Grant Status Active
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP)
Topic Tissue Specimens
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL
Anantharaman, Devasena International Agency for Res on Cancer Whole Exome Sequencing of Oropharyngeal Carcinoma (Opx-Wes) 5R03CA183010-02 56500 2016
Anderson, Garnet L. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Women's Health Initiative Cancer Survivor Cohort 5UM1CA173642-05 2260718 2017
Aneja, Ritu Georgia State University Enhancing Prognostic Power of Tumor Grade By Revisiting Ki67-Mitosis Relationship 5R03CA188527-02 74000 2016
Badve, Sunil S. Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis (PQC3) Ethnicity-Determined Immune Response and Dcis Outcome 5R01CA194600-03 675664 2017
Berwick, Marianne University of New Mexico Health Scis Ctr Integration of Clinical and Molecular Biomarkers for Melanoma Survival 1P01CA206980-01A1 2292665 2017
Bickell, Nina A Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Insulin Resistance and Breast Cancer Prognosis in Black & White Women 5R01CA171558-06 525063 2017
Bomsztyk, Karol University of Washington Next Generation Technology to Detect Epigenetic Alterations in Human Tissues 5R33CA191135-03 417322 2017
Bondy, Melissa L. Baylor College of Medicine Risk Prediction for Er Negative Breast Cancer Recurrence 5R01CA172511-05 593132 2017
Burns, Kathleen H Johns Hopkins University Transposon Insertion Polymorphisms in Predispositions to Hematopoietic Neoplasia 5R01CA163705-05 336150 2017
Camp, Nicola J. University of Utah Shared Genomic Segment Analysis and Tumor Subtyping in High-Risk Brca Pedigrees 4R01CA163353-05 570500 2016
Casey, Graham University of Virginia Biology of Colorectal Cancer Risk Enhancers 5R01CA204279-03 634794 2017
Cerhan, James R Mayo Clinic Rochester Genetic Epidemiology of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 5R01CA200703-02 662837 2017
Cerhan, James R Mayo Clinic Rochester The Lymphoma Epidemiology of Outcomes (LEO) Cohort Study 5U01CA195568-03 2248270 2017
Chen, Jia Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Microrna & Breast Cancer: Functional Characterization in a Population-Based Study 5R01CA172460-05 650174 2017
Chen, Yu New York University School of Medicine Foregut Microbiome and Risk of Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia, and Gastric Cancer Risk 5R01CA204113-02 888388 2017
Chinnaiyan, Arul M University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Exploring Precision Cancer Medicine for Sarcoma and Rare Cancers 4UM1HG006508-04 1264149 2016
Christiani, David C Harvard School of Public Health The Boston Lung Cancer Survival Cohort 1U01CA209414-01A1 1694687 2017
Cote, Michele L. Wayne State University Molecular Classification of High Grade Endometrial Cancers: Extending Tcga Findings to a Diverse Population 5R01CA200864-02 618743 2017
Dai, James Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Genomic Studies for Understanding Etiology of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma 5R21CA197502-02 147736 2016
Doherty, Jennifer Anne University of Utah Characterizing Molecular Subtypes of Ovarian Cancer in African-American Women 5R01CA200854-03 557804 2018
Finkelstein, Dianne M Massachusetts General Hospital Rare Cancer Genetics Registry 4R01CA160233-05 497727 2016
Fuchs, Charles S Yale University Impact of Celecoxib and Inflammation on Survival in Stage Iii Colon Cancer 5R01CA169141-06 1041509 2017
Fuchs, Charles S Yale University Dietary and Lifestyle Determinants of Colon Cancer Recurrence and Survival 7R01CA118553-08 467689 2017
Gruber, Stephen B University of Southern California The Epidemiology of Immune Responses in Colorectal Cancer 5R01CA197350-03 650583 2017
Haile, Robert William Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort 7UM1CA167551-06 2169620 2017
Haiman, Christopher Alan University of Southern California Genome-Wide Sequencing of Prostate Cancer in Men of African Ancestry 4R01CA165862-05 657327 2016
Hall, Adam Roger Wake Forest University Health Sciences Molecular Detection of DNA Hydroxymethylation for Cancer Screening 5R21CA193067-03 257300 2017
Hassan, Manal Metwally University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) 5R01CA186566-03 655272 2017
