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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Surveillance Research Program (SRP)
Branch Statistical Research and Applications Branch
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Aickin, Mikel G University of Arizona Development of a Model for Causal Latent Factors 7R03CA094750-03 PA01-021 28300 2003
Andrew, Angeline Sanderson Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic Linking Environmental Contamination to Residential History for Risk Identification 5R21CA230875-02 PA17-295 165710 2020
Baladandayuthapani, Veerabhadran University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Integrative Methods for High-Dimensional Genomics Data 5R01CA160736-04 PA10-067 451135 2014
Banerjee, Sudipto University of Minnesota Hierachial Modeling Approaches for Geographical Boundary Analysis in Cancer Studi 5R01CA112444-03 N/A 229252 2008
Begg, Colin B Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Epidemiologic Parameters of Rare Cancer Risk Factors 5R01CA098438-03 N/A 280131 2005
Billard, Lynne University of Georgia International Biometric Conferences 5R13CA096469-03 N/A 19921 2006
Biswas, Swati University of Texas Dallas Identifying Rare Haplotype-Environment Interactions Using Logistic Bayesian Lasso 5R03CA171011-03 PAR08-237 82326 2013
Biswas, Swati University of Texas Dallas A Bayesian Meta-Analysis Approach for Estimation of Penetrance and Its Application to Palb2 Gene for Breast Cancer Risk 5R03CA242562-02 PAR18-021 82329 2021
Bottai, Matteo University of South Carolina at Columbia Singular Information for Cancer Cluster Detection 5R03CA113143-02 PAR03-010 72750 2005
Breslow, Norman E University of Washington Statistical Methods in Cancer Epidemiology 5R01CA040644-19 N/A 167469 2004
Carlin, Bradley P University of Minnesota Copula Models for Spatial Epidemiology of Cancer 5R03CA179555-02 PAR12-039 76000 2015
Carlin, Bradley P University of Minnesota Mcmski Ii: Markov Chain Monte Carlo in Theory and Practice 2R13CA110915-02 PA06-041 11000 2007
Chen, Jinbo University of Pennsylvania Statistical Methods for Cancer Absolute Risk Prediction 4R01CA164305-04 PA10-025 338473 2016
Chen, Li University of Kentucky Statistical Methods for Environmental Data Subject to Detection Limits 5R03CA179661-02 PAR12-039 75250 2016
D'Agostino, Ralph B Wake Forest University Health Sciences Methods for Epidemiologic Data with Missing Values 5R01CA079934-05 N/A 117934 2003
Edwards, Don George University of South Carolina at Columbia Modeling Inter-Rater Agreement Using Mixed Models 5R03CA114783-02 PAR03-010 69912 2007
Elliott, Michael R. University of Pennsylvania Combining Data From the Nhis and Brfss 5R03CA101362-02 PAR02-037 79250 2004
Etzioni, Ruth D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Estimating Overdiagnosis in Cancer Screening Studies 5R01CA192402-04 PA13-302 588972 2018
Extermann, Martine H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Decision Models to Compare Treatments in Older Patients with Aml 4R01CA168677-04 PA11-260 344422 2016
Feng, Ziding Fred Hutchinson Can Res Ctr Statistical Methods for Community Intervention Trials 5R01CA084079-04 N/A 240685 2003
Fraley, Chris Insightful Corporation Software for Fitting Non-Gaussian Random Effects Models 5R44CA106146-03 N/A 378511 2006
Gazelle, G Scott Massachusetts General Hospital CT Colonoscopy Screening for Crc:comparative Effectiveness Vs Traditional Models 5RC1CA147256-02 OD09-003 393107 2010
Gelfand, Alan E Duke University The 8th Valencie/Isba World Meeting on Bayesian Statistics 1R13CA121754-01 PAR03-176 8000 2006
Goovaerts, Pierre E Biomedware Simulation Algorithms for Spatial Pattern Recognition 5R44CA092807-03 PA00-118 500182 2006
Guan, Yongtao University of Miami Coral Gables New Statistical Methods to Handle Spatial Uncertainty in Cancer Risk Estimation 4R01CA169043-04 PA11-238 442893 2016
Huo, Xiaoming Georgia Institute of Technology Meeting of New Researchers in Statistics and Probability 1R13CA091779-01 N/A 29650 2001
Habbema, J D Erasmus University of Rotterdam Surveillance of Breast Cancer Trends Bij Miscan 5U01CA088202-04 CA99-013 104177 2003
Habbema, J D Erasmus University of Rotterdam Surveillance of Breast Cancer Trends Bij Miscan 3U01CA088202-04S1 CA99-013 53449 2004
Hardin, Johanna S Pomona College Seventh and Eighth Meetings of New Researchers 5R13CA110472-02 PAR03-176 11000 2005
