Grant Status Currently Funded
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP)
Topic DNA Specimens
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Adebamowo, Clement Adebayo Institute of Human Virology African Female Breast Cancer Epidermiology (AFBRECANE) Study 5U01HG009784-04 85000 2020
Afshar-Kharghan, Vahid University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Genetics of Graft-Versus-Host Disease 5R01CA231141-03 282045 2020
Aldrich, Melinda Vanderbilt University Medical Center Understanding Determinants of Racial Disparities in Lung Cancer Incidence 1U01CA253560-01 768191 2020
Ambrosone, Christine B. Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Tumor Immune Contexture and Breast Cancer Disparities: a Multi-Disciplinary Study in Women of African and European Ancestry 1R01CA247281-01A1 994901 2020
Ambrosone, Christine B. Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Relationships Between Parity, Breastfeeding and Er Breast Cancer in African American Women: Elucidating the Biologic Underpinnings at the Molecular and Cellular Level. 5R01CA225947-02 636205 2020
Amos, Christopher I Baylor College of Medicine Integrative Analysis of Lung Cancer Etiology and Risk 5U19CA203654-04 2605399 2020
Amos, Christopher I Baylor College of Medicine Sequencing Familial Lung Cancer 1U01CA243483-01A1 735139 2020
Anderson, Garnet L. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Life and Longevity After Cancer (LILAC): the Women's Health Initiative Cancer Survivor Cohort 5U01CA173642-07 1567792 2020
Asgari, Maryam Mandana Massachusetts General Hospital Pq3 Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Integrating Germline and Somatic Alterations That Underlie Tumor Progression 5R01CA231264-02 246546 2020
Belinsky, Steven A Lovelace Biomedical & Environmental Research Institute DNA Repair Capacity Assays for Lung Disease Risk Assessment 5U01CA232505-03 56346 2020
Berger, Michael F. Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research (PQ3) Integrative Biomarkers of Cancer Progression and Therapeutic Response From Germline and Somatic Clinical Sequencing 5R01CA227534-02 712004 2020
Berwick, Marianne University of New Mexico Health Scis Ctr Integration of Clinical and Molecular Biomarkers for Melanoma Survival 5P01CA206980-04 536127 2020
Bhatia, Smita University of Alabama at Birmingham Bmt Survivor Study-2 (Bmtss-2) 5U01CA213140-02 1569615 2020
Blot, William J. Vanderbilt University Medical Center Southern Community Cohort Study 5U01CA202979-05 2626316 2020
Brash, Douglas E Yale University Using Clonal and Non-Clonal Uv Signature Mutations to Predict Skin Cancer Risk 5R01CA240602-02 601191 2020
Burch, James University of South Carolina at Columbia Role of Circadian Factors in Inflammation and Colorectal Adenoma Risk 5R01CA231321-02 129378 2020
Buring, Julie E. Brigham and Women's Hospital Women's Health Study: Infrastructure Support for Cohort Follow-Up 5U01CA182913-07 643786 2020
Burk, Robert D Albert Einstein College of Medicine Investigations Into the Molecular Pathogenesis of Cervical Glandular Neoplasias 1U01CA238592-01A1 559479 2020
Burridge, Paul W. Northwestern University at Chicago Genomic Prediction of Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity 5R01CA220002-03 339052 2020
Carey, Lisa A Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Optimizing Her2-Targeting Using Rna and DNA-Based Predictive Algorithms 5R01CA229409-02 616954 2020
Carvajal Carmona, Luis Guillermo University of California at Davis Genetic Studies of Homologous Recombination Deficiency in Hispanic Gastric Cancer 5R01CA223978-03 761977 2020
Casey, Graham University of Virginia Biology of Colorectal Cancer Risk Enhancers 5R01CA204279-06 621785 2020
Cerhan, James R Mayo Clinic Rochester Genetic Epidemiology of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 5R01CA200703-05 660322 2020
Choquet, Helene Kaiser Foundation Research Institute The Role of Genetic Risk Factors in Keratinocyte Carcinoma Susceptibility 1R01CA241623-01A1 357656 2020
Christensen, Brock Clarke Dartmouth College (PQ3) Immune Epigenetic Biomarkers of Bladder Cancer Outcomes 5R01CA216265-04 613106 2020
Christiani, David C Harvard School of Public Health The Boston Lung Cancer Survival Cohort 5U01CA209414-04 1366752 2020