He, Chunyan University of Kentucky An Integrative Approach to Identify Causal Epigenetic Markers for Breast Cancer 7R01CA194030-03 328944 2017
Hildebrandt, Michelle A T University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Discovery of Novel Rare Variants as Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility Factors 5R01CA188943-03 1225214 2017
Hudson, Melissa M St. Jude Children's Research Hospital The St. Jude Lifetime Cohort 5U01CA195547-03 1687336 2017
Jerry, D. Joseph University of Massachusetts Amherst Disruption of Parity-Induced Tumor Suppressor Pathways By Xenoestrogen Exposures 5U01ES026140-03 543388 2017
John, Esther M. Cancer Prevention Instit of California Breast Cancer Family Registry Cohort 4UM1CA164920-05 2519194 2016
Kanetsky, Peter A H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Genetic Epidemiology of Melanoma (GENOMEL) 5R01CA083115-15 574390 2017
Kirchhoff, Tomas New York University School of Medicine The Identification of Genetic Determinants of Melanoma Recurrence 5R01CA187060-03 484247 2017
Krieger, Nancy Harvard School of Public Health Long-Term Trends in Breast Cancer DNA Copy Number Alterations & Disparities 5R03CA193078-02 85312 2017
Kuhn, Louise Columbia University Health Sciences Improving Specificity of HPV Screen-and-Treat in South Africa 5UH3CA189908-04 962232 2017
Kushi, Lawrence H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Infrastructure for Pathways, a Prospective Study of Breast Cancer Survivorship 5U01CA195565-02 2033770 2017
Lacey, James V. Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Innovative Infrastructure to Enhance the California Teachers Study 5U01CA199277-03 2808882 2017
Lash, Timothy L. Emory University New and Integrated Perspectives on Modification of Tamoxifen Effectiveness 5R01CA166825-05 532870 2017
Leisenring, Wendy M Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Late Effects of Treatment in Wilms Tumor Survivors and Offspring 4R01CA054498-25 636039 2016
Lin, Hui-Yi Lsu Health Sciences Center Gene-Gene Interactions and Their Functional Roles in Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness 5R21CA202417-02 135829 2017
Lipkin, Steven M Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Whole Genome Sequencing to Discover Familial Myeloma Risk Genes 4R01CA167824-05 494158 2016
Lu, Chang Virginia Polytechnic Inst and St Univ Next-Generation Mowchip-Seq for High-Throughput Epigenomic Profiling Using Clinically Relevant Samples 1R33CA214176-01 391723 2017
Mai, Volker University of Florida Big Data Approach for Correlating Gut Microbiota with Epithelial Methylation Pattern 5R21CA195251-02 161834 2017
Maley, Carlo Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Modeling Neoplastic Progression in Barrett's Esophagus 5R01CA140657-09 350952 2017
Malone, Kathleen E Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Molecular Pathoepidemiology of Contralateral Breast Cancer 1R01CA206464-01A1 1438154 2017
Malone, Kathleen E Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Epidemiology of the Four Most Frequent Cancers Following Breast Cancer 5R01CA192438-04 956771 2017
Maris, John M Children's Hosp of Philadelphia The Genetic Basis of Neuroblastoma Tumorigenesis 5R01CA124709-10 614290 2017
Mccormack, Valerie International Agency for Res on Cancer Esophageal Cancer in West Kenya 5R21CA191965-02 170178 2016
Mitragotri, Samir S University of California Santa Barbara Assessing the Risk of Uv-Induced Skin Cancer Via Non-Invasive Epidermal Sampling 5R21CA191133-03 189477 2017
Natarajan, Loki University of California, San Diego Genomic, Clinical and Behavioral Signature of Long-Term Breast Cancer Survival 4R01CA166293-04 308004 2016
Neklason, Deborah Wood University of Utah Genetic and Environmental Etiology of Familial Small Intestinal Carcinoid Cancer 5R21CA205796-02 264620 2017
Neuhausen, Susan L. Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Germline and Tumor Genomic Analyses of Breast Cancer in Latinas 5R01CA184585-04 802610 2017
Newcomb, Polly A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Serrated Colorectal Cancer: an Emerging Disease Subtype 5R01CA196337-03 361992 2017
Newcomb, Polly A. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center A Cohort Study of Sessile Serrated Polyps and Subsequent Colorectal Neoplasia 4R01CA168338-04 586746 2016
