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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Behavioral Research Program (BRP)
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Abdullah, Abu Saleh Boston Medical Center Quit for Life (QFL): Smoking Cessation Among Chinese Smokers Living with HIV 1R21CA243835-01A1 PAR18-022 203767 2020
Adams, Marc A Arizona State University-Tempe Campus WALKIT: Neighborhood Walkability and Moderation of Adaptive Walking Interventions 5R01CA198915-05 PAR14-315 430407 2019
Adetona, Anna Marie Battelle Centers/Pub Hlth Res & Evaluatn The Role of Humectants and Flavor on Microbial Growth in Waterpipe Tobacco 1R21CA244305-01 OD18-003 253721 2019
Ahles, Tim Alan Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Assessment of Sensory Gating, Attention, and Executive Control in Breast Cancer 5R01CA218496-03 PAR16-212 664223 2020
Arch, Joanna J University of Colorado A Novel Values-Based Intervention to Increase Endocrine Therapy Adherence Among Breast Cancer Survivors 5R21CA218723-02 PAR16-278 160589 2019
Audrain-Mcgovern, Janet E University of Pennsylvania Behavioral Activation for Smoking Cessation and the Prevention of Post-Cessation Weight Gain 5R01CA206058-05 PA13-302 461633 2020
Audrain-Mcgovern, Janet E University of Pennsylvania The Impact of E-Cigarette Use on Adolescent Uptake and Persistence of Conventional Smoking: Who is Most Vulnerable? 5R01CA202262-05 PA13-302 386011 2020
Baggett, Travis P. Massachusetts General Hospital Financial Incentives for Homeless Smokers: a Community-Based Rct 5R01CA235617-02 PAR18-559 631435 2020
Barnes, Laura Elizabeth University of Virginia SCH:INT: Collaborative Research: Multiscale Modeling and Intervention for Improving Long-Term Medication 1R01CA239246-01 PAR18-949 273917 2019
Barrett, Lisa Feldman Northeastern University Fundamental Subcortical Mechanisms of Affective Processing 5U01CA193632-05 PAR14-067 476845 2020
Basen-Engquist, Karen M University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Reducing Breast Cancer Risk Through Modifying Body Composition and Decreasing Inflammation in Normal Weight Women 1R21CA239079-01A1 PA18-720 199734 2020
Beidas, Rinad Sary University of Pennsylvania Advancing the Quality of Cancer Care Through Behavioral Economics and Implementation Science 1P50CA244690-01 CA19-006 983060 2020
Berg, Carla J George Washington University Assessing Iqos Marketing Influences and Consumer Behavior in Israel: Implications for the Us 1R01CA239178-01A1 OD18-002 385078 2019
Berg, Carla J George Washington University Regulatory Impact on Vape Shops and Young Adults' Use of Ends 5R01CA215155-04 PA16-160 633851 2020
Berkman, Elliot Todd University of Oregon Devaluing Energy-Dense Foods for Cancer Control: Translational Neuroscience 5R01CA211224-04 PA16-160 771233 2020
Berkman, Elliot Todd University of Oregon Construal Level as a Novel Pathway for Affect Regulation and Cancer Control 1R01CA240452-01A1 PAR18-681 610247 2020
Bernat, Debra H George Washington University Effect of the Housing and Urban Development’s Smokefree Public Housing Rule on Air Quality and Health in the District of Columbia 5R01CA226074-02 PA18-484 702855 2020
Bernstein, Steven L. Yale University Optimizing Tobacco Dependence Treatment in the Emergency Department 5R01CA201873-04 PA13-302 613285 2019
Blanton, Hart C Texas A&M University Virtual Transportation as a Strategy to Reduce Resistance to Cigarette and E-Cigarette Graphic Health Warnings in Adolescents and Young Adults 5R01CA214587-04 PA16-160 351919 2019
Bovbjerg, Dana H. University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Experimental Study of Stress and DNA Damage in Humans: Mediators and Moderators 5R01CA211371-04 PA13-302 421384 2020
