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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Aristizabal, Paula University of California, San Diego Multisite Implementation of Comprendo (Childhood Malignancy Peer Research Navigation) to Improve Participation of Hispanic Children in Cancer Clinical Trials 1R01CA279945-01 692684 2023
Badger, Terry A University of Arizona Adaptive Symptom Self-Management to Reduce Psychological Distress and Improve Symptom Management for Survivors on Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors 5R01CA263714-02 637302 2023
Benedict, Catherine Stanford University Testing the Efficacy of a Decision Aid and Planning Tool for Family Building After Cancer 1R37CA282148-01 632887 2023
Bona, Kira O Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Novel Health Equity Intervention to Improve Pediatric Oncology Outcome Disparities: Targeting Poverty and Psychosocial Stress 5R01CA267107-02 797728 2023
Bricker, Jonathan B Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Digital Smoking Cessation Intervention for Nationally-Recruited American Indians and Alaska Natives: a Full-Scale Randomized Controlled Trial 1R01CA284687-01A1 744186 2023
Canter, Kimberly Alfred I. Du Pont Hosp for Children A Randomized Controlled Trial of Esccip: an Ehealth Psychosocial Intervention for English and Spanish Speaking Parents of Children with Cancer 5R01CA258668-02 631664 2023
Cantrell, Jennifer New York University Using Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST) to Optimize a Cost-Effective, Sustainable and Scalable Smoking Cessation Package for Smokers in HIV Clinical Care 5R01CA268932-02 650490 2023
Coughlin, Janelle Johns Hopkins University The Effects of Treating Insomnia on Behavioral Weight Loss Outcomes in Survivors of Breast Cancer 1R01CA281220-01 679559 2023
Cox, Lisa Sanderson University of Kansas Medical Center Improving Smoking Abstinence Outcomes in the African American Community Through Extended Treatment 5R01CA259256-02 632504 2023
Dahne, Jennifer Renee Medical University of South Carolina Hybrid Type 1 Effectiveness-Implementation Trial of a Proactive Smoking Cessation Electronic Visit for Scalable Delivery Via Primary Care 5R01CA258669-02 576521 2023
Devine, Katie A Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Digital Self-Management and Peer Mentoring Intervention to Improve the Transition From Pediatric to Adult Health Care for Childhood Cancer Survivors 1R01CA282147-01 690045 2023
Dunton, Genevieve Fridlund University of Southern California Using Real-Time Data Capture to Examine Affective Mechanisms as Mediators of Physical Activity Adherence in Interventions 5R01CA272933-02 669993 2023
Frerichs, Leah M Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Evaluating a Remotely Delivered, Digital Health Crc Screening Intervention Among Racially Diverse Patients of a Community Health Center 1R01CA273331-01A1 650993 2023
Graboyes, Evan Michael Medical University of South Carolina A Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate a Novel Treatment Strategy for Body Image-Related Distress Among Head and Neck Cancer Survivors 1R37CA269385-01A1 658153 2023
Graboyes, Evan Michael Medical University of South Carolina A Type I Hybrid Effectiveness-Implementation Trial to Evaluate a Navigation-Based Multilevel Intervention to Decrease Delays Starting Adjuvant Therapy Among Patients with Head and Neck Cancer 1R01CA282165-01 751693 2023
Greenlee, Heather Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Using a Smart Design to Evaluate Remotely Delivered, Culturally Tailored Weight Loss Interventions Among Latina Breast Cancer Survivors 1R01CA270441-01A1 747975 2023
Guan, Yue Emory University Evaluating an Evidence-Based Family History Screening Program Adapted to Increase Reach and Uptake of Screening for Brca-Associated Cancers in Rural Public Health Clinics 1R37CA276317-01A1 615683 2023
Hoeppner, Bettina B Massachusetts General Hospital Randomized Clinical Trial to Test the Efficacy of a Smartphone App for Smoking Cessation for Nondaily Smokers 1R01CA282223-01 706777 2023
Hoyt, Michael A University of California-Irvine A Biobehavioral Intervention to Reduce Adverse Outcomes in Young Adult Testicular Cancer Survivors 1R01CA276143-01A1 672977 2023
Jenssen, Brian P. Children's Hosp of Philadelphia Refer 2 Quit: Proactive Promotion of Tobacco Use Treatment for Underserved Household Members Who Smoke Through Pediatric Primary Care 1R37CA282153-01 779874 2023
Jones, Lee W Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Randomized Trial of Exercise Therapy on Markers of Progression in Localized Prostate Cancer: 5R01CA272678-02 679692 2023
Kepka, Deanna Lee University of Utah Prevent - Practice-Based Approaches to Promote HPV Vaccination 1R01CA279973-01 666739 2023
Kessler, Sarah Finocchario University of Kansas Medical Center Implementing and Evaluating the Cancer Tracking System (CATSYSTEM): a Systems Level Intervention to Improve Cervical Cancer Screening, Treatment Referral and Follow Up in Kenya 1R01CA278617-01A1 583607 2023
Kinney, Anita Y. Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Addressing Genomic Disparities in Cancer Survivors 7R01CA277599-02 679463 2023
Kirchhoff, Anne C University of Utah A Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Health Insurance Literacy and Surveillance Among Young Adult Cancer Survivors 1R01CA276825-01A1 672704 2023
Lazard, Allison Joan Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Optimizing a Social Connectedness Intervention for Young Adults with Cancer 1R01CA276176-01A1 680456 2023