He, Qianchuan Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Methods for Analyzing Cancer Somatic Mutation Data 5R01CA223498-06 PA16-160 402600 2022
Hoff, Peter David University of Washington Ninth and Tenth New Researchers Conference for Investigators in Probability and S 5R13CA124120-02 PA06-041 9710 2007
Hossain, Md Monir University of South Carolina at Columbia Evaluation and Development of Cancer Cluster Diagnostics 5R03CA125828-02 PAR04-159 69912 2007
Howe, Holly L North American Assn/Central Cancer Reg Naaccr 2000 Conference 1R13CA086950-01 N/A 14333 2000
Hu, Liangyuan Rbhs-School of Public Health Flexible Bayesian Approaches to Causal Inference with Multilevel Survival Data and Multiple Treatments 7R21CA245855-02 PA18-590 225475 2020
Hubbard, Rebecca University of Pennsylvania Improving Confounder Control in Ehr-Based Studies of Cancer Epidemiology 5R21CA227613-02 PA16-175 268966 2020
Jacquez, Geoffrey M. Biomedware A Space-Time Information System for the NCI Cancer Atlas 5R01CA092669-03 PAS00-120 350675 2003
Joffe, Marshall M University of Pennsylvania Analysis of Case-Control Follow-Up Studies 5R01CA095415-03 N/A 168894 2006
Johnson, Valen Earl Texas A&M University Consistent Variable Selection in P>>n Settings 5R01CA158113-09 PA13-302 315443 2020
Kass, Robert E Carnegie-Mellon University Symposium on Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics-Vi 1R13CA091917-01 N/A 50000 2001
Kass, Robert E Carnegie-Mellon University Symposia of Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics 5R13CA117515-02 PAR03-176 33985 2007
Kass, Robert E Carnegie-Mellon University Vii Symposium of Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics 1R13CA102211-01 N/A 40000 2003
Kulldorff, Martin Brigham and Women's Hospital SATSCAN: Spatial Scan Statistic Surveillance Software II 7R01CA165057-09 PAR11-028 231526 2016
Kulldorff, Martin Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc. Tests for Spatial Randomness in Cancer Maps 5R01CA095979-05 PAS00-120 421810 2005
Lawson, Andrew B University of South Carolina at Columbia Cluster Detection Methodology for Small Area Cancer Data 5R03CA113149-02 PAR03-010 72750 2005
Lawson, Andrew B. Medical University of South Carolina Surveillance of Spatial Case Event Data in Cancer Studies 5R03CA179665-02 PAR12-039 72928 2015
Lawson, Andrew B. Medical University of South Carolina Advances in Geospatial Survival Modeling for Small Area Cancer Data 5R03CA176702-02 PAR12-039 72928 2015
Lee, Mei-Ling T Brigham and Women's Hospital International Conference on Analysis of Genomic Data 1R13CA109778-01 PAR03-176 12500 2004
Levine, Richard A San Diego State University Conference-6th Meeting of New Researchers in Statistics 1R13CA101731-01 N/A 15000 2003
Li, Yan Univ of Maryland, College Park Semiparametric Inference for Case-Control Studies with Complex Sampling 5R03CA171064-03 PAR12-039 67974 2015
Lipsitz, Stuart R. Brigham and Women's Hospital Analyzing Complex Cancer Studies with Skewed Responses 5R03CA205018-02 PAR14-007 83299 2017
Liu, Bian Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Exploration of Dynamic Spatiotemporal Exposure Profiles Via Patient Residential and Healthcare Utilization History 5R21CA235153-02 PA17-295 162964 2020
Long, Qi Emory University Feature Selection for Genomic Data Using Known and Novel Biological Information 5R03CA183006-02 PAR12-039 76950 2015
Ma, Shuangge Yale University Penalization Methods for Identifying Gene Envrionment Interactions and Applications to Melanoma and Other Cancer Types 5R21CA191383-03 PAR13-382 144855 2017
Mehta, Cyrus R Cytel, Inc Software for Missing Covariate Data in Cancer Trials. 5R44CA080484-03 N/A 375000 2005
Molinaro, Annette M University of California, San Francisco Novel Tree-Based Statistical Methods for Cancer Risk Prediction 5R01CA163687-04 PA10-025 324939 2015
Moolgavkar, Suresh H Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Biomathematical Approaches to Cancer 5R01CA047658-16 N/A 216250 2005
Morris, Jeffrey S University of Pennsylvania Bayesian Methods for Complex, High-Dimensional Functional Data in Cancer Research 7R01CA178744-06 PA18-590 356392 2019
Mukherjee, Bhramar University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Synergism of Gene and Environment in Cancer Studies: a New Bayesian Approach 5R03CA130045-02 PAR06-294 71840 2008
Neuhaus, John M. University of California, San Francisco Assessing / Developing Methods for Complex Dependent Data 5R01CA082370-10 PA07-070 133530 2013