Brady, Matthew J University of Chicago Effects of Chronic Pubertal Stressors on Mammary Gland Biology and Cancer Risk 1R01CA239719-01A1 PA19-056 581368 2020
Brandon, Thomas H. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Expanding the Reach of a Validated Smoking-Cessation Intervention: a Spanish-Language Rct 5R01CA199143-05 PA13-302 564537 2020
Bricker, Jonathan B Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Full Scale Randomized Trial of an Innovative Conversational Agent for Smoking Cessation 1R01CA247156-01A1 PAR18-559 730398 2020
Bricker, Jonathan B Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center QUIT2HEAL: Rigorous Randomized Trial of a Smartphone Application to Help Cancer Patients Stop Smoking 1R01CA253975-01 PAR18-559 748695 2020
Bricker, Jonathan B. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Randomized Trial of an Innovative Smartphone Intervention for Smoking Cessation 5R01CA192849-05 PA13-302 645731 2019
Brinkman, Tara M St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Neurostimulation in Adult Survivors of Childhood Leukemia 5R01CA239630-02 PAR18-559 678341 2020
Brinkman, Tara M St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Ehealth Intervention for Late Effects of Childhood Cancer 1R01CA239689-01A1 PAR18-559 739566 2019
Brown, Justin C Lsu Pennington Biomedical Research Ctr Inflammation, Physical Activity, and Colon Cancer Recurrence and Survival 5R00CA218603-04 PA16-193 249000 2020
Brownson, Ross C Washington University Multilevel Approaches for Promoting Physical Activity in Rural Communities 5R01CA211323-04 PAR14-315 574884 2020
Brownson, Ross C Washington University Mis-Implementation in Cancer Prevention and Control 5R01CA214530-04 PAR16-238 514690 2020
Brownson, Ross C Washington University Washington University Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control 1P50CA244431-01 CA19-006 1523330 2019
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Using Retrospective and Real-Time Physical Activity Tracking to Predict Risk of Sunburn in Outdoor Exercisers on Strava 1R21CA241637-01A1 PAR19-309 444313 2020
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Using Technology to Scale-Up an Occupational Sun Protection Policy Program 5R01CA210259-04 Sample Grant Application PAR16-238 673209 2020
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Likes Pins and Views: Engaging Moms on Teen Indoor Tanning Thru Social Media 5R01CA192652-05 PA13-302 607418 2019
Buman, Matthew P Arizona State University-Tempe Campus STANDUPTV: Reducing Sedentary Screen Time in Adults 1R01CA239612-01A1 PAR18-559 614245 2019
Businelle, Michael S. University of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Smartphone Based Smoking Cessation Intervention for Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Adults 5R01CA221819-02 PAR18-559 714250 2020
Butryn, Meghan Drexel University Optimizing an Mhealth Intervention to Change Food Purchasing Behaviors for Cancer Prevention 1R21CA252933-01 PAR19-309 402404 2020
Byrne, Sahara Elizabeth Cornell University The E-Cigarette Population Paradox: Testing Effects of Youth-Targeted Population Warnings for E-Cigarettes Among Two Key Populations 1R01CA246605-01 OD18-002 463135 2019
Byron, Michael Justin Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Correcting Public Misperceptions About Very Low Nicotine Content Cigarettes 5R21CA234968-02 OD18-003 194375 2020
Caan, Bette J Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Resistance Training to Reduce Chemotoxicity in Colon Cancer 5R01CA206196-04 PAR16-122 790915 2020
Cadmusbertram, Lisa Anne University of Wisconsin-Madison Feasibility Trial of Home-Based Strength Training in Endometrial Cancer Survivors 5R03CA230965-02 PAR18-021 74200 2020
Cadmusbertram, Lisa Anne University of Wisconsin-Madison Multi-Site Adaptive Trial of a Technology-Based, Ehr-Integrated Physical Activity Intervention in Breast and Endometrial Cancer Survivors 5R37CA225877-02 PAR18-560 831828 2020
