initiation of Tobacco Use 5R03CA083337-02 67752 2000
Mcgregor, Bonnie A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Psychological Stress, Cortisol, and B Lymphocyte Decrements 5R03CA119757-02 83992 2007
Menon, Usha University of Utah Interventions to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening 5R03CA093184-03 75000 2002
Merluzzi, Thomas V University of Notre Dame Enhancing Self Efficacy with Solution Focused Therapy 5R03CA088603-02 54516 2001
Michael, Yvonne L Oregon Health & Science University Psychosocial Factors and Breast Cancer Screening 5R03CA113084-02 75500 2005
Mirand, Amy L Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Web Based Tool to Assist Physician Delivered Preventive 5R03CA090154-02 79453 2002
Mohamed, Nihal Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai From Diagnosis to Survivorship: Bladder Cancer Survivors Unmet Needs 5R03CA165768-02 79665 2013
Montgomery, Guy H Mount Sinai School of Medicine Impact of Hypnosis for Breast Surgery Side Effects 5R03CA086562-02 84750 2001
Mosavel, Maghboeba Case Western Reserve University Cervical Cancer and the Mother-Daughter Relationship 5R03CA113086-02 75435 2006
Muriel, Anna C Massachusetts General Hospital A Study of Distress and Parenting Concerns Among Adults with Cancer 5R03CA126394-02 84963 2007
Murray, Nancy G University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Parent Assisted Smoking Cessation 5R03CA086785-02 72466 2000
Nan, Xiaoli Univ of Maryland, College Park Message Framing and HPV Vaccination Acceptance Among African Americans 5R03CA150570-02 75000 2012
Napolitano, Melissa A Temple Univ of the Commonwealth Exercise to Aid Smoking Cessation in Adolescent Girls 7R03CA119712-02 79392 2006
Navas-Acien, Ana Johns Hopkins University Race/Ethnicity, Menthol Cigarettes, and Biomarkers of Tobacco Use in the U.S. 5R03CA153959-02 74916 2011
Neumann, Carola Anke University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Identifying Underlying Mechanisms of Intracellular Changes in Response to Caregiv 5R03CA168400-02 71793 2013
Nichols, Tracy R Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Transitions in Smoking Among Adolescent Minority Girls 5R03CA105998-02 84000 2005
Nonnemaker, James M Research Triangle Institute Tobacco Control Policies and Youth Smoking Transitions 5R03CA101527-02 90589 2004
O'Dougherty, Maureen University of Minnesota Social, Cultural and Contextual Dimensions of Young Women's Physical Activity 5R03CA150580-02 74739 2011
Omalley, Ann S Georgetown University Primary Care & Cancer Screening in Low-Income Women 5R03CA083338-02 30310 2000
Palmer, Richard C Florida International University Colorectal Cancer Screening Patient Navigation for African Americans 5R03CA124215-03 61938 2007
Pampel, Fred C University of Colorado Micro and Macro Causes of Trends in Youth Smoking 5R03CA101498-02 72306 2004
Parker, Patricia A University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Communication Between Patients and Their Providers 5R03CA110791-02 75500 2005
Pereira, Deidre B University of Florida Pni Relations Among Women with Endometrial Cancer During the Perioperative Period 5R03CA117480-02 68375 2007
Radecki, Carmen University of Texas Medical Br Galveston Predicting Adherence to Follow Up of Abnormal Pap Smears 5R03CA091686-02 74500 2002
Ramaswamy, Megha University of Kansas Medical Center Understanding the Cervical Cancer Health Gap for Women in Jail 5R03CA162869-02 80519 2012
Reger-Nash, William E West Virginia University Role of the Mass Media for Promoting Physical Activity * 5R03CA117549-02 72227 2006
Remenchik, Ellen University of Texas Hlth Ctr at Tyler Low-Dose Nortriptyline in Smoking Cessation 5R03CA106003-02 68750 2004
Rhodes, Scott D Wake Forest University Health Sciences C-CAPRELA: Cervical Cancer Prevention for Latinas 5R03CA115190-02 74000 2008
Roper, Kimberly D University of Colorado Denver Hormones, Quality of Life & Breast Cancer Support Groups 5R03CA099488-02 63000 2003
Shapiro, Shauna L University of Arizona Stress Reduction for Women with Breast Cancer 3R03CA083342-02S1 2040 2001
Shapiro, Shauna L University of Arizona Stress Reduction for Women with Breast Cancer 5R03CA083342-02 75611 2000
Sauaia, Angela University of Colorado Denver A Four-Year Church-Based Intervention for Latinas 5R03CA110820-02 77000 2005
Scarinci-Searles, Isabel C University of Alabama at Birmingham Cervical Cancer Screening in Hispanics 5R03CA093143-03 72500 2003
Schnoll, Robert A Fox Chase Cancer Center Smoking Cessation for Head, Neck and Lung Cancer Patient 5R03CA088610-02 85834 2001
Schoenberger, Yu-Mei M University of Alabama at Birmingham Participatory Design of a Text Message System to Support Community Health Advisor 5R03CA154068-02 71053 2011
Schootman, Mario Washington University Gis, Multilevel Modeling and Breast Cancer Screening 5R03CA091734-02 77000 2002