Manne, Sharon L Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences A Digital Intervention to Improve Skin Self-Examination Among Melanoma Survivors 7R01CA264548-02 638124 2023
May, Folasade Popoola University of California Los Angeles Multilevel Health System Intervention to Increase Surveillance Colonoscopy for High-Risk Colorectal Polyps 5R01CA271034-02 620633 2023
Mcclure, Erin A Medical University of South Carolina The Impact of Cannabis and Tobacco/Nicotine Product CO-Use in Young Adults: Prospective Cessation Evaluation and Substitution 1R01CA276066-01A1 689656 2023
Mehta, Shivan Jatin University of Pennsylvania Behavioral Economic Approaches for Population-Based Colorectal Cancer Screening 5R01CA258893-02 646029 2023
Milbury, Kathrin University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Psycho-Spiritual Management for Patients with Advanced Cancer and Their Family Caregivers 1R01CA276035-01A1 694107 2023
Molina, Yamile University of Illinois at Chicago Empowering Latinas to Obtain Guideline-Concordant Breast Cancer Screenings 5R01CA261638-02 588475 2023
Myers, Ronald E. Thomas Jefferson University Provider Support and Patient Outreach in Lung Cancer Screening 5R01CA258849-02 632323 2023
Ortiz, Ana Patricia Comprehensive Cancer Center Univ/Pr The Effectiveness, Cost-Effectiveness, and Budget Impact of Interventions to Improve the Delivery of Cervical Cancer Screening in Puerto Rico. 1R01CA282424-01 566891 2023
Ozanne, Elissa Mary University of Utah Community Services Navigation to Advance Health Equity in Breast Cancer Screening 1R01CA282409-01 638074 2023
Phillips, Siobhan Marie Northwestern University at Chicago FIT2THRIVEMIND: Optimizing a Mhealth Physical Activity Intervention with Mindful Awareness Lessons in Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA266178-02 642979 2023
Reiter, Paul L Ohio State University Strategies for Optimizing a Mailed Fit Program in Appalachia 1R01CA282162-01 584251 2023
Rogers, Erin New York University School of Medicine A Behavioral Economic Intervention for Low-Income Smokers 5R37CA252483-02 693339 2023
Sadigh, Gelareh University of California-Irvine Effectiveness of Out-of-Pocket Cost Communication and Financial Navigation (COSTCOM) in Cancer Patients 1R01CA272680-01 652687 2023
Sadigh, Gelareh University of California-Irvine Improving Medication Adherence Using a Connected Customized Treatment Platform (CONCURXP) 5R01CA262312-02 582307 2023
Scherer, Laura D. University of Colorado Denver Understanding and Addressing Rejection of Personalized Cancer Risk Information 1R01CA279953-01 660513 2023
Schwartz, Lisa A Children's Hosp of Philadelphia Re-Engaging Aya Survivors in Cancer-Related Healthcare (REACH): a Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART) 1R01CA273328-01A1 756425 2023
Shadel, William G Rand Corporation The Impact of Standardized Tobacco Product Packaging on Young Adults in the Retail Environment 5R01CA261639-02 626955 2023
Shaffer, Kelly Mclean University of Virginia Optimizing Psychosocial Intervention for Breast Cancer-Related Sexual Morbidity: a Factorial Trial Using the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) Network 1R37CA269776-01A1 705130 2023
Shuter, Jonathan Albert Einstein College of Medicine Trial of a Harm Reduction Strategy for People with HIV Who Smoke Cigarettes 1R01CA275521-01A1 745331 2023
Sikorskii, Alla Michigan State University Managing Symptoms and Psychological Distress During Oral Anti-Cancer Treatment 1R01CA279472-01 689739 2023
Smith, Tracy Taylor Medical University of South Carolina A Clinical Trial of Adaptive Treatment for Early Smoking Cessation Relapse 1R01CA284649-01 622093 2023
Smits, Jasper University of Texas at Austin Efficacy and Implementation of Exercise-Based Smoking Cessation Treatment for Adults with High Anxiety Sensitivity 1R01CA273221-01A1 648024 2023
Su, Hui-Chun Irene University of California, San Diego Evaluation of a Telehealth Oncofertility Care Intervention in Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients: a Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial 1R01CA271104-01A1 632351 2023
Taylor, Kathryn L Georgetown University Providing Tobacco Treatment to Patients Undergoing Lung Cancer Screening at Medstar Health: a Randomized Trial 1R01CA274716-01A1 660333 2023
Valle, Carmina G Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Using Tailored Mhealth Strategies to Promote Weight Management Among Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors 1R01CA270111-01A1 647947 2023
Van Cleave, Janet H University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Implementing the Nyu Electronic Patient Visit Assessment (EPVA) for Head and Neck Cancer in Rural and Urban Populations 1R01CA282149-01 733528 2023
Vandellen, Michelle Renee University of Georgia Randomized Controlled Trial of Dyadic Financial Incentive Treatment for Dual Smoker Couples: Evaluation of Efficacy, Mechanisms, and Cost Effectiveness 1R01CA276594-01A1 606831 2023
Winters-Stone, Kerri M Oregon Health & Science University A Dyadic Exercise Approach to Prevent Declines in Physical and Mental Health in Couples During Radiation Treatment for Cancer: a Hybrid Type I Efficacy-Implementation Trial 1R01CA277738-01A1 560335 2023
Winters-Stone, Kerri M Oregon Health & Science University Internet-Based Lifestyle Intervention to Eradicate Obese Frailty in Prostate Cancer Survivors (ILIVE) 1R01CA275055-01A1 587585 2023
Wu, Yelena Ping University of Utah Optimization of a Personalized Skin Cancer Risk Intervention for at-Risk Young Adults 1R01CA266302-01A1 671963 2023

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