Ogino, Shuji Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Accelerating Transdisciplinary Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer 5R35CA197735-03 869969 2017
Palefsky, Joel Michael University of California, San Francisco The Microbiome and Anal Cancer Pathogenesis in HIV-Infected Men Who Have Sex with Men 5R03CA203589-02 79250 2018
Petersen, Gloria M. Mayo Clinic Rochester Determinants of Pancreatic Cancer and Malignant Melanoma Phenotypes in Cdkn2a Hereditary Kindreds 5R01CA208517-02 590577 2017
Platz, Elizabeth A. Johns Hopkins University Enhancing Aric Infrastructure to Yield a New Cancer Epidemiology Cohort 5U01CA164975-06 355253 2017
Ramus, Susan J University of New South Wales Identifying Prognostic Markers and Therapeutic Targets for Serous Ovarian Cancer 5R01CA172404-05 483257 2017
Rebbeck, Timothy R Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Genetics of Prostate Cancer in Africa 5U01CA184374-03 1707746 2017
Rollison, Dana Elise H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Prospective Study of Cutaneous Viral Infections and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer 5R01CA177586-04 308387 2017
Rossing, Mary Anne Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Epidemiologic Factors and Survival By Molecular Subtypes of Ovarian Cancer 4R01CA168758-04 654304 2016
Rubin, Mark A. Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Towards Understanding Prostate Cancer Heterogeneity 5R01CA125612-09 54796 2017
Sanderson, Maureen Meharry Medical College Understanding Breast Cancer Subtypes in Black Women 5R03CA192214-02 78336 2016
Sartor, Maureen Agnes University of Michigan at Ann Arbor 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in HPV(+) and Hpv(-) Oral and Oropharyngeal Cancers 5R21CA187537-02 134302 2016
Scheet, Paul A University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Discovery of Risk Loci and Genomics of Pancreatic Cancer Through Exome Sequencing 5R01CA181244-04 1028501 2017
Schwartz, Ann G. Wayne State University Inflammation Pathways and Copd in the Development of Lung Cancer 4R01CA141769-06 909096 2016
Shu, Xiao-Ou Vanderbilt University Medical Center Shanghai Men's Health Study 5UM1CA173640-06 958253 2017
Sicklick, Jason Keith University of California, San Diego Defining the Germline Genomic Landscape of a Novel Gist Multi-Tumor Syndrome 5R21CA192072-02 214268 2017
Stampfer, Meir Brigham and Women's Hospital Long Term Multidisciplinary Study of Cancer in Women: the Nurses Health Study 5UM1CA186107-04 2864573 2017
Tavtigian, Sean Vahram University of Utah Classifying DNA Mismatch Repair Gene Variants of Unknown Significance 4R01CA164944-04 541918 2016
Wang, Liang Medical College of Wisconsin Genetic Determinants of Gene Expression Phenotypes in Aggressive Prostate Cancer 4R01CA157881-07 550809 2016
Wang, Sophia S. Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Molecular Epidemiology of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Prognosis and Prevention 4R01CA166219-05 561758 2016
Wang, Sophia S. Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Risk Factors for Molecular Subtypes of Nhl a Prospective Evaluation 5R01CA202712-02 830007 2017
West, Robert B Stanford University Genomic and Morphologic Predictor of High-Risk Dcis 5R01CA193694-02 695617 2017
Willett, Walter C. Harvard School of Public Health Cancer Epidemiology Cohort in Male Health Professionals 2U01CA167552-06 1884447 2017
Willett, Walter C. Harvard School of Public Health Life Course Cancer Epidemiology Cohort in Women 5UM1CA176726-05 3331834 2017
Willett, Walter C. Harvard School of Public Health Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in Younger Nurses 5R01CA050385-28 1041084 2017
Wilson, Keith T. Vanderbilt University Medical Center Etiological Studies of Gastric Carcinoma 5P01CA028842-32 1038693 2017
Yeakley, Joanne Mulligan Biospyder Technologies, Inc. Rasl-Seq Expression Profiling of Ffpe Tissues 5R33CA183688-03 332225 2017
Zeleniuch-Jaquotte, Anne New York University School of Medicine The Nyu Women's Health Study 5UM1CA182934-03 694206 2017
Zheng, Wei Vanderbilt University Medical Center Shanghai Womens Health Study 5UM1CA182910-05 1321497 2017
Zheng, Wei Vanderbilt University Medical Center Colorectal Cancer Risk Loci: Gwas, Fine-Mapping, and Functional Analysis 5R01CA188214-05 637418 2017