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Grant Details

Grant Number: 1R13CA284572-01 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Kamen, Charles
Organization: University Of Rochester
Project Title: The Science of Cancer Health Equity for Sexual and Gender Minority Communities
Fiscal Year: 2023


ABSTRACT Sexual and gender minority people (SGM) experience multiple cancer-related disparities, including higher rates of cancer risk factors, lower rates of cancer screening, higher lifetime risk of cancer, and unmet needs during cancer survivorship. Although many national organizations, including the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the American Cancer Society (ACS), have stated the need for more cancer research among SGM communities, there is currently no consensus about the highest research priorities, promising research models, or mechanisms for collaboration between geographically dispersed scientific teams. To address this gap, we propose a two-and- a-half day conference focused on the “Science of Cancer Health Equity for SGM Communities.” This conference will bring together researchers, trainees, early-stage investigators, and community stakeholders to review the current science on cancer health equity for SGM persons, identify high-priority research topics, and develop novel approaches to engage communities and influence policy. The conference will be held at the New York University (NYU) Langone Medical Center Campus in New York City from October 5-7, 2023. It is structured around a transdisciplinary framework: looking within, across, and between areas of scientific expertise and community wisdom to establish priorities. In line with this framework, we have convened a conference organizing committee comprising two MPIs, representatives from 7 cancer centers, and a SGM Community Action Board, with strong support from SGM community organizations such as the National LGBT Cancer Network. Support from the NCI R13 mechanism (PA-21-151) is needed to cover speaker fees as well as travel costs for trainees, early-stage investigators, patients and community participants. The aims of this conference are: 1) to examine the current level of evidence informing research across the cancer control continuum for SGM cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers; 2) to establish future research priorities across the cancer control continuum for SGM cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers; 3) to promote the research of trainees and early stage investigators, especially those from minoritized backgrounds, interested in research across the cancer control continuum for SGM communities; 4) to develop a transdisciplinary network of scholars with a focus on mentorship and on shared research methods that can address cancer health equity across the cancer control continuum; 5) to disseminate findings from this conference, including priorities for future SGM cancer health equity research, through a publicly available executive summary and a peer-reviewed, open access publication. If funded, this conference will produce: (a) a publicized list of SGM cancer health equity research priorities and (b) a network of transdisciplinary researchers and community members ready to collaborate on projects addressing these priorities. This R13 award will also help us create an infrastructure for future conferences to continue this work, with the next hosted by Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles in 2024.



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