Cote, Michele L Wayne State University Molecular Classification of High Grade Endometrial Cancers: Extending Tcga Findings to a Diverse Population 5R01CA200864-05 305549 2020
Cozen, Wendy University of Southern California Host Factors, Tumor Microenvironment and Survival in a Multiethnic Study of Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients 5R01CA206019-05 201785 2020
Diskin, Sharon Children's Hosp of Philadelphia Structural Variation in Neuroblastoma 5R01CA204974-05 384300 2020
Doherty, Jennifer Anne University of Utah Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Survival: an Integrative Approach 1R01CA243188-01A1 1371104 2020
Doherty, Jennifer Anne University of Utah Characterizing Molecular Subtypes of Ovarian Cancer in African-American Women 5R01CA200854-05 560285 2020
Freedman, Matthew L Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Identifying Causal Variants and Genes Underlying Breast Cancer Risk Loci 5R01CA204954-05 596487 2020
Friedman, Debra L Vanderbilt University Medical Center Research Into Visual Endpoints and Rb Health Outcomes After Treatment: the Riverboat Consortium 5R01CA225005-03 603190 2020
Gayther, Simon Andrew Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Characterizing Non-Coding Somatic and Germline Variant Interactions in Ovarian Cancer 1R01CA244569-01A1 698082 2020
Gibbons, Frederick X University of Connecticut Storrs Contextual and Health Behavior Effects on Epigenetic Aging Among African Americans 5R01CA220254-03 796841 2020
Gruber, Stephen B Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Precision Approaches to Refining Tp53-Associated Cancer Risk 5R01CA242218-02 1713253 2020
Gulley, Margaret L Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Endogenus Toolkit: a Biometric Method for Absolute Quantification of Tumor Markers By Massive Parallel Sequencing 5R21CA229037-03 1 2020
Guo, Xingyi Vanderbilt University Medical Center Transcriptome-Wide Association Study to Identify Susceptibility Genes for Colorectal Cancer 5R37CA227130-03 583603 2020
Haiman, Christopher Alan University of Southern California Research on Prostate Cancer in Men of African Ancestry: Defining the Roles of Genetics, Immunity and Stress (RESPOND) 5U19CA214253-03 1381619 2020
Haiman, Christopher Alan University of Southern California The Genetic Basis of Aggressive Prostate Cancer: the Role of Rare Variation 5R01CA196931-05 517574 2020
Hoyo, Cathrine North Carolina State University Raleigh Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Epigenetics and Cadmium Exposure 5R21CA227023-02 132881 2020
Hudson, Melissa M St. Jude Children's Research Hospital The St. Jude Lifetime Cohort 2U01CA195547-06 1358148 2020
Jenkins, Mark A University of Melbourne Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort 5U01CA167551-09 1853568 2020
Jenkins, Robert B. Mayo Clinic Rochester (PQ3) Understanding the Interactions Between Germline and Somatic Alterations in the Pathogenesis of Gliomas 5R01CA230712-03 640142 2020
Kanetsky, Peter A H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Epidemiology and Biology of Lncrnas in Ovarian Cancer 5R01CA207456-05 786838 2020
Kaphingst, Kimberly A University of Utah Leveraging an Electronic Medical Record Infrastructure to Identify Primary Care Patients Eligible for Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer and Evaluate Novel Cancer Genetics Service Delivery Models 5U01CA232826-03 1040133 2020
Khurana, Ekta Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Computational Methods for Identifying Non-Coding Cancer Drivers 5R01CA218668-03 721394 2020
Klein, Alison P Johns Hopkins University Validation and Fine-Scale Mapping of Pancreatic Cancer Susceptibility Loci (STUDY) 5R01CA154823-09 627443 2020
Klein, Alison P Johns Hopkins University Multi-Ancestry Mapping of Pancreatic Cancer Susceptibility Loci 1U01CA247283-01 1423269 2020
Kushi, Lawrence H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Infrastructure for Pathways, a Prospective Study of Breast Cancer Survivorship 5U01CA195565-05 1836691 2020
Lai, Rose Kamyee University of Southern California Functional Characterization of Glioma Gwas Variants 5R01CA207972-04 584230 2020
