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Grant Status Previously Funded
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Surveillance Research Program (SRP)
Branch Data Quality, Analysis, and Interpretation Branch
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Initiative
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Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Cockburn, Myles G University of Colorado Denver Innovative Solutions to Spatial Uncertainty in Geocoding 7R01CA195218-03 PA16-285 342942 2016
Krieger, Nancy Harvard School of Public Health Long-Term Trends in Breast Cancer Tumor Profiles & Disparities 5R21CA166115-02 PAR10-137 172925 2014
Lee, David J University of Miami School of Medicine Analysis of Linked Nhis Registry Data 5R03CA186936-02 PAR12-144 76750 2015
Li, Huilin New York University School of Medicine Secondary Analysis of Longitudinal Trait in Genome Wide Association Studies - Res 5U01CA170948-02 PAR12-039 82208 2014
Lian, Min Washington University Modeling Spatial Accessibility to Lower Endoscopy Services in the United States 5R21CA169807-02 PA11-239 160342 2014
Sherman, Simon University of Nebraska Medical Center Multi-Center Thyroid Tumor and Cancer Registry 5R03CA175668-02 PAR12-144 75250 2015
Shih, Ya-Chen Tina University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Technology Diffusion in Cancer: Geographic Variations, Facilitators, Outcomes, and Costs 5R01CA207216-05 PA13-302 273604 2020
Wu, Felicia Michigan State University The Effect of Aflatoxin Regulation on Global Liver Cancer Risks 7R01CA153073-05 PA12-270 219572 2013
Xierali, Imam Association of American Medical Colleges Reducing Physician Distribution Uncertainty in Spatial Accessibility Research 5R21CA182874-02 PA11-239 143891 2015