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Grant Details

Grant Number: 1R13HL173969-01 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Fuemmeler, Bernard
Organization: Society Of Behavioral Medicine
Project Title: Society of Behavioral Medicine 2024 Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions
Fiscal Year: 2024


PROJECT ABSTRACT 1 The Society of Behavioral Medicine (SBM) will hold its 45th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions March 13-16, 2 2024, in Philadelphia, PA. This application seeks funding in support of meeting programming addressing the 3 following specific aims: (1) Train attendees in the skills necessary to improve individual and public health as 4 well as reduce health disparities by meaningfully including diverse voices in their research and practice (e.g., 5 inclusion of racial/ethnic and gender minorities, leading cross-disciplinary collaborations, and involving industry 6 and community partners); (2) Showcase innovative models for designing and promoting health solutions, 7 including via influencing behavior at the individual, family, community and policy levels; and (3) Enhance the 8 diversity of behavioral medicine professionals by providing mentoring, leadership training, professional 9 development, and networking opportunities to trainees, junior and mid-career faculty, clinicians, industry 10 professionals, underrepresented individuals, and others who attend the meeting. SBM is the nation’s leading 11 scientific society dedicated to behavioral medicine, representing approximately 2,200 researchers and 12 clinicians from more than 20 disciplines. SBM’s members include researchers, clinicians, educators, and 13 industry professionals who focus on the development and integration of behavioral, psychosocial, and 14 biomedical theory, knowledge, and interventions relevant to the understanding of health and disease. They 15 work to understand, prevent, and treat chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, 16 diabetes, and cancer. They conduct research and translate findings into real-world settings to improve lives 17 while also reducing healthcare costs. SBM’s annual meetings are the premier forum for disseminating 18 behavioral medicine’s important ideas and breakthroughs. The meeting’s educational sessions, networking 19 events, interactive research spotlights, and poster/exhibit halls facilitate exchange of information and ideas. 20 Attendees apply the knowledge gained to disease prevention and management, and development of 21 innovative research designs, effective interventions and strategies, and evidence-based policies. An estimated 22 1800 individuals from the United States and abroad will attend the 2024 SBM Annual Meeting, which will 23 feature more than 1,200 presentations. The meeting theme is “Moving Behavioral Science Upstream.” Policies, 24 institutions, neighborhoods, and communities impact our behavior and health, and require intervening across 25 multiple levels to improve health. There is, for example, a recognizable stress-related pathway by which 26 upstream factors such as systemic racism and environmental injustice get “under the skin” to affect health and 27 disease. Recognizing the multiple ways that upstream factors affect health is as important as developing multi- 28 level intervention frameworks to address downstream conditions. Meeting sessions will prepare attendees to 29 address upstream factors, for example by expanding theoretical models and offering evidence-based digital 30 health solutions. Behavioral medicine and the evidence it generates are more important than ever.



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