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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Surveillance Research Program (SRP)
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Akagi, Keiko University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Dr. Keiko Akagi, a Bioinformatics Specialist in Cancer Genomics Research at Osu Comprehensive Cancer Center 5R50CA211533-04 PAR16-025 122475 2019
Akinyemiju, Tomi F Duke University A Role of Multilevel Healthcare Access Dimensions in Ovarian Cancer Disparities 5R37CA233777-03 PA17-289 527784 2020
Andrew, Angeline Sanderson Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic Linking Environmental Contamination to Residential History for Risk Identification 1R21CA230875-01A1 PA17-295 209012 2019
Biswas, Swati University of Texas Dallas A Bayesian Meta-Analysis Approach for Estimation of Penetrance and Its Application to Palb2 Gene for Breast Cancer Risk 1R03CA242562-01A1 PAR18-021 82161 2020
Bradley, Cathy J University of Colorado Denver Addressing Urban Rural Disparities in Cancer: the Case for Registry Expansion 1R01CA229551-01A1 PA17-289 422585 2019
Chandler, Young Georgetown University Simulation Modeling to Assess Personalized Benefits and Harms of Extended Endocrine Therapy 5R03CA230952-02 PAR18-021 77750 2020
Chen, Jinbo University of Pennsylvania Data and Information Integration for Risk Prediction in the Era of Big Data 1R01CA236468-01A1 PA18-484 449984 2019
Dai, James Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Statistical Genetics and Genomics for Epidemiologic Research 5R01CA222833-02 PA16-160 422105 2019
Daniels, Michael J University of Florida Bayesian Approaches for Missingness and Causality in Cancer and Behavior Studies 5R01CA183854-06 PA11-260 290047 2019
Esserman, Laura J University of California, San Francisco Modeling the Impact of Targeted Therapy Based on Breast Cancer Subtypes 5U01CA187945-05 PAR13-081 504776 2018
Etzioni, Ruth D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Modeling to Minimize Detection Bias in Cancer Risk Prediction Studies 1R01CA242735-01 PAR18-869 454280 2019
Etzioni, Ruth D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Estimating Overdiagnosis in Cancer Screening Studies 5R01CA192402-04 PA13-302 588972 2018
Etzioni, Ruth D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Modeling to Improve Prostate Cancer Outcomes Across Diverse Populations 5U01CA199338-05 CA14-012 965899 2019
Gulati, Roman Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Advanced Statistical Modeling and Analytics for Prostate Cancer Interventions 5R50CA221836-03 PAR17-050 202176 2019
He, Qianchuan Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Methods for Analyzing Cancer Somatic Mutation Data 5R01CA223498-02 PA16-160 390521 2019
Heller, Glenn Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Inferential Methods to Assess the Incremental Value of New Biomarkers in Risk Classification Models 5R01CA207220-03 PA16-160 285054 2019
Huang, Chiung-Yu University of California, San Francisco Statistical Methods for Survival and Recurrent Event Data in Clinical Research 5R01CA193888-06 PA13-302 305880 2019
Huang, Yijian Emory University Statistical Methods for Cancer Detection Using Biomarkers 5R01CA230268-02 PA18-484 277991 2020
Hubbard, Rebecca University of Pennsylvania Improving Confounder Control in Ehr-Based Studies of Cancer Epidemiology 5R21CA227613-02 PA16-175 268966 2020
Hur, Chin Columbia University Health Sciences Controlling Esophageal Cancer: a Collaborative Modeling Approach 5U01CA199336-05 CA14-012 1163113 2019
Johnson, Valen Earl Texas A&M University Consistent Variable Selection in P>>n Settings 5R01CA158113-08 PA13-302 305979 2019
Khan, Sohail Cherokee Nation Cherokee Nation Native American Research Center for Health 5S06GM123546-03 PAR16-297 96830 2019
Kim, Jane Jooyun Harvard School of Public Health Comparative Modeling to Inform Cervical Cancer Control Policies 3U01CA199334-05S1 PA18-591 262250 2019
Kim, Jane Jooyun Harvard School of Public Health Comparative Modeling to Inform Cervical Cancer Control Policies 5U01CA199334-05 CA14-012 1183281 2019
Kohler, Betsy A North American Assn/Central Cancer Reg Support of the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries, Inc. (NAACCR) Annual Scientific Conference 5R13CA232427-02 PA16-294 25000 2020
Li, Liang University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Estimating the Cost Trajectories and Projecting the Cost of Cancer Care in the United States: Methodology and Application 5R01CA225646-02 PA16-160 355019 2019
Lin, Xihong Harvard School of Public Health Statistical Methods for Analysis of Massive Genetic and Genomic Data in Cancer Research 5R35CA197449-05 PAR14-267 670248 2019
