BRP-Funded Grants

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Barnato, Amber E University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Isolating Mechanisms Underlying Hospital Variation in End-of-Life Icu Use 5R21CA141093-02 165692 2010
Barnato, Amber E University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Icu Triage Decisions for Elders with End Stage Cancer: the Role of Patient Race 5R21CA139264-02 134308 2010
Brown, Nancy L. Palo Alto Medical Foundation Res Inst Prostate Cancer Nurse-Navigator Treatment Decision Support 5R21CA133340-02 165440 2010
Byrne, Margaret Mary University of Miami School of Medicine Development of a Conjoint Analysis Instrument for Lung Cancer Screening Decisions 5R21CA139371-02 165015 2011
Carlos, Ruth C University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Using Maternal Cancer Screening Visits to Improve Adolescent HPV Vaccination 5R21CA133333-02 237930 2010
Clark, Melissa A Brown University Social Network and Care Planning for Women with Cancer 5R21CA137290-02 202768 2011
Diefenbach, Michael A Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai The Functions of Affect in Treatment Decicions of Rising Psa Patients 5R01CA118682-04 139980 2010
Dohan, Daniel P. University of California, San Francisco Before Consent: Cancer Patients' Deliberations About Early Phase Clinical Trials 5R01CA152195-05 431819 2014
Epstein, Ronald M. University of Rochester Rct of Patient, Caregiver and Physician Communication Coaching in Advanced Cancer 5R01CA140419-05 549435 2015
Gazelle, G Scott Massachusetts General Hospital Evaluating a Decision Aid for Breast Cancer Prevention: a Pilot Trial 5R21CA141097-02 186713 2011
Gordon, Thomas F Temple Univ of the Commonwealth "Using Perceptual Mapping to Develop Low Literacy Crc Screening Decision Aids" 5R21CA120122-02 180000 2008
Iezzoni, Lisa I Massachusetts General Hospital Early-Stage Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions By Women with Physical Disabilities 5R21CA122130-03 161429 2007
Jimbo, Masahito University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Decision Aid to Technologically Enhance Shared Decision Making (DATES) 5R01CA152413-04 600958 2014
Kuppermann, Miriam University of California, San Francisco Development and Pilot Test of an Elective Bso Decision Support Guide 5R21CA141241-02 169950 2010
Manne, Sharon L Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Decisional Aid Intervention for Women Considering Breast Reconstruction 7R21CA149531-03 19993 2012
Nelson, Robert M Children's Hosp of Philadelphia Developing a Measure of Voluntary Consent for Protocol-Based Treatment Decisions 5R21CA118377-02 142154 2007
Robinson, Jeffrey David Portland State University Communication-Participation Behavior During the Delivery of Breast-Cancer Care 5R21CA143253-02 157374 2011
Saigal, Christopher University of California Los Angeles Conjoint Analysis: Overcoming Obstacles to Routine Formal Preference Assessment I 5R01CA134997-05 291365 2013
Volandes, Angelo Massachusetts General Hospital Using Video Images to Improve Advance Care Planning in Patients with Cancer 5R21CA139121-02 122586 2010
Warner, David O Mayo Clinic Rochester Decision Aid for Cigarette Smokers Undergoing Surgery 5R21CA143171-03 130341 2012
Wolfe, Christopher R Miami University Oxford A Web Tutor to Help Women Decide About Testing for Genetic Breast Cancer Risk 5R21CA149796-02 161733 2012