Campbell, Thomas B. University of Colorado Denver African Center for the Advancement of Research Excellence (AFRICARE) 5P20CA210677-02 CA15-007 258384 2018
Canter, Kimberly Alfred I. Du Pont Hosp for Children An Ehealth Psychosocial Intervention for Caregivers of Children with Cancer 5R03CA235002-02 PAR18-021 69250 2020
Carpenter, Matthew J Medical University of South Carolina A Naturalistic Nationwide Randomized Study of E-Cigarette Uptake and Consequences 5R01CA210625-04 PA16-160 509037 2020
Carpenter, Matthew J Medical University of South Carolina A Translational Randomized Clinical Trial of Varenicline Sampling to Promote Smoking Cessation and Scalable Treatment Dissemination 1R01CA246729-01A1 PAR18-869 344269 2020
Carroll, Judith E University of California Los Angeles Accelerated Biological Aging in Breast Cancer and Risk for Cognitive and Physical Complaints 1R01CA237535-01A1 PA19-056 647400 2020
Castle, Philip E Albert Einstein College of Medicine Building Research Capacity to Address the Challenge of Non Communicable Diseases and Injuries in Rwanda the Gukorana Research Center 6P20CA210284-03 CA15-007 16700 2018
Chan, June Ml University of California, San Francisco Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Genomic Signatures of Prostate Cancer Prognosis 5R01CA181802-06 PAR12-228 598476 2019
Cheney, Marshall University of Oklahoma Norman The Influence of Vaper and Smoker Identities on Young Adult Smokers Who Use Electronic Cigarettes 5R03CA216832-02 OD15-004 118494 2018
Chin, Jessie University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Identifying False HPV-Vaccine Information and Modeling Its Impact on Risk Perceptions 1R21CA237483-01A1 PAR18-639 211659 2020
Cho, Dalnim University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr One Plus One Can Be Greater Than Two: Ecological Momentary Assessment for Black Prostate Cancer Survivors and Partners 1R21CA245687-01 PAR18-018 227205 2020
Chow, Sy-Miin Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park The Center for Innovation in Intensive Longitudinal Studies (CIILS) 5U24AA027684-02 OD17-005 100000 2019
Cinciripini, Paul Michael University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Optimizing Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Intervention During Ldct Screening for Lung Cancer 5R01CA207078-04 CA15-011 640270 2019
Cioe, Patricia Ann Brown University A Peer Navigator Model to Improve Quit Attempts, Quitline Use, and Smoking Cessation Rates Among HIV-Positive Smokers 1R21CA243906-01 CA18-028 183663 2019
Clasen, Thomas F Emory University Household Air Pollution and Health: a Multi-Country Lpg Intervention Trial 5UM1HL134590-05 HL16-012 1000000 2020
Coffman, Donna Lynn Temple Univ of the Commonwealth Developing Methodology to Examine Causal Mediation of Time-Varying Effects in Smoking Cessation Treatments 5R01CA229542-03 PAR16-260 329655 2020
Conklin, Heather M St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Prophylactic Multimodal Cognitive Intervention for Children with Medulloblastoma (RESUBMISSION) 5R01CA187079-05 PA13-302 468064 2019
Cook, Benjamin Le Cambridge Health Alliance Impact of State Policies on Smoking Among Individuals with Substance Use Disorder 5R01CA229355-02 PAR18-675 494037 2020
Creswell, John David Carnegie-Mellon University A Value Affirmation Intervention for Physical Symptoms and Medication Adherence in Breast Cancer Patients Taking Aromatase Inhibitors 1R01CA236860-01A1 PAR18-559 578139 2020
Crothers, Kristina Anne Seattle Inst for Biomedical/Clinical Res Improving the Reach and Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Services Targeted to Veterans Living with HIV 1R01CA243907-01 CA18-027 638150 2019