Sciamanna, Christopher N Miriam Hospital Computer Assisted Smoking Cessation Counseling 5R03CA083346-02 76181 2000
Shapiro, Stewart A University of Delaware Health Promotions: Shaping Beliefs About Use and Non-Use 5R03CA101513-02 75500 2004
Sheffer, Christine Elizabeth Univ of Arkansas for Med Scis Treatment Modality and Socioeconomic Status in Treating Tobacco Dependence 5R03CA141995-02 72500 2011
Shelton, Rachel C Columbia University Health Sciences Serving as a Lay Health Advisor: the Impact on Self and Community 5R03CA150543-03 78085 2011
Shiyko, Mariya Petrovna Northeastern University Time-Varying Effects of Ema Predictors on Point-Prevalence Smoking Outcome 5R03CA171809-02 70433 2013
Simon, Christian Michael Case Western Reserve University Language and Informed Consent in Childhood Cancer 5R03CA099453-02 76500 2003
Small, Brent J University of South Florida Apolipoprotein E Genotype and Cognitive Performance in Breast Cancer Survivors 5R03CA121750-02 59466 2007
Smith, Stevens S University of Wisconsin-Madison Longitudinal Psychometric Investigation of the Wisdm Tobacco Dependence Measure 1R03CA126406-01 76953 2006
Soulakova, Julia University of Nebraska Lincoln Investigating Degree of Quality of National Data on Self and Proxy-Reported Smok 5R03CA165831-02 37125 2013
Stapleton, Jerod Lynn Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Social Influences on Indoor Tanning Behavior in Young Women 5R03CA165801-03 77451 2013
Sterling, Kymberle L. Georgia State University Developing Measures of Little Cigar Use for Young Adults 5R03CA159909-02 69560 2013
Stimpson, Jim P University of Nebraska Medical Center Community Context of Colorectal Cancer Disparities 5R03CA150486-03 74250 2012
Stotts, Angela L University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Pregnant Smokers 5R03CA084805-02 74207 2000
Tauras, John A University of Illinois at Chicago Smoking Transition-Impact of Government Policy 5R03CA094757-02 76485 2003
Tercyak, Kenneth P Georgetown University A Telephone-Based Cancer Education & Prevention Intervention for Teens 5R03CA119686-02 75350 2007
Trinidad, Dennis Ryan Claremont Graduate University Smoking Cessation Across Ethnic Groups in the Us 5R03CA150559-02 70333 2012
Trumbo, Craig W University of Missouri-Columbia Cancer Info on the Web-Taxonomic and Content Analyses 7R03CA088604-02 70960 2001
Ukoli, Flora Aroma Meharry Medical College Prostate Cancer Education and Screening Pilot Program for African-Americans 5R03CA138136-02 75865 2010
Unick, Jessica L Miriam Hospital Consistency in Individual Differences in Energy Intake Following Acute Exercise 5R03CA162965-02 68620 2013
Vickers, Kristin S Mayo Clinic Rochester Exercise Intervention for Depressed Smokers 5R03CA094760-02 69547 2003
Walsh-Childers, Kim B University of Florida Breast Cancer Information in Magazines and Websites 5R03CA097807-02 71040 2006
Wang, Judy H Georgetown University Promoting Adherence to Mammography Use in Chinese Ameri* 5R03CA117552-02 75776 2006
Warner, David O Mayo Clinic Rochester Elective Surgery as a Teachable Moment for Smoking Cessation 5R03CA126371-02 71854 2007
Watt, Celia College at Brockport Smoking Policies and Cessation Advice in Nursing Homes 5R03CA097742-02 68972 2003
Weaver, Hilary N State University of New York at Buffalo Healthy Living in Two Worlds 5R03CA115220-02 78500 2006
Webb, Monica S Syracuse University Group-Based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Among African Smokers: an Efficacy Test 5R03CA126418-02 71611 2007
Weitlauf, Julie C Palo Alto Veterans Instit for Research Ptsd and Receipt of Guideline Concordant Cervical Cancer Surveillance in Women 5R03CA121006-02 66514 2007
Wells, Rebecca S Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Participation in Community-Based Coalitions 7R03CA113141-03 51918 2005
Whiteley, Jessica A Miriam Hospital Smoking Cessation for Women at Risk of Cervical Cancer 5R03CA103499-02 73500 2004
Williams, David M Miriam Hospital Does Moderate Intensity Exercise Help Prevent Smoking Relapse Among Women? 5R03CA119747-02 68067 2007
Wilson, Jeffrey Scott Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Multilevel Factors Impacting Smoking Relapse in a National Sample 5R03CA171831-02 77003 2013
Woodruff, Susan I San Diego State University Hair Nicotine Feedback to Reduce Children's Ets Exposure 5R03CA101587-02 75500 2004
Wu, Dongfeng Mississippi State University Statistical Inference for Lead Time in Cancer Screening 5R03CA115012-02 68190 2006
Yu, Mei-Yu Y University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Cultural Beliefs and Breast Cancer Screening 5R03CA086594-02 75563 2001
Zimmerman, Richard K University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Predictors of Cancer Screening in Diverse Practices 5R03CA099516-02 74250 2005