BRP-Funded Grants

Grant Status Active
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Behavioral Research Program (BRP)
Branch Health Behaviors Research Branch
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL
Adams, Marc A Arizona State University-Tempe Campus WALKIT: Neighborhood Walkability and Moderation of Adaptive Walking Interventions 5R01CA198915-05 430407 2019
Arch, Joanna J University of Colorado A Novel Values-Based Intervention to Increase Endocrine Therapy Adherence Among Breast Cancer Survivors 5R21CA218723-02 160589 2019
Basen-Engquist, Karen M University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Using Hunger Training to Enhance Weight Loss and Modulate Cancer-Related Biomarkers in Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer: a Pilot Study 5R21CA215415-02 174000 2018
Brinkman, Tara M St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Ehealth Intervention for Late Effects of Childhood Cancer 1R01CA239689-01A1 739566 2019
Brown, Justin C Lsu Pennington Biomedical Research Ctr Inflammation, Physical Activity, and Colon Cancer Recurrence and Survival 4R00CA218603-03 249000 2019
Brownson, Ross C Washington University Mis-Implementation in Cancer Prevention and Control 5R01CA214530-03 530758 2019
Brownson, Ross C Washington University Multilevel Approaches for Promoting Physical Activity in Rural Communities 5R01CA211323-03 582708 2019
Buman, Matthew P Arizona State University-Tempe Campus STANDUPTV: Reducing Sedentary Screen Time in Adults 1R01CA239612-01A1 614245 2019
Buman, Matthew P Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Stand and Move at Work: a Group-Randomized Trial 5R01CA198971-04 582484 2018
Caan, Bette J Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Resistance Training to Reduce Chemotoxicity in Colon Cancer 5R01CA206196-03 818198 2019
Cadmusbertram, Lisa Anne University of Wisconsin-Madison Feasibility Trial of Home-Based Strength Training in Endometrial Cancer Survivors 1R03CA230965-01A1 74090 2019
Cadmusbertram, Lisa Anne University of Wisconsin-Madison Multi-Site Adaptive Trial of a Technology-Based, Ehr-Integrated Physical Activity Intervention in Breast and Endometrial Cancer Survivors 1R37CA225877-01A1 646190 2019
Chan, June Ml University of California, San Francisco Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Genomic Signatures of Prostate Cancer Prognosis 5R01CA181802-06 598476 2019
Datar, Ashlesha University of Southern California The Impact of Improvements in Built and Social-Environments and Housing on Obesity in Public Housing Residents: Evidence From a Natural Experiment in South Los Angeles 5R01CA228058-02 663096 2019
Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Adapting Multiple Behavior Interventions That Effectively Improve (AMPLIFI) Cancer Survivor Health 5P01CA229997-02 2293357 2019
Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy University of Alabama at Birmingham Harvest for Health in Older Cancer Survivors 5R01CA201362-04 562377 2019
Derose, Kathryn Pitkin Rand Corporation Linking Churches with Parks to Increase Physical Activity Among Latinos 5R01CA218188-02 695773 2019
Di Noia, Jennifer William Paterson University Wic-Based Intervention to Promote Healthy Eating Among Low-Income Mothers 1R21CA230476-01A1 231474 2019
Dzewaltowski, David A University of Nebraska Medical Center Whole-of-Community Systems Intervention for Youth Population Physical Activity 5R01CA215420-02 563691 2019
Gany, Francesca M Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Food (Food to Overcome Outcomes Disparities) 5R01CA230446-02 691570 2019
Greenlee, Heather Columbia University Health Sciences Cook for Your Life: Maintaining Diet and Physical Activity Changes in Latina Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA186080-05 524849 2019
Hannon, Margaret A University of Washington Increasing Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions at Low-Wage Worksites 5R01CA160217-07 602725 2019
