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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Surveillance Research Program (SRP)
Branch Statistical Research and Applications Branch
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Andrew, Angeline Sanderson Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic Linking Environmental Contamination to Residential History for Risk Identification 5R21CA230875-02 PA17-295 165710 2020
Biswas, Swati University of Texas Dallas A Bayesian Meta-Analysis Approach for Estimation of Penetrance and Its Application to Palb2 Gene for Breast Cancer Risk 1R03CA242562-01A1 PAR18-021 82161 2020
Chen, Jinbo University of Pennsylvania Data and Information Integration for Risk Prediction in the Era of Big Data 5R01CA236468-02 PA18-484 434652 2020
Dai, James Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Statistical Genetics and Genomics for Epidemiologic Research 5R01CA222833-03 PA16-160 435160 2020
Daniels, Michael J University of Florida Bayesian Approaches for Missingness and Causality in Cancer and Behavior Studies 5R01CA183854-06 PA11-260 290047 2019
Etzioni, Ruth D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Estimating Overdiagnosis in Cancer Screening Studies 5R01CA192402-04 PA13-302 588972 2018
He, Qianchuan Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Methods for Analyzing Cancer Somatic Mutation Data 5R01CA223498-03 PA16-160 402600 2020
Hu, Liangyuan Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Flexible Bayesian Approaches to Causal Inference with Multilevel Survival Data and Multiple Treatments 1R21CA245855-01A1 PAR19-275 459480 2020
Huang, Yijian Emory University Statistical Methods for Cancer Detection Using Biomarkers 5R01CA230268-02 PA18-484 277991 2020
Hubbard, Rebecca University of Pennsylvania Improving Confounder Control in Ehr-Based Studies of Cancer Epidemiology 5R21CA227613-02 PA16-175 268966 2020
Johnson, Valen Earl Texas A&M University Consistent Variable Selection in P>>n Settings 5R01CA158113-09 PA13-302 315443 2020
Lin, Xihong Harvard School of Public Health Statistical Methods for Analysis of Massive Genetic and Genomic Data in Cancer Research 5R35CA197449-06 PAR14-267 933101 2020
Liu, Bian Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Exploration of Dynamic Spatiotemporal Exposure Profiles Via Patient Residential and Healthcare Utilization History 5R21CA235153-02 PA17-295 162964 2020
Liu, Ying Washington University Residential Mobility, Treatment Quality and Survival in Low-Income Women with Breast Cancer 5R01CA215418-03 PA15-010 360281 2020
Miller, Jeffrey Wayne Harvard School of Public Health Statistical Methods for Cancer Genomics and Cell-Free DNA Analysis 1R01CA240299-01A1 PA19-056 366573 2020
Morgan, Martin T Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Cancer Genomics: Integrative and Salable Solutions in R/Bioconductor 5U24CA180996-08 PAR15-331 704932 2020
Morris, Jeffrey S University of Pennsylvania Bayesian Methods for Complex, High-Dimensional Functional Data in Cancer Research 7R01CA178744-06 PA18-590 356392 2019
Peters, Ulrike Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Comprehensive Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction to Inform Personalized Screening 5R01CA206279-04 PA13-302 617785 2020
Satagopan, Jaya M Rbhs-School of Public Health Study of Exposures and Biomarkers in Cancer Epidemiology 7R01CA197402-05 PA18-590 277988 2019
Taylor, Jeremy M.G. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Statistical Methods for Cancer Biomarkers 5R01CA129102-11 PA16-160 271310 2020
Thompson, James A Texas A&M University Estimating and Communicating Spatial Certainty When Childhood Cancers CO-Cluster 5R03CA208021-02 PA15-011 74250 2019
Wang, Ching-Yun Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Novel Methods for Missing Subtype Data in Colorectal Cancer 5R03CA235122-02 PAR18-021 88000 2020
Wang, Wenyi University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Statistical Methods and Tools for Cancer Risk Prediction in Families with Germline Mutations in Tp53 5R01CA239342-02 PA18-484 420173 2020