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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP)
Branch Outcomes Research Branch
Topic Health Disparities
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Armenian, Saro Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Remote Monitoring of Cardiac Function in Childhood Cancer Survivors 5R21CA261797-02 CA20-028 174379 2022
Armenian, Saro Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Technology-Enabled Activation of Skin Cancer Screening for Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Survivors and Their Primary Care Providers 5R01CA249460-03 CA19-035 806562 2022
Badger, Terry A University of Arizona Adaptive Symptom Self-Management to Reduce Psychological Distress and Improve Symptom Management for Survivors on Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors 1R01CA263714-01A1 PAR21-035 650104 2022
Badger, Terry A University of Arizona Improving Informal Caregivers' and Cancer Survivors' Psychological Distress, Symptom Management and Health Care Use 5R01CA224282-04 PAR16-317 610291 2021
Baker, Kevin S Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center An Interactive Survivorship Program to Improve Healthcare Resources [INSPIRE] for Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Survivors 6U01CA246659-02 CA19-033 530889 2020
Bansal, Aasthaa University of Washington Personalized Risk-Adaptive Surveillance Strategies in Cancer -- Praise 5R37CA218413-04 PAR16-260 444555 2021
Barocas, Daniel A Vanderbilt University Medical Center 10-Year Comparative Effectiveness and Harms of Treatments for Prostate Cancer 5R01CA230352-04 PA18-484 606437 2022
Bhakta, Nickhill Hitesh St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Measuring Lifelong Multimorbidity with Patient Perspectives: Implementing and Visualizing the Cumulative Burden Methodology Across Cohorts 1R01CA270157-01 PAR20-179 577841 2022
Bhatia, Smita University of Alabama at Birmingham Mitigating Long-Term Treatment-Related Morbidity in Childhood Cancer Survivors 5R35CA220502-04 PAR17-494 828233 2021
Bradley, Cathy J University of Colorado Denver Cancer Caregivers and Their STRUGGLE(S) Between Work and Family 5R01CA231387-04 PAR18-246 576680 2022
Byrne, Margaret M H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst A Stepped-Care Psychosocial Intervention for Brain Tumor Family Caregivers 5R01CA236034-04 PAR18-246 391136 2022
Chow, Eric Jessen Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Improving Treatment of Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Childhood Cancer Survivors 6R01CA204378-06 PA13-302 487899 2021
Davey, Adam University of Delaware African American Families Fighting Parental Cancer Together 5R01CA194178-07 PA13-302 354522 2022
Devine, Katie A Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Bright Ideas-Young Adults: Problem-Solving Skills Training to Reduce Distress Among Young Adults with Cancer 5R37CA240807-03 PAR18-559 623348 2022
Diefenbach, Michael A Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Recovery Support for Bladder CA Patients and Caregivers: a Multimodal Approach 5R01CA224918-05 PA16-160 567008 2022
Dionne-Odom, James N. University of Alabama at Birmingham Lay Coach-Led Early Palliative Care for Underserved Advanced Cancer Caregivers 3R37CA252868-03S1 PAR19-352 158034 2022
Dionne-Odom, James N. University of Alabama at Birmingham Lay Coach-Led Early Palliative Care for Underserved Advanced Cancer Caregivers 5R37CA252868-03 PAR19-352 553026 2022
Dionne-Odom, James N. University of Alabama at Birmingham Decision Support Training for Advanced Cancer Family Caregivers: the Cascade Factorial Trial 5R01CA262039-02 PAR19-352 528386 2022
Garcia, Jose M. Seattle Inst for Biomedical/Clinical Res Improving Patient-Important Outcomes with Testosterone Replacement in Hypogonadal Men with a Prior History of Cancer 5R01CA239208-03 PAR18-559 643552 2022
Hahn, Erin Elizabeth Kaiser Foundation Research Institute The Epics (Engaging Primary Care in Cancer Survivorship) Study: a Trial of Novel Models of Care for Cancer Survivors 5R01CA249419-03 CA19-035 739745 2022
Harper, Felicity Wayne State University African American Resilience in Surviving Cancer 5R01CA232514-03 PA18-484 623694 2021
Hedeker, Donald University of Chicago Novel Statistical Models for Intensive Longitudinal Analyses of Cancer Control Behaviors 5R01CA240713-04 PAR18-352 538384 2022
Henry, Norah Lynn University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Active Symptom Monitoring and Endocrine Therapy Persistence in Young Women with Breast Cancer 1R01CA266012-01 PA18-722 445057 2022
Hoyt, Michael A University of California-Irvine Caregiving for Young Adults with Cancer in Latino Families: Understanding Healthcare Engagement and Family Wellbeing 1R21CA261628-01 CA20-028 225363 2021
Hua, May Columbia University Health Sciences Determinants of Palliative Care Effectiveness for Patients with Metastatic Cancer 5R37CA246565-02 PA18-502 465149 2022
Huang, I-Chan St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Patient-Generated Health Data to Predict Childhood Cancer Survivorship Outcomes 1R01CA258193-01 CA20-004 742807 2021
Huang, I-Chan St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Patient-Reported Outcomes Version of Ctcae Involving Childhood Cancer Survivors 5R01CA238368-04 PAR18-352 710599 2022
Jim, Heather S.L. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Improving Prediction of Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea: Integrating Genes, Behavior, and the Microbiome 5R01CA219389-05 PA16-160 677991 2022
