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Grant Details

Grant Number: 5R03CA093143-03 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Scarinci-Searles, Isabel
Organization: University Of Alabama At Birmingham
Project Title: Cervical Cancer Screening in Hispanics
Fiscal Year: 2003


DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The long-range goal of this project is to increase the percentage of Hispanic women who receive cervical cancer screening and who are in compliance with recommendations for follow-up after an abnormal screening. The objective of this proposal is to integrate existing theoretical models in the development and pilot-testing of a scale measuring how Hispanic women construct meaning regarding cervical cancer prevention screening. In addition to this scale, demographic and psychosocial information will also be included. The rationale for the proposed research is that this theory-driven and culturally-appropriate questionnaire can be used as a tool to determine factors that predict cervical cancer screening among Hispanic women, which, in turn, will assist in the development of tailored interventions to increase cervical cancer screening in this population. We are well suited to undertake the proposed research because we have assembled a multidisciplinary team with the scope and breadth of expertise in the areas of public health, health psychology, cancer control, Hispanic culture, measurement, and qualitative research. Given our long-standing relationship with a Hispanic grassroots organization and other agencies serving the Hispanic population in the Memphis area and our experience working with this population, we feel confident that we can recruit a large number of Hispanic women. Once we complete the work proposed in the R03 application, we expect to be well-positioned to develop and submit an R21 application to propose the validation of the questionnaire, as well as pilot-testing and feasibility-testing of a theory-driven, culturally appropriate cervical cancer prevention intervention targeting Hispanic women. The specific aims are: (1) To test and integrate components of the existing theoretical models (primarily the PEN-3 model and components of the Theory of Planned Behavior and Social Cognitive Theory) to determine contextual variables associated with cervical cancer screening among Hispanic women of reproductive age through a series of 20 focus groups with Hispanic women between the ages of 18 and 42; (2) To develop a theory-driven and culturally appropriate questionnaire to assess contextual variables (and their social constructions) that contribute to cervical cancer prevention screening among Hispanic women based on the results of Aim 1; (3) To psychometrically evaluate the culturally appropriate questionnaire in a random sample of Hispanic women (N= 300) based on the results of Aim 1 and 2.


Development of a theory-based (PEN-3 and Health Belief Model), culturally relevant intervention on cervical cancer prevention among Latina immigrants using intervention mapping.
Authors: Scarinci I.C. , Bandura L. , Hidalgo B. , Cherrington A. .
Source: Health promotion practice, 2012 Jan; 13(1), p. 29-40.
EPub date: 2011-03-21.
PMID: 21422254
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