Grant Status Active
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP)
Branch Methods and Technologies Branch
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL
Aksan, Alptekin University of Minnesota Validation of a Room-Temperature Storage Technique for Plasma/Serum Biospecimens 5R33CA204510-03 338767 2018
Backman, Vadim Northwestern University Translating Buccal Nanocytology for Lung Cancer Screening Into Clinical Practice 5R01CA225002-02 587752 2019
Bailey, Ryan C University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Droplet Microfluidic Platform for Ultralow Input Epigenetics 5R21CA191186-04 216621 2017
Califano, Joseph A University of California, San Diego A Novel Point of Care Test for Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancer Risk 5R01CA204264-03 488480 2019
Carey, Vincent James Brigham and Women's Hospital Accelerating Cancer Genomics with Cloud-Scale Bioconductor 5U01CA214846-03 425494 2019
Carroll, Raymond J. Texas A&M University Measurement Error, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer 5U01CA057030-30 329088 2018
Chang, Hsueh-Chia University of Notre Dame A Solid-State Nanopore Mirna Quantification Technology 5R21CA206904-03 193125 2018
Chen, Jia Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Microrna & Breast Cancer: Functional Characterization in a Population-Based Study 5R01CA172460-05 650174 2017
Cooper, Lee Emory University Informatics Tools for Quantitative Digital Pathology Profiling and Integrated Prognostic Modeling 5U01CA220401-02 425457 2019
Danforth, Kim N Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Development of an Automated Method to Capture Bladder Cancer Recurrence and Progression for Epidemiologic Research 1R21CA227606-01A1 172270 2019
Foster, Ian University of Chicago Building Protected Data Sharing Networks to Advance Cancer Risk Assessment and Treatment 5U24CA209996-02 787369 2018
Gao, Guimin University of Chicago Genetic Risk Scores Modeling Admixture Linkage Disequilibrium for Breast Cancer in African Americans 5R03CA227357-02 81000 2019
Gu, Jian University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Epigenetic Mirna, Snp Signatures, and Their Functions in Lung Cancer Outcomes 5R01CA176568-05 494883 2018
Hanauer, David Alan University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Advanced Development and Dissemination of Emerse for Cancer Phenotyping From Medical Records 5U24CA204863-02 781409 2018
Hsu, Li Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Statistical Methods for Analysis of Tumor Heterogeneity in Genetic Epidemiology 2R01CA189532-05 485501 2019
Jeon, Christie Younghae Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Predicting the Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer By Leveraging Big Data 5R21CA220073-02 225588 2019
Khurana, Ekta Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Computational Methods for Identifying Non-Coding Cancer Drivers 5R01CA218668-02 483437 2019
Kim, Sungheon Gene New York University School of Medicine Gradient-Echo Spectroscopic Imaging Study of Saturated Fat and Breast Cancer 5R01CA219964-02 485756 2019
Kuhn, Louise Columbia University Health Sciences Improving Specificity of HPV Screen-and-Treat in South Africa 5UH3CA189908-05 945771 2018
Larman, Harry Benjamin Johns Hopkins University A Highly Multiplexed Gene Expression Platform for Fixed Tissue Specimens 5R21CA202875-03 202500 2018
Low, Carissa A University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh A Mobile Sensing System to Monitor Symptoms During Chemotherapy 1R37CA242545-01 361184 2019
Lu, Chang Virginia Polytechnic Inst and St Univ Next-Generation Mowchip-Seq for High-Throughput Epigenomic Profiling Using Clinically Relevant Samples 5R33CA214176-03 399647 2019
Ma, Shuangge Yale University Novel Methods for Identifying Genetic Interactions in Cancer Prognosis 5R01CA204120-04 371660 2019
Madabhushi, Anant Case Western Reserve University Quantitative Histomorphometric Risk Classifier (QUHBIC) in HPV + Oropharyngeal Carcinoma 5R01CA220581-02 614169 2019
Maley, Carlo Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Modeling Neoplastic Progression in Barrett's Esophagus 5R01CA140657-10 350771 2018
Pattenden, Samantha Gail Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill The Application of Enhanced Cavitation to Enable DNA and Chromatin Extraction From Archived Tissues 5R33CA206939-03 359003 2019
Porter, Marc D University of Utah Field-Deployable Platform for Prognostic Hepatic Cancer Screening in Low-Resource Settings 5UG3CA211551-02 403427 2018
Salipante, Stephen J University of Washington Advanced Development and Validation of Genome-Scale Molecular Diagnostics for Microsatelliteinstability Using Targeted Molecular Counting Methods 5R33CA222344-02 375579 2019
Saraf, Ravi F University of Nebraska Lincoln High Specificity Microrna Microarray Analysis Without Pcr for Cancer Screening and Research 5R21CA196485-02 245024 2016
Seewaldt, Victoria L. Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Epigenetic Damage in Women Living in LA Food-Desert Zip Codes 5R01CA220693-02 700834 2018
Shvetsov, Yurii B University of Hawaii at Manoa Improving Breast Cancer Risk Prediction with Composite Measures of Obesity and Body Fat Distribution 5R21CA220080-02 162450 2019
Sun, Wei Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Estimation and Association Analysis of Biomarkers for Tumor Immune Microenvironment 5R21CA224026-02 185657 2019
Tehranifar, Parisa Columbia University Health Sciences Integrating Mammograms in Analyses of Genes and Environment in Sisters (IMAGES) 5U01CA203993-03 473906 2019
Vanderweele, Tyler Harvard School of Public Health Theory and Methods for Mediation and Interaction 5R01CA222147-02 353213 2019
Vickers, Andrew J Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Dynamic, Multi-Cohort Prediction Modeling of Prostate Biopsy Outcome 5R01CA179115-05 453825 2018
Walter, Nils G University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Single-Molecule Counting of Cancer Biomarker Mirnas in Human Biofluids 5R21CA204560-03 187937 2019
Weinstein, John N University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Next-Generation Clustered Heat Maps for Fluent, Interactive Exploration of Omic Data 5U24CA199461-04 550837 2018
Wilkie, Diana J University of Florida Evaluating the Tablet-Based Turkish-Painreportit for Assessing Pain of Lung Cancer Patients Post Thoracotomy in Turkey 5R01CA207026-02 138310 2019
Zevallos, Jose P Washington University Development of a Four-Class, Molecular Subtyping Diagnostic for HPV-Negative Head and Neck Cancer 5R01CA211939-02 393202 2018
Zhao, Zhongming University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Microrna and Transcription Factor CO-Regulation in Cancer 5R21CA196508-02 200970 2017