Lipitz Snyderman, Allison Nicole Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Linking Population-Based Data Sources to Examine Health Disparities in Clinical Trial Participation and Outcomes 1R21CA235154-01A1 PA17-288 234378 2019
Liu, Bian Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Exploration of Dynamic Spatiotemporal Exposure Profiles Via Patient Residential and Healthcare Utilization History 1R21CA235153-01 PA17-295 214044 2019
Liu, Ying Washington University Residential Mobility, Treatment Quality and Survival in Low-Income Women with Breast Cancer 5R01CA215418-02 PA15-010 348547 2019
Mandelblatt, Jeanne Georgetown University Comparative Modeling: Informing Breast Cancer Control Practice and Policy 5U01CA199218-05 CA14-012 1479651 2019
Meza, Rafael University of Michigan at Ann Arbor From Mechanism to Population: Modeling HPV-Related Oropharyngeal Carcinogenesis 5U01CA182915-05 PAR13-081 639928 2018
Meza, Rafael University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Comparative Modeling of Lung Cancer Prevention and Control Policies 5U01CA199284-05 CA14-012 1584503 2019
Meza, Rafael University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Mechanistic Modeling of Oropharyngeal Cancer Treatment and Recurrence (SUPPLEMENT) 3U01CA182915-05S1 PA18-591 75000 2019
Morgan, Martin T Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Cancer Genomics: Integrative and Salable Solutions in R/Bioconductor 2U24CA180996-07 PAR15-331 693486 2019
Morris, Jeffrey S University of Pennsylvania Bayesian Methods for Complex, High-Dimensional Functional Data in Cancer Research 7R01CA178744-06 PA18-590 356392 2019
Ning, Jing University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Comparative Effectiveness of Cancer Research: Use Data From Multiple Sources 5R01CA193878-04 PA13-302 284016 2019
Onega, Tracy Dartmouth College Automated Delineation of Cancer Service Areas 5R21CA212687-02 PA15-009 171794 2018
Peters, Ulrike Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Comprehensive Colorectal Cancer Risk Prediction to Inform Personalized Screening 5R01CA206279-04 PA13-302 617785 2020
Satagopan, Jaya M Rbhs-School of Public Health Study of Exposures and Biomarkers in Cancer Epidemiology 7R01CA197402-05 PA18-590 277988 2019
Savova, Guergana K. Boston Children's Hospital Natural Language Processing Platform for Cancer Surveillance 1UG3CA243120-01 PAR16-349 461775 2019
Shariff-Marco, Salma University of California, San Francisco Ethnicity and Nativity in Cancer - Latino & Asian Enclaves: the Enclave Study 1R01CA237540-01A1 PA17-289 629237 2020
Shih, Ya-Chen Tina University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Technology Diffusion in Cancer: Geographic Variations, Facilitators, Outcomes, and Costs 5R01CA207216-04 PA13-302 394825 2019
Taylor, Jeremy M.G. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Statistical Methods for Cancer Biomarkers 5R01CA129102-10 PA16-160 261838 2019
Thompson, James A Texas A&M University Estimating and Communicating Spatial Certainty When Childhood Cancers CO-Cluster 5R03CA208021-02 PA15-011 74250 2019
Wang, Ching-Yun Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Novel Methods for Missing Subtype Data in Colorectal Cancer 1R03CA235122-01A1 PAR18-021 88000 2019
Wang, Emily Ai-Hua Yale University Incarceration and Cancer-Related Outcomes (ICRO) 5R01CA230444-02 PA17-289 399825 2019
Wang, Wenyi University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Statistical Methods for Genomic Analysis of Heterogeneous Tumors 5R01CA183793-05 PA13-302 370205 2018
Wang, Wenyi University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Statistical Methods and Tools for Cancer Risk Prediction in Families with Germline Mutations in Tp53 5R01CA239342-02 PA18-484 373598 2020
Ward, Kevin C Emory University Registering Cancer Recurrences in the Georgia Cancer Registry 5R01CA234538-02 PA18-484 268597 2020
Xu, Hua University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Advancing Cancer Pharmacoepidemiology Research Through Ehrs and Informatics 5U24CA194215-04 PAR13-294 600683 2019
Zauber, Ann Graham Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Comparative Modeling of Colorectal Cancer: Informing Health Policies and Prioritizing Future Research 5U01CA199335-05 CA14-012 1060653 2019
Zhang, Dabao Purdue University Measuring Explained Variation in Survival Analysis 1R03CA235363-01A1 PAR18-021 71739 2019
Zhang, Gq University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston An Ontology-Driven Faceted Query Engine for the Kentucky Cancer Registry 7R21CA231904-02 PAR15-334 162452 2019
Zhu, Liang University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Statistical Analysis for Mixed Outcome Measures in Recurrent Event Studies 5R03CA219450-02 PAR16-416 89623 2018