BRP-Funded Grants

Grant Status Previously Funded
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Behavioral Research Program (BRP)
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Akers, Laura Oregon Research Institute Enhancing Partner Support to Motivate Smokeless Tobacco Users to Quit Via the Web 5R21CA131461-02 175163 2009
Albrecht, Terrance L. Wayne State University Improving Clinical System Communication to Increase Trial Offers to Cancer Patien 5R21CA139369-02 200640 2010
Andersen, Barbara L. Ohio State University A Biobehavioral Intervention for Patients with Breast Cancer Recurrence 5R21CA135005-02 198000 2010
Back, Anthony L University of Washington Oncologist Communication Skills Intervention Assessment 5R21CA122303-02 168803 2009
Baranowski, Tom Baylor College of Medicine Active Video Games and Sustainable Physical Activity 5R21CA140670-02 150700 2010
Beach, Wayne A San Diego State University Communication Between Cancer Patients and Oncologists 5R21CA122472-02 150376 2008
Bellinger, Denise L Loma Linda University Mechanisms of Psychosocial Influences on Prostate Cancer 5R21CA116698-02 160500 2008
Bovbjerg, Dana H. University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Evaluating the Effects of Stress on Spontaneous Tumor Development: a New Paradigm 5R21CA120795-02 148500 2008
Briley, Margaret E University of Texas at Austin Increasing Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains in Preschool Sack Lunches 5R21CA123140-02 167884 2009
Calhoun, Patrick Shields Duke University Supplemental Nicotine Administration for Smoking Cessation in Ptsd 5R21CA128965-02 141349 2010
Carmack Taylor, Cindy L University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Efficacy of Cancer Support Programs: a Social Comparison Theory Analysis 5R21CA126854-02 173250 2009
Chamot, Eric University of Alabama at Birmingham Patient Reported Outcomes of Cervical Screening in Hiv+ Women in Zambia 5R21CA124336-02 141750 2009
Conklin, Heather M St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Working Memory Performance Among Childhood Brain Tumor Survivors 5R21CA131616-02 189000 2009
Costanzo, Erin University of Wisconsin-Madison Predictors of Optimal Immune Reconstitution in Stem Cell Transplant Patients 5R21CA133343-02 156650 2011
Diefenbach, Michael A Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Trajectories of Qol in Prostate Cancer Survivors Using Growth Curve Modeling 5R21CA124786-02 198210 2009
Ebbert, Jon O Mayo Clinic Rochester High Dose Nicotine Patch Therapy for Smokeless Tobacco Use 5R21CA140125-02 194246 2010
Ebbert, Jon O Mayo Clinic Rochester Varenicline for Smokeless Tobacco Use 5R21CA132621-02 166210 2010
Fitzgibbon, Marian L University of Illinois at Chicago Family Based Obesity Prevention in Latino Families 5R21CA121423-02 159321 2008
French, Simone A University of Minnesota Home Food Environment Measurement Methods 5R21CA137240-02 166100 2010
Gregg, Jessica L Irco Beliefs About the Pap Smear and Cervical Cancer Screening Among Vietnamese Women 5R21CA125177-02 111491 2008
Gwede, Clement K H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Decision Making in Unaffected First-Degree Relatives of Prostate Cancer Patients 3R21CA125428-02S1 225089 2009
Gwede, Clement K H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Decision Making in Unaffected First-Degree Relatives of Prostate Cancer Patients 5R21CA125428-02 225113 2009
Hawley, Sarah T University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Developing a Tool to Improve the Quality of Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions 5R21CA129859-02 120589 2008
James, Aimee S Washington University Peer Outreach to Facilitate Colorectal Cancer Screening in Safety Net Clinics 5R21CA131739-02 200640 2010
Joseph, Anne University of Minnesota Clinical Response to Biomarker Documentation of Child Secondhand Smoke Exposure 5R21CA137014-02 166100 2010
Kenkel, Donald S Cornell University An Econometric Analysis of Cigarette Price Search and Tax Incidence 5R21CA131600-02 138600 2009
Kenkel, Donald S Cornell University Econometric Study of the Impact of Smoking Bans on Consumer Behavior 5R21CA133365-02 169400 2010