Heckman, Carolyn J. Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Modifying Young Adult Skin Cancer Risk and Protective Behaviors (UV4.ME2):A Hybrid Type 2 Dissemination/Effectiveness Trial 5R01CA204271-04 547041 2019
Hennessy, Erin Tufts University Boston Supporting Physical Literacy at School and Home (SPLASH) Study 1R21CA226829-01A1 219920 2019
Huang, Terry T-K Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy Impact of Park Renovations on Physical Activity and Community Health in Nyc 5R01CA206877-04 552318 2019
Iyengar, Neil Mukund Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Phase 1a/1b Trial of Exercise Treatment in Hormone Receptor-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer 1R01CA235711-01A1 694368 2019
Jankowska, Marta University of California, San Diego Integrating Novel Gis and Gps Data to Assess the Impact of Built Environments on Changes in Bmi, Physical Activity and Cancer-Related Biomarkers in Two Successful Weight Loss Interventions in Women at 1R01CA228147-01A1 519007 2019
Jones, Lee W Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Aerobic Training During or After Adjuvant Therapy: a Randomized Trial 5R01CA164751-07 521021 2019
Kandula, Namratha R Northwestern University at Chicago A Multilevel Physical Activity Intervention for South Asian Women and Girls 1R01CA242520-01 659380 2019
Kenfield, Stacey University of California, San Francisco Impact of Web-Based Lifestyle Interventions on Prostate Cancer Prognosis 5R01CA207749-04 643525 2019
King, Abby C Stanford University Citizen Science to Promote Sustained Physical Activity in Low-Income Communities 5R01CA211048-03 599336 2019
Lee, Chanam Texas A&M University Fighting Obesity By Reinventing Public Transportation: a Natural Experiment 5R01CA228921-02 529927 2019
Lee, Rebekka Mairghread Harvard School of Public Health Effective Training Models for Implementing Health-Promoting Practices Afterschool 5R21CA201567-02 175631 2017
Leone, Lucia A State University of New York at Buffalo Effectiveness and Implementation of a Research Tested Mobile Produce Market Designed to Improve Diet in Underserved Communities 5R37CA215232-02 619033 2019
Lyons, Elizabeth J. University of Texas Med Br Galveston Narrative Visualization for Breast Cancer Survivors' Physical Activity 5R21CA218543-02 166966 2019
Manne, Sharon L Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey An Internet-Based Behavioral Intervention for Individuals Diagnosed with Melanoma 5R01CA171666-05 483098 2018
Marcus, Bess Hya Brown University Promoting Physical Activity in Latinas Via Interactive Web-Based Technology 5R01CA159954-07 567615 2019
Ness, Kirsten Kimberlie St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Web-Based Physical Activity Intervention for Children with All 5R01CA193478-04 512890 2019
Ockene, Judith K Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester Weight Management Counseling in Medical Schools: a Randomized Controlled Trial 5R01CA194787-04 603810 2019
Ory, Marcia G. Texas A&M University Health Science Ctr Physical Activity Impacts of a Planned Activity-Friendly Community: the What, Where, When and Why of Environmental Approaches to Obesity Prevention 5R01CA197761-05 461272 2019
Pearson, Amber Michigan State University Impact of Ecological Park Restoration on Health in Low Income Neighborhoods: a Natural Experiment 1R01CA239187-01 636112 2019
Pekmezi, Dorothy W University of Alabama at Birmingham Testing Scalable, Ivr-Supported Cancer Prevention Interventions in the Rural Alabama Black Belt 1R01CA233550-01A1 595620 2019
Pennington, Kathryn P University of Washington The Effects of Moderate Exercise on Distress, Quality of Life, and Biomarkers of Angiogenesis and Chronic Stress in Ovarian Cancer Survivors 5R21CA215662-02 179600 2019
Phillips, Siobhan Marie Northwestern University at Chicago Technology-Supported Physical Activity Intervention for Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivors:fit2thrivemb 1R21CA239130-01 206190 2019