Newton, Michael A University of Wisconsin-Madison Statistical Methods for Molecular Cancer Data 5R01CA064364-11 N/A 134977 2006
Onega, Tracy Dartmouth College Automated Delineation of Cancer Service Areas 5R21CA212687-02 PA15-009 171794 2018
Parmigiani, Giovanni Luigi Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Novel Tools for Familial Risk Prediction 5R21CA177233-02 PA10-026 181349 2014
Pena, Edsel A University of South Carolina at Columbia Int'l Conferanceon Reliability & Survival Analysis 2003 1R13CA102685-01 N/A 10000 2003
Peters, Ulrike Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Comprehensive Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction to Inform Personalized Screening 6R01CA206279-05 PA13-302 99127 2020
Piegorsch, Walter W University of Arizona Low-Dose Risk Bounds Via Simultaneous Confidence Bands 7R01CA076031-10 N/A 128713 2006
Qaqish, Bahjat F Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Estimation of Association for Multivariate Binary Data 5R01CA101901-03 PA02-072 175054 2007
Qin, Li-Xuan Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Statistical Methods for Normalizing Microarrays in Cancer Biomarker Studies 5R01CA151947-04 PA10-067 295445 2014
Rempala, Grzegorz A University of Louisville Logistic Joinpoint Regression Model in Cohort Studies 5R15CA106248-02 PA03-053 103392 2006
Satagopan, Jaya M Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Statistical and Computational Methods for Pharmacogenetic Epidemiology of Cancer 1R13CA203409-01 PA13-347 20000 2016
Satagopan, Jaya M Rbhs-School of Public Health Study of Exposures and Biomarkers in Cancer Epidemiology 7R01CA197402-05 PA18-590 277988 2019
Schwartzman, Armin University of California, San Diego Multiple Testing Methods for Random Fields and High-Dimensional Dependent Data 5R01CA157528-06 PA14-078 270027 2017
Shete, Sanjay University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Statistical Methods for Gene-Gene and Gene-Environment * 5R03CA106081-02 PAR03-010 74254 2004
Smith, William B American Statistical Association Asa 2006 Conference on Radiation and Health 1R13CA121911-01 PAR03-176 7000 2006
Steinberg, Dan Salford Systems A Rulefit Product for Classification and Regression 1R43CA124294-01A1 PA06-120 91700 2007
Subramanian, Sundarraman University of Maine Orono Efficient Estimation Methods for Censored Survival Data 1R15CA103845-01 PA03-053 218150 2004
Tan, Wai-Yuan Waiyuan University of Memphis New Innovative Approaches for Carcinogenesis 1R15CA113347-01 PA03-053 210000 2005
Taylor, Jeremy M.G. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Statistical Methods for Cancer Biomarkers 5R01CA129102-12 PA16-160 272723 2021
Thompson, James A Texas A&M University Estimating and Communicating Spatial Certainty When Childhood Cancers CO-Cluster 5R03CA208021-02 PA15-011 74250 2019
Uno, Hajime Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Statistical Analysis Methods for Validating Risk Prediction Models 5R21CA185704-02 PAR13-146 188138 2015
Wakefield, Jonathan C University of Washington Spatio-Temporal Epidemiology: Methods and Applications 5R01CA095994-08 PA13-302 212562 2017
Wang, Ching-Yun Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Novel Methods for Missing Subtype Data in Colorectal Cancer 5R03CA235122-02 PAR18-021 88000 2020
Wang, Molin Harvard School of Public Health Statistical Methods for Analysis of Pooled Continuous Biomarker Data Arisen From Multiple Studies 5R03CA212799-02 PAR14-007 79500 2018
Wang, Wenyi University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Statistical Methods and Tools for Cancer Risk Prediction in Families with Germline Mutations in Tp53 5R01CA239342-04 PA18-484 351518 2022
Wartenberg, Daniel Univ of Med/Dent NJ-R W Johnson Med Sch Geographic Tools for Surveillance and Study of Disease 5R01CA092693-03 PAS00-120 271477 2003
Whittemore, Alice Stanford University Bootstrap-Based Testing of Rare Sequence Variants Using Family Data 5R01CA179011-03 PA11-260 325775 2015
Yakovlev, Andrei Y University of Rochester Mechanistic Modeling of Breast Cancer Surveillance 5U01CA088177-05 N/A 146957 2003
Yakovlev, Andrei Y University of Rochester Mechanistic Modeling of Breast Cancer Surveillance 3U01CA088177-05S1 N/A 70200 2004
Zhang, Jiajia University of South Carolina at Columbia Innovative Spatio-Temporal Survival Models Allowing Crossing Survival 5R03CA176739-02 PAR12-039 71212 2015