Lindsay, Ana Cristina Harvard School of Public Health Influences on Physical Activity of Young Latino Children 5R21CA131764-02 226565 2009
Manne, Sharon L Fox Chase Cancer Center Couple-Based Intervention for Colorectal Cancer Screening 5R21CA128779-02 180481 2010
Mcgregor, Bonnie A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Stress Management and Vaccine Response Among Women at Risk for Breast Cancer 5R21CA134813-02 271040 2010
Mcmullen, Carmit Kurn Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Intestinal Ostomies and Informal Caregiving for Colorectal Cancer Survivors 5R21CA129887-02 176231 2009
Mcneill, Lorna Haughton University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Peer-Support Motivational Interviewing PA Intervention for African American Women 5R21CA134961-02 185567 2009
Muramoto, Myra L University of Arizona Parents Awareness Reducing Exposure to Nicotine and Tobacco (PARENT) 5R21CA127787-02 169875 2009
Patel, Sunita K Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines & Neurobehavioral Symptoms in Breast Cancer Patients 5R21CA131878-02 231009 2010
Patrick, Kevin University of California, San Diego PACE-CALL: a Weight Control Intervention for Survivors of Childhood Leukemia 5R21CA128019-02 173813 2009
Rakowski, William Brown University Classification Tree Analysis to Enhance Targeting for Cancer Screening Programs 5R21CA139179-02 205068 2011
Rhyne, Robert L. University of New Mexico Colorectal Cancer Screening in Southwestern Hispanics and Native Americans 5R21CA121066-02 141750 2009
Sanchez-Johnsen, Lisa University of Illinois at Chicago Latinos, Culture, and Obesity 7R21CA131433-03 76625 2009
Schmandt, Rosemarie University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr How Does Exercise Counteract Stress-Induced Tumor Growth 5R21CA137399-02 169400 2010
Schoenberg, Nancy E University of Kentucky Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening for Patients with Multiple Morbidities 5R21CA129881-02 164813 2009
Shadel, William G Rand Corporation In Vivo Assessment of Young Adults' Exposure to Cigarette Advertising 5R21CA137286-02 204808 2010
Sloan, Erica Kate University of California Los Angeles Sympathetic Nervous System Regulation of Breast Cancer Metastasis 5R21CA138687-02 169400 2010
Smith, Maureen A University of Wisconsin-Madison Cancer and Stress: the Effect of a Cancer Diagnosis on Utilization and Outcomes 5R21CA137288-02 159936 2010
Thompson, Hayley Suzette Wayne State University Communication Patterns in Cancer Screening Navigation with African Americans 7R21CA139018-03 82667 2010
Thorburn, Sheryl Oregon State University Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening Among Hmong: Social, Cultural & System Factor 5R21CA139147-02 160820 2010
Toll, Benjamin Andrew Yale University Promoting Tobacco and Cancer Control: Message Framing for Telephone Quitline Call 3R21CA127818-02S1 104070 2009
Toll, Benjamin Andrew Yale University Promoting Tobacco and Cancer Control: Message Framing for Telephone Quitline Call 5R21CA127818-02 158146 2008
Tracy, J. Kathleen University of Maryland Baltimore Cervical Cancer Screening in Lesbians 5R21CA120635-02 120000 2008
Troped, Philip Jay Purdue University Exploratory Study of Environmental Effects on Activity/Overweight in Older Women 5R21CA125078-02 165827 2008
Wang, Judy H Georgetown University Cultural Impact on Adaptation Between Chinese and White Breast Cancer Survivors 5R21CA139408-02 166835 2010
Williams, David M Brown University Adherence to Self-Paced Vs Prescribed Intensity Pa: Exploring Mechanisms Via Ema 5R21CA137211-03 182136 2010
Wolfson, Mark Wake Forest University Health Sciences Measuring Student Exposure to Ets and College Receptivity to Environmental Change 5R21CA131749-02 162446 2009
Wolfson, Mark Wake Forest University Health Sciences Measuring Student Exposure to Ets and College Receptivity to Environmental Change 3R21CA131749-02S1 13225 2009
Wu, Tsu-Yin Eastern Michigan University An Individually-Tailored Mammography Screening Intervention for Chinese Americans 5R21CA127825-02 132194 2010
Ybarra, Michele L. Center for Innovative Public Health Research Smoking Cessation Via Text Messaging: Feasibility Testing of Sms Usa 5R21CA135669-02 190639 2010