Phillips, Siobhan Marie Northwestern University at Chicago Incorporating Biomarkers of Prognosis and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in the Fit2thrive Physical Activity Promotion Intervention for Breast Cancer Survivors 5R21CA219028-02 214946 2019
Pinto, Bernardine M University of South Carolina at Columbia Peers Promoting Exercise Adoption and Maintenance Among Cancer Survivors 5R01CA183849-05 473294 2019
Ray, Andrew Donald Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Preoperative Respiratory Muscle Training to Prevent Postoperative Pulmonary Complications in Patients Undergoing Resection for Lung Cancer 5R01CA222382-02 527709 2019
Recklitis, Christopher John Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Preventing Secondary Skin Cancer in Young Adult Cancer Survivors 5R03CA230818-02 88250 2019
Richardson, Andrea Rand Corporation Federal School Nutrition Policies, Student Food Insecurity and Bmi 1R21CA239061-01 223312 2019
Roberto, Christina Ann University of Pennsylvania A Randomized Trial of Web-Based Behavioral Economic Interventions to Promote Healthy Food Choices Among Food Pantry Clients 5R01CA229502-02 539326 2019
Robinson, June K Northwestern University at Chicago A Comparison of Interventions to Teach Patients Skin Self-Examination 5R01CA154908-09 520493 2019
Saelens, Brian E Seattle Children's Hospital Structural & Programmatic Effects of Bus Rapid Transit on Physical Activity 5R01CA178343-06 161255 2019
Schadler, Keri L University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr PANCFIT: Do Angiogenic Biomarkers Correlate with Improved Progression Free Survival in Pancreatic Cancer? 5R21CA218732-02 202536 2019
Seguin, Rebecca Anne Texas A&M Agrilife Research Evaluation of a Civic Engagement Approach to Catalyze Built Environment Changeand Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Among Rural Residents 1R01CA230738-01A1 649240 2019
Stapleton, Jerod Lynn Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Randomized Trial of a Social Media-Delivered Intervention Targeting Indoor Tanning Users 5R01CA218068-03 616055 2019
Stolley, Melinda R Medical College of Wisconsin Avanzando Juntas: Adapting an Evidence Based Weight Loss Program for Hispanic Breast Cancer Survivors 5R21CA215668-02 197443 2019
Stolley, Melinda R Medical College of Wisconsin Every Day Counts: a Lifestyle Program for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer 5R21CA218888-02 167042 2018
Sun, Virginia Chih-Yi Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Altering Intake and Managing Symptoms in Rectal Cancer Survivors: a Multimodal Diet Modification Intervention for Bowel Dysfunction 1R21CA236057-01 246454 2019
Tandon, Pooja Sarin Seattle Children's Hospital Preschoolers Learning & Active in Play (PLAY) 5R21CA218592-02 216903 2018
Tonorezos, Emily Smith Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Exercise and Quality Diet After Leukemia 5R01CA187397-05 613996 2018
Ulrich, Cornelia M. University of Utah Precision-Exercise-Prescription for Lung Cancer Patients Undergoing Surgery: the Pep Study 5R01CA211705-03 486664 2019
Walkosz, Barbara Klein Buendel, Inc. Sun Safety Ink! a Sun Safety Program for the Tattoo Community 5R01CA206569-03 469923 2019
Williams, David M Brown University Physical Activity Promotion Based on Positive Psychology: Development and Piloting of a Novel Intervention Approach 5R21CA224609-02 161988 2019
Winters-Stone, Kerri M Oregon Health & Science University Preventing Falls and Frailty in Prostate Cancer Survivors: Get Fit Prostate 5R01CA222605-02 635011 2019
Winters-Stone, Kerri M Oregon Health & Science University Exercising Together: a Randomized Controlled Trial of Partnered Exercise Training on the Health of Couples Coping with Cancer 5R01CA218093-02 529925 2019
Wright, Jonathan L. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center PALS: Prostate Cancer Active Lifestyle Study 5R01CA184075-05 629446 2019
Yue, Guang H Kessler Foundation, Inc. Neurophysiological Evaluation of Training Effect on Cancer-Related Weakness 5R01CA189665-06 146636 2019