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Grant Details

Grant Number: 2R50CA221836-07A1 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Gulati, Roman
Organization: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Project Title: Statistical Modeling to Support Population and Translational Cancer Research
Fiscal Year: 2023


PROJECT SUMMARY/ABSTRACT Developing effective strategies for cancer control requires rigorous analysis of empirical evidence and similarly rigorous analysis to address inevitable gaps in empirical evidence. During the previous project period, the Principal Investigator provided critical statistical support for a broad spectrum of research studies focused on prostate cancer, ranging from basic science experiments through clinical trials and population modeling studies. In this renewal application, he will continue to provide biostatistical analysis services for a multi-project translational prostate cancer research program and computer modeling expertise for a cancer surveillance research program that uses biomathematical models to address evidence gaps and inform population prostate cancer policies. He will also serve as lead modeler in the Data Modeling and Analytics Core of a new multi-project research program that will investigate clinical utility of novel cancer diagnostic technologies and multi-cancer early detection tests. Successfully supporting these research programs requires broad expertise in biostatistical methods, computer programming, and data analysis to identify and implement appropriate methods, interrogate model assumptions, and bracket uncertainty in results. Outstanding scientific collaboration and communication skills are essential to explain strengths and limitations of selected approaches and to bring projects from the scientific inquiry phase through peer review so that their results can impact the delivery of care. During the previous project period, the Principal Investigator consistently demonstrated all these skills and has been instrumental in establishing his research group's leadership in cancer modeling for evidence generation and policy development. Planned studies for the renewal period include modeling of natural history and outcomes for new multi-cancer early detection tests, investigating outcomes of strategies for precision early detection and treatment, and identifying targeted screening and treatment strategies to reduce health disparities. Renewal of the Principal Investigator's Research Specialist award will facilitate his research group's continued stellar level of productivity and foster his continued dissemination of high-impact research characterized by statistical and modeling approaches that are transparent, rigorous, and reliable.