Grant Status Currently Funded
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP)
Topic Cancer Epidemiology Cohorts_01132023_130207_03262024_102244
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Anderson, Garnet L. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Life and Longevity After Cancer (LILAC): the Women's Health Initiative Cancer Survivor Cohort 5U01CA173642-11 1308977 2023
Ashare, Rebecca State University of New York at Buffalo Assessing Benefits and Harms of Cannabis Use in Patients Treated with Immunotherapy for Cancer: a Prospective Cohort Study 1U01CA286811-01 676418 2023
Bhatia, Smita University of Alabama at Birmingham Bmt Survivor Study-2 (Bmtss-2) 5U01CA213140-05 1266852 2023
Buring, Julie E. Brigham and Women's Hospital Women's Health Study: Infrastructure Support for Cohort Follow-Up 5U01CA182913-10 629372 2023
Cerhan, James R Mayo Clinic Rochester The Lymphoma Epidemiology of Outcomes (LEO) Cohort Study 5U01CA195568-08 1938063 2023
Chen, Yu New York University School of Medicine The Nyu Women's Health Study 5U01CA182934-09 535167 2023
Christiani, David C Harvard School of Public Health The Boston Lung Cancer Survival Cohort 5U01CA209414-06 1253492 2022
Doherty, Jennifer Anne University of Utah Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Survival: an Integrative Approach 5R01CA243188-04 1365470 2023
Eliassen, A. Heather Brigham and Women's Hospital Long Term Multidisciplinary Study of Cancer in Women: the Nurses Health Study 5UM1CA186107-10 1500747 2023
Friedman, Debra L Vanderbilt University Medical Center CAUSAL: Cohort to Augment the Understanding of Sarcoma Survivorship Across the Lifespan 4UH3CA260318-03 1936770 2023
Gramatges, Maria Monica Baylor College of Medicine Chronic Health Conditions in Survivors of Down Syndrome-Associated Leukemia 5R01CA263000-02 588588 2023
Haiman, Christopher Alan University of Southern California Research on Prostate Cancer in Men of African Ancestry: Defining the Roles of Genetics, Immunity and Stress (RESPOND) 5U19CA214253-06 1878416 2023
Holowatyj, Andreana Natalie Vanderbilt University Medical Center Physiological and Psychosocial Aspects of Reproductive Health After Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer 1R37CA273318-01A1 586714 2023
Hoyo, Cathrine North Carolina State University Raleigh Southern Liver Health Cohort 4UH3CA265842-03 2489960 2023
Hu, Jennifer J University of Miami School of Medicine Assessing Benefits and Harms of Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoid Use in Breast Cancer Patients During and After Treatments 1U01CA286810-01 663626 2023
Hudson, Melissa M St. Jude Children's Research Hospital The St. Jude Lifetime Cohort 5U01CA195547-09 1109248 2023
Jenkins, Mark A University of Melbourne Colon Cancer Family Registry Cohort 2U01CA167551-12 1797951 2023
Kanwal, Fasiha Baylor College of Medicine Multi-Level Evaluation of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Liver Disease Outcomes 5R01CA256977-03 596725 2023
Kushi, Lawrence H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Infrastructure for Pathways, a Prospective Study of Breast Cancer Survivorship 5U01CA195565-08 1036062 2023
Kwan, Marilyn L Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Impact of Body Composition and Related Inflammatory and Immune States on Prognosis of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer 1U01CA280991-01 881405 2023
Lacey, James V Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Innovative Infrastructure to Enhance and Sustain the California Teachers Study Cohort 5U01CA199277-09 1096051 2023
Le Marchand, Loic University of Hawaii at Manoa Understanding Ethnic Differences in Cancer: the Multiethnic Cohort Study 5U01CA164973-12 2398162 2023
Lee, Richard T Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope A Prospective Cohort Study of Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Multiple Myeloma to Assess the Benefits and Harms Related to Cannabis Use During Treatment 1U01CA286808-01 622059 2023