Cummings, Kenneth Michael Medical University of South Carolina Evaluating How Tobacco Control Policies Are Shaping the Nicotine Delivery Market 5P01CA200512-05 PAR15-023 2556067 2020
Cupertino, Paula Paula Hackensack University Medical Center E-DECIDETE: Mobile Cessation Support for Latino Smokers 5R01CA212189-04 PA13-302 725829 2020
Dahne, Jennifer Renee Medical University of South Carolina Remote Methods to Biochemically Verify Smoking Status 1R21CA241842-01A1 PAR18-378 244619 2020
Dai, Hongying University of Nebraska Medical Center Effects of the FDA Compliance Inspections of Tobacco Retailers on Youth E-Cigarette and Cigar Use: a National Study 5R03CA228909-02 OD18-001 81903 2019
Dale, Anders M University of California, San Diego Abcd-Usa Consortium: Data Analysis, Informatics and Resource Center 2U24DA041123-06 DA20-003 1020000 2020
Datar, Ashlesha University of Southern California The Impact of Improvements in Built and Social-Environments and Housing on Obesity in Public Housing Residents: Evidence From a Natural Experiment in South Los Angeles 5R01CA228058-03 PAR15-346 683755 2020
Davis, Stacy N Rbhs-School of Public Health Wired for Colorectal Cancer Screening: an Mhealth Intervention 5R03CA198580-02 PAR14-007 80489 2017
Delnevo, Cristine D Rbhs-School of Public Health Adoption, Diffusion, and Implementation of Tobacco 21 Policies to Address Health Disparities 5R01CA231139-03 PAR17-217 787811 2020
Delnevo, Cristine D Rbhs-School of Public Health Physicians' Perceptions, Attitudes, and Communication of E-Cigarettes (PACE) 5R01CA190444-05 PA13-302 480600 2019
Delnevo, Cristine D Rbhs-School of Public Health Cell Phone Rdd Sampling to Reach Young Adults for Tobacco Control Surveillance 5R01CA149705-10 PA13-302 538902 2020
Delnevo, Cristine D Rbhs-School of Public Health Physicians' Perceptions, Attitudes, and Communication of E-Cigarettes (PACE) 3R01CA190444-05S1 PA19-217 142357 2019
Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Adapting Multiple Behavior Interventions That Effectively Improve (AMPLIFI) Cancer Survivor Health 5P01CA229997-02 PAR16-457 2293357 2019
Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Harvest for Health in Older Cancer Survivors 5R01CA201362-05 PA13-302 174947 2020
Denlinger-Apte, Rachel Wake Forest University Health Sciences The Impact of Menthol and Mint E-Liquid Bans on Menthol Cigarette Smokers 1R03CA252767-01 PAR18-021 155000 2020
Derose, Kathryn Pitkin Rand Corporation Linking Churches with Parks to Increase Physical Activity Among Latinos 5R01CA218188-03 PAR14-315 918987 2020
Devoe, Jennifer E Oregon Health & Science University Building Research in Implementation and Dissemination to Close Gaps and Achieve Equity in Cancer Control (Bridge-C2) Center 1P50CA244289-01 CA19-006 1492552 2019
Devries, Anne Courtney West Virginia University Affective Consequences of Chemotherapy 5R01CA194924-05 PA13-302 390507 2019
Di Eugenio, Barbara University of Illinois at Chicago SCH: Int: Mypha: Automatically Generating Personalized Accounts of in-Patient Hospitalization 5R01CA225446-03 PAR16-601 372633 2020
Di Noia, Jennifer William Paterson University Wic-Based Intervention to Promote Healthy Eating Among Low-Income Mothers 5R21CA230476-02 PAR18-018 77420 2020
Dieli-Conwright, Christina Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Taking Aim at Breast Cancer: Targeting Adiposity and Inflammation with Movement to Improve Prognosis in Breast Cancer Survivors 7R01CA214385-02 PAR16-122 561174 2018
Dizon, Don S Rhode Island Hospital The Collaboration for Outcomes Using Social Media in Oncology (COSMO) Conference 1R13CA239613-01A1 PA18-648 10000 2020
Drope, Jeffrey American Cancer Society, Inc. The Political Economy of Tobacco Farming in Low-and Middle-Income Countries 5R01TW010898-09 TW16-003 172820 2020
