Grant Status Currently Funded
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP)
Branch Risk Factor Assessment Branch
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Initiative
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Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Bailey, Regan Texas A&M Agrilife Research Development of a Total Nutrient Index 2R01CA215834-05A1 PA20-185 281646 2024
Evenson, Kelly R. Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Cancer Incidence in Women 5R01CA227122-04 PA18-010 624578 2022
Figueiredo, Jane C. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Time-Restricted Eating and Cancer: Clinical Outcomes, Mechanisms, and Moderators 5R01CA258222-03 CA20-004 867802 2023
Fulkerson, Jayne Allyn University of Minnesota Innovation in Measurement for Diet-Related Disease Research: Optimizing Utility and Reach to Reduce Health Disparities 5R01CA248200-04 PA18-856 319608 2024
Hennessy, Erin Tufts University Boston AC/DC: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Visioning to Assess Dietary Composition 5R21CA250024-02 PAR18-857 197745 2021
Hong, Julian Clint University of California, San Francisco Multi-Institutional Validation of a Multi-Modal Machine Learning Algorithm to Predict and Reduce Acute Care During Cancer Therapy 5R01CA277782-02 PAR21-190 356096 2024
Intille, Stephen S Northeastern University Accelerating the Development of Novel Methods to Measure 24-Hr Physical Behavior 5R01CA252966-04 PA18-856 10340 2023
Kehm, Rebecca D Columbia University Health Sciences Characterizing the Role of Adolescent Physical Activity in Early Onset Breast Cancer Risk for Women Across the Familial Risk Continuum 4R00CA263024-03 PA20-188 249000 2024
Neuhouser, Marian L Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Nutrition and Physical Activity Assessment Study 5R01CA119171-17 PA18-856 713531 2023
Schembre, Susan Georgetown University Mobile Ecological Momentary Diet Assessment: a Low Burden, Ecologically-Valid Approach to Measuring Dietary Intake in Near-Real Time 5R01CA244404-05 PA18-856 616731 2024
Sulam, Jeremias Johns Hopkins University SCH: Quantifying and Mitigating Demographic Biases of Machine Learning in Real World Radiology 1R01CA287422-01 PAR23-001 318506 2023
Tasevska, Natasha Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Application of Predictive Biomarkers of Sugars and Animal Protein Intake for Investigation of Dietary Measurement Error and Its Effect on Diet-Disease Associations 5U01CA197902-07 PA20-185 447242 2023
Wang, Molin Brigham and Women's Hospital New Epidemiologic Methods for Reducing Measurement Error and Misclassification Bias in Cancer Epidemiology 1R01CA279175-01A1 PA20-185 749965 2023
Wilkens, Lynne R University of Hawaii at Manoa Traditional and New Dietary Assessment Methods (TANDAM) for Personalized Nutrition 5U24CA268228-03 RM21-004 1431080 2024
Wilkens, Lynne R University of Hawaii at Manoa Traditional and New Dietary Assessment Methods (TANDAM) for Personalized Nutrition 3U24CA268228-03S1 RM21-004 246350 2024
Zhu, Fengqing Maggie Purdue University SCH: Wearable Sensing and Visual Analytics to Estimate Receptivity to Just-in-Time Interventions for Eating Behavior 5R01CA277839-02 PAR22-001 292485 2023