Le Marchand, Loic University of Hawaii at Manoa Understanding Ethnic Differences in Cancer: the Multiethnic Cohort Study 5U01CA164973-09 3381462 2020
Loo, Lenora Wm University of Hawaii at Manoa The Role of 27-Hydroxycholesterol in Breast Cancer: a Population-Based Multiethnic Study 5R01CA229815-02 613542 2020
Luo, Jun Johns Hopkins University Genetic and Genomic Determinants of Homologous Recombination Repair Deficiency as Treatment Selection Markers for Lethal Prostate Cancer 1R01CA238284-01A1 374578 2020
Murphy, Caitlin C UT Southwestern Medical Center Early Life Exposures and Risk of Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer 5R01CA242558-02 316094 2020
Nathanson, Katherine L. University of Pennsylvania Post Genome Wide Association Studies in Testicular Germ Cell Tumors 2U01CA164947-05A1 1475426 2020
Ogino, Shuji Brigham and Women's Hospital Accelerating Transdisciplinary Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer 5R35CA197735-06 755417 2020
Pal, Tuya Vanderbilt University Medical Center Breast Cancer in Blacks: Impact of Genomics, Healthcare Use and Lifestyle on Outcomes (BRIGHT) 5R01CA204819-04 368599 2020
Peres, Lauren Cole H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst The Role of Inflammation in the Racial Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Survival 5R00CA218681-04 247267 2020
Peters, Ulrike Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Advancing Equity in Colorectal Cancer Genetic Risk Prediction Through Expansion of Racial/Ethnic Minority Representation 1R01CA244588-01A1 797274 2020
Peters, Ulrike Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Using Functional Genomics to Inform Gene Environment Interactions for Colorectal Cancer 5R01CA201407-05 1168097 2020
Peters, Ulrike Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Interdisciplinary Epidemiologic Consortium to Investigate T-Cell Response in Colorectal Cancer 1R01CA248857-01 768324 2020
Petersen, Gloria M. Mayo Clinic Rochester Determinants of Pancreatic Cancer and Malignant Melanoma Phenotypes in Cdkn2a Hereditary Kindreds 5R01CA208517-05 590577 2020
Phipps, Amanda Irene University of Washington Bacterial Correlates of Colorectal Cancer Subgroups and Survival 5R01CA217970-03 643577 2020
Phipps, Amanda Irene Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Serrated Colorectal Cancer: an Emerging Disease Subtype 5R01CA196337-06 341616 2020
Plon, Sharon E. Baylor College of Medicine Evaluating Utility and Improving Implementation of Genomic Sequencing for Pediatric Cancer Patients in the Diverse Population and Healthcare Settings of Texas: the Kidscanseq Study 5U01HG006485-08 900000 2020
Poisson, Laila M Henry Ford Health System Molecular and Clinical Evaluation of the Glioma Patient Experience to Anticipate Modern Outcomes and Guide Patient Care 5R01CA222146-03 619783 2020
Poynter, Jenny N. University of Minnesota Predictors of Myelodysplastic Syndrome in Minnesota 5R01CA142714-08 686590 2020
Prabhakaran, Dorairaj Centre for Chronic Disease Control Air Pollution and Healthgeohealth Hub Research and Capacity Building 5U01TW010097-06 224969 2020
Reif, David M North Carolina State University Raleigh Genetic Etiology of Cancer Drug Response 5R01CA161608-08 479088 2020
Reynolds, Peggy University of California, San Francisco Sleep and Cancer: Evaluation of Risk and Insights Into Mechanisms 5R01CA207020-04 519202 2020
Salipante, Stephen J University of Washington Advanced Development and Validation of Genome-Scale Molecular Diagnostics for Microsatelliteinstability Using Targeted Molecular Counting Methods 5R33CA222344-03 387195 2020
Scheurer, Michael E Baylor College of Medicine Molecular Epidemiology of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis: Evaluating the Impact of Smad6 and Genetic Ancestry on Disease Risk 5R01CA233719-02 614491 2020
Schildkraut, Joellen M. Emory University Ovarian Cancer Survival in African-American Women 1R01CA237318-01A1 1378411 2020
Schmit, Stephanie L H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Biological Determinants of Colorectal Cancer Outcomes in Latinos of Diverse Ancestral Origins 5R01CA238087-02 692928 2020
Schwartz, Ann G. Wayne State University Detroit Research on Cancer Survivors (Detroit Rocs) 5U01CA199240-04 1971519 2020