Dzewaltowski, David A University of Nebraska Medical Center Whole-of-Community Systems Intervention for Youth Population Physical Activity 5R01CA215420-03 PA16-146 731424 2020
Edelman, E. Jennifer Yale University A Smart Approach to Treating Tobacco Use Disorder in Persons Living with HIV 1R01CA243910-01 CA18-027 700968 2019
Eggly, Susan S. Wayne State University A Multilevel Intervention to Increase the Participation of African Americans in Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials 5R01CA200718-05 PA13-302 647487 2020
Elmore, Joann G University of California Los Angeles Reader Accuracy in Pathology Interpretation and Diagnosis: Perception and Cognition (Rapid-Pc) 5R01CA225585-03 PAR17-125 626107 2020
Emmons, Karen M. Harvard School of Public Health The Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control Equity 1P50CA244433-01 CA19-006 1697609 2019
Epperson, C. Neill Neill University of Pennsylvania Multi-Modal Imaging of Psychostimulant Effects on Executive Function Post-Rrso 5R01CA215587-04 PA16-160 509750 2020
Epstein, Marina University of Washington Risk and Protective Factors for E-Cigarettes Among Adolescents, Young-Adults, and Adults and Across Two Generations 5R37CA225690-02 PA16-160 338366 2019
Evans, William J University of California Berkeley Amplified Muscle Mass in Older Cancer Survivors Enrolled in a Diet-Exercise Program 1R01CA246695-01 PAR18-869 263427 2020
Falk, Emily University of Pennsylvania Cancer Prevention Through Neural and Geospatial Examination of Tobacco Marketing Effects in Smokers 5R01CA229305-02 PAR18-638 659479 2020
Fallin-Bennett, Amanda University of Kentucky Adoption of Smoke-Free Laws and Voluntary Policies in Rural Communities in Southern States 5R37CA229337-03 PAR17-217 389666 2020
Fang, Carolyn Y Research Inst of Fox Chase Can Ctr Understanding Psychosocial and Immunologic Responses in Indolent Lymphoproliferative Disorders 5R01CA194263-05 PA13-302 649893 2020
Feng, Miao National Opinion Research Center Characterizing Support and Opposition for E-Cigarette Use Prevention Campaigns on Twitter 1R03CA252680-01 PAR18-021 163186 2020
Ferguson, Robert J University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Mobile Device Cbt for Chemotherapy-Related Cognitive Dysfunction: a Multi-Center Randomized Controlled Trial 1R01CA244673-01A1 PAR18-559 662758 2020
Ferketich, Amy K Ohio State University Graphic and Text-Based Waterpipe Warning Labels to Combat Harm Misperceptions 5R01CA229306-03 OD17-013 615094 2020
Fiore, Michael C University of Wisconsin-Madison Optimized Chronic Care for Smokers: Developing and Implementing Integrated Clinical and Systems Interventions in Primary Care 5P01CA180945-07 PAR18-290 2485495 2020
Fleischer, Nancy University of Michigan at Ann Arbor The Impact of Tobacco Control Policies on Health Equity in the United States 5R37CA214787-03 PA16-160 554510 2020
Foley, Kristie L Wake Forest University Health Sciences Implementation of Smoking Cessation Services Within NCI Ncorp Community Sites with Organized Lung Cancer Screening Programs 5R01CA207158-04 CA15-011 542040 2019
Foley, Kristie L Wake Forest University Health Sciences IDAPT: Implementation and Informatics - Developing Adaptable Processes and Technologies for Cancer Control 1P50CA244693-01 CA19-005 798375 2019
Fu, Loning None Baylor College of Medicine Sympathetic Circadian Dysfunction in Obesity-Related Hepatocarcinogenesis 1R01CA238988-01 CA18-019 446883 2019
Fuemmeler, Bernard F Virginia Commonwealth University Clarifying the Role of Tobacco Retail Outlets on Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Child Secondhand Smoke Exposure 5R01CA239595-02 PA18-484 503203 2020
Fuemmeler, Bernard F Virginia Commonwealth University SMARTVAPE: Real-Time Assessment of Ecig Device Characteristics Using a Smartphone App. 5R21CA239188-02 OD18-003 191294 2020