Mead-Morse, Erin Lucia University of Connecticut Sch of Med/Dnt Electronic Cigarette Use During Pregnancy 5R01CA207491-06 584717 2022
Milam, Joel E University of California-Irvine Project Milestones: Young Adult Cancer Survivorship 5R01CA237230-05 489861 2024
Palmer, Julie R Boston University Medical Campus A Follow-Up Study for Causes of Cancer in Black Women 5U01CA164974-13 2042803 2023
Pearce, Celeste Leigh University of Michigan at Ann Arbor MI-CARES: the Michigan Cancer and Research on the Environment Study 5UG3CA267907-02 1089220 2022
Penedo, Frank J University of Miami Coral Gables Avanzando Caminos (Leading Pathways): the Hispanic/Latino Cancer Survivorship Cohort Study.” 5UG3CA260317-02 955889 2022
Potosky, Arnold L Georgetown University Longitudinal Assessment of Benefits and Harms of Cannabis Use Among Community-Based Cancer Patients During Initial Cancer Treatment 1U01CA286821-01 700128 2023
Potosky, Arnold L Georgetown University Population-Based Assessment of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Adults Living with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer 1R01CA281752-01 763788 2023
Poynter, Jenny N. University of Minnesota The 10,000 Families Cohort: a New Study to Understand the Environmental Causes of Cancer 4UH3CA265791-03 2680175 2023
Reboussin, Beth A. Wake Forest University Health Sciences Assessing Benefits and Harms of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Use Among a Cohort of Cancer Patients Treated in Community Oncology Clinics 1U01CA286813-01 669970 2023
Reynolds, Peggy University of California, San Francisco DREAM: Discovering Cancer Risks From Environmental Contaminants and Maternal/Child Health 5UG3CA265845-02 1111823 2022
Scheurer, Michael E Baylor College of Medicine Survivorship and Access to Care for Latinos to Understand and Address Disparities (SALUD) 4UH3CA260607-03 2183284 2023
Schildkraut, Joellen M. Emory University Ovarian Cancer Survival in African-American Women 5R01CA237318-04 1062875 2023
Schwartz, Ann G. Wayne State University Detroit Research on Cancer Survivors (Detroit Rocs) 5U01CA199240-07 1052005 2023
Terry, Mary Beth Columbia University Health Sciences Breast Cancer Family Registry 2U01CA164920-11 1852304 2023
Traube, Chani Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Delirium in Children Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants 5R01CA244500-04 524874 2023
Travis, Lois B. Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Genetic Susceptibility and Biomarkers of Platinum-Related Toxicities 5R01CA157823-10 1093680 2023
Ulrich, Cornelia M University of Utah Transdisciplinary Team Science in Colorectal Cancer Prognosis: the Colocare Study 5U01CA206110-08 1848714 2023
Willett, Walter C. Harvard School of Public Health Cancer Epidemiology Cohort in Male Health Professionals 5U01CA167552-12 1417851 2023
Willett, Walter C. Harvard School of Public Health Life Course Cancer Epidemiology Cohort in Women 2U01CA176726-11 2135194 2023
Yao, Song Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp A Multi-Institute Survivorship Study of Patients Living with Advanced Cancer Who Have Had Durable Response to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors 1R01CA281862-01 815928 2023
Yao, Song Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Disparities in Results of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Treatment (DIRECT): a Prospective Cohort Study of Cancer Survivors Treated with Anti-pd-1/Anti-pd-l1 in a Community Oncology Setting 4UH3CA260602-03 2494906 2023
Zebrack, Bradley Jay University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Social Genomic Mechanisms of Health Disparities Among Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Survivors 5R01CA261752-03 32005 2023
Zheng, Wei Vanderbilt University Medical Center Southern Community Cohort Study 5U01CA202979-08 1671165 2023
Zheng, Wei Vanderbilt University Medical Center Southern Environmental Health Study 4UH3CA265846-03 2646000 2023