Kadan-Lottick, Nina S Georgetown University Bridging Information Divides and Gaps to Ensure Survivorship: the Bridges Randomized Controlled Trial of a Multilevel Intervention to Improve Adherence to Childhood Cancer Survivorship 1R01CA261881-01 CA20-027 647111 2021
Krouse, Robert Scott University of Pennsylvania Ostomy Telehealth Self-Management Training for Cancer Survivors 5R01CA204193-04 PAR18-559 620800 2022
Kushi, Lawrence H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Clinical Care Gaps and Unmet Needs in Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancers 5P01CA233432-03 PAR18-290 1696125 2022
Lai, Jin-Shei Northwestern University at Chicago Using Information Technology to Improve Outcomes for Children Living with Cancer 5U01CA246612-03 CA19-033 484876 2021
Lyons, Kathleen Doyle Mgh Institute of Health Professions Optimizing Functional Recovery of Breast Cancer Survivors 7R01CA225792-04 PA21-268 595108 2022
Mack, Jennifer W Dana-Farber Cancer Inst End-of-Life Care for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer: an Evaluation of Care and Development of Patient-Centered Quality Measures 5U01CA218651-05 PA15-324 607778 2022
Mazanec, Susan Case Western Reserve University Building Family Caregiver Skills Using a Simulation-Based Intervention for Care of Patients with Cancer 5R37CA240707-04 PAR18-246 474143 2022
Milbury, Kathrin University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Improving Health Utilization and Quality of Life in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemoradiation and Their Family Caregivers 5R01CA247307-03 PAR19-352 211152 2022
Miller, Kimberly Ann University of Southern California Individual, Cultural, and Area-Based Factors Associated with Survivorship Care Among Asian/Asian American Childhood Cancer Survivors 1R01CA261888-01 CA20-027 670471 2021
Mohile, Supriya G University of Rochester Optimizing Functional Outcomes of Older Survivors After Chemotherapy 5R01CA249467-02 CA19-035 293330 2021
Nichols, Hazel B Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Clinical Pregnancy Outcomes in Adolescent and Young Adult Female Cancer Survivors 5R01CA204258-05 PA13-302 626637 2021
Nolan, Timiya S Ohio State University Piloting Y-Ambient: a Quality of Life Intervention for Young African American Breast Cancer Survivors 1R03CA245999-01A1 PAR18-021 155998 2020
Oeffinger, Kevin Charles Duke University Onco-Primary Care Networking to Support Team-Based Care - the One Team Study 5R01CA249568-03 CA19-035 748966 2022
Osarogiagbon, Raymond U Baptist Memorial Hospital - Tipton Improving Pathologic Nodal Staging of Resected Lung Cancer 5R01CA172253-10 PA16-160 472577 2022
Paasche-Orlow, Michael Boston Medical Center Improving Pro Interpretation at the Individual Level for Patients with Cancer Using Conversational Agents and Data Visualization 1R01CA271145-01 PA20-185 713039 2022
Park, Elyse R Massachusetts General Hospital Assessing the Effect of Virtual Navigation Interventions to Improve Health Insurance Literacy and Decrease Financial Burden: a Ccss Randomized Trial 1R01CA271380-01 CA20-027 689962 2022
Parker Oliver, Debra Washington University Access_access for Cancer Caregivers to Education and Support for Shared Decisionmaking 7R01CA203999-05 PA18-590 610484 2021
Partridge, Ann H Dana-Farber Cancer Inst A Web-Based Patient-Reported Symptom Monitoring and Self-Management Portal for Adolescent and Young Adult Breast Cancer Survivors 1U01CA246648-01A1 CA19-033 2122410 2020
Peterson, Susan K University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr A Technological Approach for Performance Status Assessment in Advanced Cancer Patients 5R01CA243554-03 PAR18-352 554559 2022
Rosser, B R Simon University of Minnesota RESTORE: Improving Sexual Outcomes of Gay and Bisexual Prostate Cancer Survivors 5R01CA218657-05 PA15-261 580073 2021
Salsman, John Wake Forest University Health Sciences Optimizing Health Related Quality of Life Measurement in Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology: a Promising Solution 5R01CA218398-05 PAR16-260 524643 2021
Salsman, John Wake Forest University Health Sciences Using Most to Empower: Optimizing an Emotion Regulation Intervention to Enhance Well-Being Among Young Adult Cancer Survivors 5R01CA242849-04 PAR18-869 348903 2022
Shankaran, Veena Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Addressing Cancer-Related Financial Hardship Through Delivery of a Proactive Financial Navigation Intervention 6R01CA248656-03 PAR18-559 619802 2022
Sterba, Katherine Regan Medical University of South Carolina A Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Survivorship Needs Assessment Planning Tool for Head and Neck Cancer Survivor-Caregiver Dyads 1R01CA259186-01A1 PAR19-352 448881 2022
Sun, Virginia Chih-Yi Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Self-Management to Optimize Survivorship Care and Outcomes in Lung and Colorectal Cancer 5R01CA249501-03 CA19-035 821715 2022
Sun, Virginia Chih-Yi Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope A Multimedia Self-Management Intervention to Prepare Family Caregivers and Patients for Lung Cancer Surgery 5R01CA217841-04 PAR16-317 706743 2021
Sun, Virginia Chih-Yi Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope A Multimedia Self-Management Intervention to Prepare Family Caregivers and Patients for Lung Cancer Surgery 3R01CA217841-04S1 PAR16-317 110456 2021
Sung, Lillian Hospital for Sick Chldrn (TORONTO) Symptom Screening Linked to Care Pathways for Children with Cancer: a Cluster Randomized Trial 5R01CA251112-03 PAR18-559 455057 2022
Thom, Bridgette H Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Enhancing Health Cost Literacy and Financial Capability Among Young Adult Cancer Survivors 1R21CA261828-01A1 CA20-028 244260 2022