Gage-Bouchard, Elizabeth Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp The Influence of Social Network Size, Composition and Function on Psychological Outcomes of Pediatric Cancer Caregiving: Relationships Across Time and Around Periods of Distress 5R01CA207540-04 PA16-160 591467 2020
Gany, Francesca M Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Food (Food to Overcome Outcomes Disparities) 5R01CA230446-03 PA16-160 213924 2020
Gareau, Daniel Summer Rockefeller University Sensory Cue Integration in Melanoma Screening 1R21CA240254-01A1 PAR18-641 412585 2020
Gaynor, Alexandra M Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Neural and Cognitive Mechanisms of Attention and Memory Deficits in Cancer Survivors 1R03CA249548-01 PAR18-021 88500 2020
Glasgow, Russell E University of Colorado Denver Pragmatic Implementation Science Approaches to Assess and Enhance Value of Cancer Prevention and Control in Rural Primary Care 1P50CA244688-01 CA19-005 800039 2019
Golden, Shelley Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Integrating Longitudinal Data to Examine Directional, Synergistic and Differential Effects of Tobacco Control Policies on Smoking 1R21CA222525-01A1 PAR16-255 196752 2019
Goldstein, Adam O Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Little Cigar and Cigarillo Warnings to Reduce Tobacco-Related Cancers and Disease 1R01CA240732-01 PAR18-559 539643 2019
Graboyes, Evan Michael Medical University of South Carolina A Novel Treatment Strategy for Body Image Disturbance in Head and Neck Cancer Survivors 1R21CA245941-01A1 PAR19-309 386973 2020
Graetz, Ilana Emory University Communication App to Manage Symptoms and Improve Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy Adherence 7R01CA218155-03 PAR16-249 424295 2019
Guise, Theresa A Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis (PQ#9)TARGETING Leaky Ryanodine Receptor (RYR2) to Treat and Prevent Chemotherapy-Associated Cognitive Dysfunction in Patients with Breast Cancer. 5R01CA206025-05 CA15-008 600622 2020
Hamilton, Jada Gabrielle Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Responses to Genetic Risk Modifier Testing Among Women with BRCA1/2 Mutations 5R21CA230879-02 PA17-446 227347 2019
Hannon, Margaret A University of Washington Increasing Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions at Low-Wage Worksites 5R01CA160217-08 PAR16-238 618658 2020
Haque, Reina Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Is Depression Associated with Prostate Cancer Progression? 5R03CA219447-02 PAR16-416 80000 2019
Harrell, Melissa Blythe University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Ends Use Trajectories From Adolescence Through Young Adulthood: a Longitudinal Study of Risk Factors and Profiles 5R01CA239097-02 PAR18-612 780410 2020
Harrington, Nancy Grant University of Kentucky Advancing Health Communication Research Through the Kchc-Dchc Conference Series 5R13CA168316-08 PA16-294 10000 2020
Hartman, Sheri J University of California, San Diego A Randomized Trial of Physical Activity for Cognitive Functioning in Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA225746-02 PAR18-559 632213 2020
Hatsukami, Dorothy K University of Minnesota Consortium on Methods Evaluating Tobacco (COMET): Filterventilation and Product Standards 5P01CA217806-03 PAR15-023 2291226 2019
Hawk, Larry W State University of New York at Buffalo EVARQUIT: Extinguishing Cigarette Smoking Via Extended Pre-Quit Varenicline 5R01CA206193-04 PA13-302 779644 2020
Haymart, Megan Rist University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Treatment Decision Making in Low-Risk Thyroid Cancer 5R01CA201198-04 PA13-302 367473 2019
Heckman, Carolyn J Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey A Multi-Level Investigation of Us Indoor Tanning Policyenactment, Implementation, Compliance, Impact, and Economics 1R01CA244370-01A1 PA19-056 685815 2020
