BRP-Funded Grants

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Biener, Lois Barbara University of Massachusetts Boston Receptivity to New Smokeless Tobacco Products Among Test Market Populations 5R01CA151384-03 262596 2012
Carpenter, Matthew J Medical University of South Carolina A Novel Trial of Smokeless Tobacco for Cessation Induction in Unmotivated Smokers 5R01CA154992-05 25159 2015
Clark, Pamela I Univ of Maryland, College Park Standardization of Methods to Measure Waterpipie Smoke Emissions and Exposure 5R01CA133149-04 623737 2012
Connolly, Gregory Niles Harvard School of Public Health Subjective and Behavioral Responses to Prep Design and Marketing 5R01CA125224-04 641139 2011
Eissenberg, Thomas Evan Virginia Commonwealth University Waterpipe Tobacco Smoke: Toxicant Exposure and Effects 5R01CA120142-05 539980 2012
Gordon, Sydney Michael Battelle Centers/Pub Hlth Res & Evaluatn Smokers and Preps: Measurement of Inhaled and Exhaled Tobacco Smoke Particulate 5R01CA129511-03 377968 2009
Gordon, Sydney Michael Battelle Centers/Pub Hlth Res & Evaluatn Effect of True Puff Profile Replication on Machine-Generated Smoke Constituents 5R21CA133893-02 146892 2010
Guttenplan, Joseph B New York University Mutagenicity of Tobacco Smoke in Human Cell CO-Cultures 5R21CA118397-02 169823 2007
Hatsukami, Dorothy K University of Minnesota Evaluation of Oral Tobacco as a Harm Reduction Method for Smokers 5R01CA135884-06 387979 2013
O'Connor, Richard J Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Evaluating Low Ignition Propensity Cigarette Legislation 5R01CA117108-04 180952 2009
Strasser, Andrew A University of Pennsylvania Smoking Topography and Harm Exposure in a New Prep 5R01CA120594-05 322987 2011
Wewers, Mary Ellen Ohio State University Smokeless Tobacco Marketing Approaches to Ohio Appalachian Populations 5R21CA129907-02 168229 2009