Seewaldt, Victoria L. Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Epigenetic Damage in Women Living in LA Food-Desert Zip Codes 5R01CA220693-04 900360 2020
Setiawan, Veronica Wendy University of Southern California Investigating the Cause of Racial/Ethnic Disparity in Pancreatic Cancer Incidence 5R01CA209798-04 300442 2020
Setiawan, Veronica Wendy University of Southern California Understanding the Determinants of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Liver Cancer and Chronic Liver Disease in Understudied and High-Risk Populations 5R01CA228589-03 382956 2020
Sieh, Weiva Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis of Mammographic Density 1R01CA237541-01A1 501617 2020
Slager, Susan L. Mayo Clinic Rochester Integration of Germline and Tumor Genomes in Cll 5R01CA235026-02 639092 2020
Stampfer, Meir Brigham and Women's Hospital Long Term Multidisciplinary Study of Cancer in Women: the Nurses Health Study 5UM1CA186107-07 1505419 2020
Strickler, Howard D Albert Einstein College of Medicine Next Generation of HPV and Cervical Cancer Research in Hiv+ Women 5R01CA230331-04 648844 2020
Tavtigian, Sean Vahram University of Utah Common and Rare Sequence Variants in Breast Cancer Risk 5R01CA121245-09 593435 2020
Terry, Mary Beth Columbia University Health Sciences Breast Cancer Family Registry Cohort 5U01CA164920-08 2399998 2020
Thomas, Nancy E Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Identification of Lethal Melanomas at the Time of Diagnosis 1R01CA233524-01A1 972565 2020
Thompson, Cheryl L Case Western Reserve University Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Epigenetic Age Acceleration 1R03CA241956-01A1 97517 2020
Travis, Lois B. Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Genetic Susceptibility and Biomarkers of Platinum-Related Toxicities 2R01CA157823-07A1 1195158 2020
Turesky, Robert J. University of Minnesota Profiling DNA Adducts in Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Human Colorectal Tissue 5R21CA235094-02 167475 2020
Walsh, Kyle M Duke University Immune Correlates and Mechanisms of Perinatal Cytomegalovirus Infection and Later Life All Development 5R21CA242439-02 140070 2020
Wang, Liang H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Functional Characterization of Prostate Cancer Risk Loci By High Throughput Sequencing 1R01CA250018-01 386114 2020
Warren Andersen, Shaneda University of Wisconsin-Madison Vitamin D and Colorectal Cancer Risk: an Integrated Molecular and Genetic Epidemiologic Study 5R00CA207848-06 237835 2020
West, Robert B Stanford University Genomic and Morphologic Predictor of High-Risk Dcis 5R01CA193694-05 692210 2020
Wiemels, Joseph Leo University of Southern California Genetic Susceptibility to Pediatric Glioma Inindividuals and Diverse Populations 5R01CA194189-06 1092580 2020
Willett, Walter C. Harvard School of Public Health Cancer Epidemiology Cohort in Male Health Professionals 5U01CA167552-09 2028788 2020
Willett, Walter C. Harvard School of Public Health Life Course Cancer Epidemiology Cohort in Women 5U01CA176726-08 2403177 2020
Yang, Gong Vanderbilt University Medical Center Time-Dependent and Bidirectional Effect of Oxidative Stress - a Missing Piece of the Free Radical Theory of Cancer and Its Potential Implications 1R01CA237895-01A1 703451 2020
Yao, Song Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Somatic Mutations and Their Etiological Determinants for Breast Cancer in African American Women 5R01CA228156-02 1302572 2020
Yasui, Yutaka St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Late Effects Prediction Using Clinical Phenotypes and Whole Genome Sequencing 5R01CA216354-04 628281 2020
Zeleniuch-Jaquotte, Anne New York University School of Medicine The Nyu Women's Health Study 2U01CA182934-06 693828 2020
Zevallos, Jose P Washington University Development of a Four-Class, Molecular Subtyping Diagnostic for HPV-Negative Head and Neck Cancer 5R01CA211939-04 392059 2020
Zheng, Wei Vanderbilt University Medical Center Integrating Genomic and Transcriptomic Data to Identify Breast Cancer Susceptibility Genes 5R01CA235553-02 677537 2020
Zheng, Wei Vanderbilt University Medical Center Breast Cancer Genetic Study in African-Ancestry Populations 5R01CA202981-05 2623329 2020