Heckman, Carolyn J. Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Modifying Young Adult Skin Cancer Risk and Protective Behaviors (UV4.ME2):A Hybrid Type 2 Dissemination/Effectiveness Trial 5R01CA204271-05 PA13-302 516658 2020
Heffner, Jaimee Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center A Scalable E-Health Smoking Cessation Intervention for Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Veterans 5R21CA236980-02 PAR18-250 202383 2020
Hekler, Eric B University of California, San Diego Optimizing Individualized and Adaptive Mhealth Interventions Via Control Systems Engineering Methods 1R01CA244777-01A1 PAR18-559 650111 2020
Hennessy, Erin Tufts University Boston Supporting Physical Literacy at School and Home (SPLASH) Study 5R21CA226829-02 PAR18-307 240159 2020
Henriksen, Lisa Anne Stanford University Impact of Retail Tobacco Advertising on Youth Smoking 5R01CA067850-17 PA13-302 316000 2018
Henriksen, Lisa Anne Stanford University Retail Environment for Tobacco and Marijuana in California: Impact on College Student Use 5R01CA217165-03 PA16-160 598788 2020
Hernandez, Diana Columbia University Health Sciences A Randomized Controlled Trial to Support Smoke-Free Policy Compliance in Public Housing 1R01CA240555-01A1 PAR18-675 672219 2020
Himelhoch, Seth S University of Maryland Baltimore Optimizing Smoking Cessation Interventions for Plwh in Nairobi, Kenya 5R01CA225419-02 PAR17-087 604482 2019
Hitsman, Brian L Northwestern University at Chicago Behavioral Activation and Varenicline for Smoking Cessation in Depressed Smokers 5R01CA184211-05 PA13-302 595815 2018
Huang, Jidong Georgia State University Assessing the Intended and Unintended Consequences of E-Cigarette Tv Advertising 3R01CA194681-05S1 PA18-591 368291 2019
Huang, Jidong Georgia State University Assessing the Intended and Unintended Consequences of E-Cigarette Tv Advertising 5R01CA194681-05 OD13-011 574231 2019
Huang, Terry T-K Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy Impact of Park Renovations on Physical Activity and Community Health in Nyc 5R01CA206877-05 PAR12-257 565228 2020
Hughes-Halbert, Chanita A Medical University of South Carolina Science of Behavior Change in African American Breast Cancer Survivors 5R21CA235852-02 RM17-028 149500 2019
Hughes-Halbert, Chanita A Medical University of South Carolina Medical University of South Carolina Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center in Precision Medicine and Minority Men's Health 5U54MD010706-05 MD15-013 400000 2020
Im, Eun-Ok Emory University To Enhance Breast Cancer Survivorship of Asian Americans 5R01CA203719-06 PA13-292 576313 2020
Irwin, Michael R University of California Los Angeles Sleep Disturbance, Inflammation, and Cellular Aging in Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA207130-05 Sample Grant Application PA13-302 623679 2020
Iyengar, Neil Mukund Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Phase 1a/1b Trial of Exercise Treatment in Hormone Receptor-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer 5R01CA235711-02 PAR18-559 694317 2020
James, Peter Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. High Resolution Measures of Behavioral Cancer Risk Factors From Mobile Technology 5R00CA201542-04 PA15-083 248995 2019
Janelsins, Michelle C University of Rochester Translational Neuroscience Approaches to Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment: Measurement, Mechanisms, and Function 5R01CA231014-02 PAR18-605 270263 2020
Jankowska, Marta University of California, San Diego Integrating Novel Gis and Gps Data to Assess the Impact of Built Environments on Changes in Bmi, Physical Activity and Cancer-Related Biomarkers in Two Successful Weight Loss Interventions in Women at 5R01CA228147-02 PAR16-256 534298 2020
Jernigan, Terry L. University of California, San Diego Abcd-Usa Consortium: Coordinating Center 2U24DA041147-06 DA20-004 1020000 2020
Jernigan, Terry L. University of California, San Diego Abcd-Usa Consortium: Coordinating Center 3U24DA041147-06S1 PA18-591 50000 2020
Jones, Lee W Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Aerobic Training During or After Adjuvant Therapy: a Randomized Trial 5R01CA164751-07 PA11-260 521021 2019
Joseph, Anne University of Minnesota Adaptive Interventions for Smoking Cessation in Lung Cancer Screening Programs 5R01CA196873-05 PA13-165 680031 2019
Kadan-Lottick, Nina S Yale University A Randomized Trial of a Mobile Health and Social Media Physical Activity Intervention Among Adolescent and Young Adult Childhood Cancer Survivors 1U01CA246665-01 CA19-033 752695 2019
Kahler, Christopher W. Brown University Positive Psychotherapy for Smoking Cessation Enhanced with Text Messaging: a Randomized Controlled Trial 5R01CA201262-05 PA13-302 468210 2020
Kamens, Helen M Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park The Moderating Role of Smoking Exposure in the Relationship Between the Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Gene Cluster and Nicotine Dependence 1R21CA226300-01A1 PAR16-255 238888 2020
Katz, Sherri Jean University of Minnesota E-Cigarettes and Youth: Tests of Strategies to Prevent Recreational Use 1R21CA246602-01 OD18-003 188426 2019
Kavuluru, Venkata Naga Ramakanth University of Kentucky Toward Fine-Grained E-Cigarette Surveillance on Social Media: Evolving Themes, Popularity Predictors, and Demographic Variations 5R21CA218231-02 PAR16-248 166388 2018
Kegler, Michelle C Emory University Intergrating a Smoke-Free Home Intervention Into the 5as to Support Cessation 5R01CA235721-02 PAR18-559 229367 2020
Kegler, Michelle C Emory University Smoke-Free Air Coalitions in Georgia and Armenia: a Community Randomized Trial 5R01TW010664-04 TW16-003 250000 2020
Kelder, Steven Harold University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Middle School Cluster Rct to Evaluate E-Cigarette Prevention Program: Catch My Breath 5R01CA242171-02 PAR18-847 628685 2020
Kellman, Philip J University of California Los Angeles Perceptual and Adaptive Learning in Cancer Image Interpretation 1R01CA236791-01 PAR18-640 516174 2019
Kendzor, Darla Elizabeth University of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Small Financial Incentives to Promote Smoking Cessation in Safety Net Hospital Patients 5R01CA197314-07 PA13-292 203447 2020
Kenfield, Stacey University of California, San Francisco Impact of Web-Based Lifestyle Interventions on Prostate Cancer Prognosis 5R01CA207749-05 PA15-311 1 2020
Kesler, Shelli R University of Texas, Austin Predicting Long-Term Chemotherapy-Related Cognitive Impairment 5R01CA226080-02 PA18-484 612633 2020
Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice K Ohio State University Breast Cancer Survivors Cardiovascular Risks: Treatment and Behavioral Influences 5R01CA186720-05 PA11-260 867137 2018
Kiecolt-Glaser, Janice Ohio State University Aerobic Capacity, Depression, & Inflammatory Responsivity in Cancer Survivors 5R01CA186251-05 PA13-302 612145 2019
Kim, Wonsun Sunny Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Effects of Digital Stories Intervention on Psychosocial Well-Being for Cancer Patients and Caregivers Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HCT) 1R15CA213035-01A1 PA16-200 484697 2017
King, Abby C Stanford University Citizen Science to Promote Sustained Physical Activity in Low-Income Communities 5R01CA211048-04 PAR14-315 751050 2020
King, Abby C Stanford University Stanford-Colombia Collaboratory on Chronic Disease Prevention 5P20CA217199-02 CA15-007 255172 2018
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