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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Small Grants Program for Cancer Epidemiology (R03)
Total Grants: 91   Total Dollars: $14,137,839

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Ahn, Jiyoung New York University School of Medicine Gut Microbiome Profiles and Risk of Colorectal Cancer 1R03CA159414-01A1
Aikhionbare, Felix O Morehouse School Of Medicine Mitochondrial Genome Analysis of Epithelial Serous Ovarian Carcinoma 1R03CA150039-01
Bale, Allen Everett Yale University Genetic epidemiology of early-onset basal cell carcinoma 1R03CA143955-01A1
Banerjee, Deborah Houston Department/Health/Human Srvs Neighborhood Effects on Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Stage of Diagnosis 1R03CA137802-01A1
Bernatsky, Sasha Ruth Mcgill University Health Ctr Res Inst Cancer Risk in Pediatric-Onset Rheumatic Disease 1R03CA149970-01A1
Betensky, Rebecca A. Harvard University (Sch of Public Hlth) Signal processing for accurate detection of copy number variants in cancer 1R03CA165070-01
Bhatti, Parveen Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Exploring the relationship of Vitamin D and childhood brain tumors 1R03CA165071-01
Biswas, Swati University of Texas-Dallas Identifying rare haplotype-environment interactions using Logistic Bayesian Lasso 1R03CA171011-01
Boehmer, Ulrike Boston University Medical Campus Cancer Disparities in California 1R03CA153063-01
Boggs, Deborah A. Boston University Medical Campus Bilateral oophorectomy and cancer risk and mortality in African American women 1R03CA162103-01
Bracci, Paige M. University Of California San Francisco Energy balance and nutrigenetic analysis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma 1R03CA143947-01A1
Bracci, Paige M. University Of California San Francisco Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in women: reproductive, hormonal and genetic factors 1R03CA150037-01
Braithwaite, Dejana University Of California San Francisco Etiology of breast development in the BCERC network: role of socioeconomic status 1R03CA143936-01
Brooks, Jennifer Dallas Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Res Epidemiology of MRI parenchymal enhancement: A new marker of breast cancer risk 1R03CA162207-01A1
Cartmel, Brenda Yale University Effect of exercise on cortisol dysregulation in ovarian cancer survivors 1R03CA167765-01
Chen, Wendy Y Brigham And Women'S Hospital Can Lifestyle Modify Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors? 1R03CA141572-01A1
Chubak, Jessica Group Health Cooperative Risk of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Relation to Tricyclic Antidepressant Use 1R03CA156357-01A1
Chun, Ock K. University of Connecticut Storrs Does Dietary Antioxidant Predict Aggressiveness of Prostate Cancer? 1R03CA159421-01A1
Cook, Linda S. University Of New Mexico Uterine cancer survival disparities, Hispanic ethnicity, and comorbidities. 1R03CA143610-01
Dorgan, Joanne F Fox Chase Cancer Center Anti-Mullerian Hormone Genes and Breast Cancer Risk 1R03CA150072-01
Dorjgochoo, Tsogzolmaa Vanderbilt University Vitamin D status, Gene Polymorphism and Breast Cancer Progression/Prognosis 1R03CA156648-01
Dubrow, Robert D Yale University Patterns of Care and Outcomes for Glioblastoma Patients 1R03CA150048-01
Finkelstein, Dianne M Massachusetts General Hospital Analysis of Risks and Outcomes for Rare Cancers 1R03CA167570-01
Fowke, Jay H Vanderbilt University Med Ctr Modifiable Risk Factors for Fatal Prostate Cancer: A Prospective Study In Asia 1R03CA159398-01A1
Gammon, Marilie D University of N Carolina at Chapel Hill Flavonoids, esophageal/gastric cardia adenocarcinoma and Barretts Esophagus Risk 1R03CA159409-01A1
Gillen, Daniel L University of California Irvine Censoring Robust Estimation of Covariate Effects on Discrete Survival Endpoints 1R03CA159425-01A1
Hashibe, Mia University Of Utah Epidemiology of testicular cancer in the Utah population 1R03CA159357-01
Hubbard, Rebecca Group Health Cooperative Estimating the cumulative risk of a false-positive screening mammogram. 1R03CA150007-01
Jiao, Li Baylor College Of Medicine Advanced glycation end products and colorectal cancer risk in women 1R03CA156626-01
Kaipparettu, Benny Abraham Baylor College Of Medicine Prevalence of CD24 epigenetic silencing in breast tumors and ERalpha status 1R03CA150027-01A1
Kim, Hyune-Ju Syracuse University Autoregressive Joinpoint Analysis of Cancer Trend Data 1R03CA141488-01A1
Lawson, Andrew B. Medical University Of South Carolina Development and Evaluation of Spatiotemporal Predictive Health Surveillance Tools 1R03CA162029-01
Lee, James Joseph Mayo Clinic Coll Of Med, Mayo Clinic Az Asthma is a Prognostic Indicator for Pulmonary Metastasis of Breast Cancer 1R03CA130052-01A1
Lesueur, Fabienne International Agency for Res on Cancer A new approach to identify rare genetic variants influencing melanoma risk 1R03CA156624-01A1
Li, Li Case Western Reserve University Integrating Longitudinal Changes in Mammographic Density into Risk Prediction 1R03CA143917-01A1
Li, Yan University Of Texas Arlington Pseudo semiparametric inference for case control studies 1U01CA159424-01
Lin, Jennifer Hsiang-Ling Brigham and Women's Hospital Plasma Lipid Markers and Cancer Risk 1R03CA159399-01A1
Lindstrom, Sara Harvard University (Sch of Public Hlth) GWAS on childhood body fatness as an intermediate phenotype of breast cancer 1R03CA165131-01A1
Liu, Mengling New York University School Of Medicine Time-Variant Effects of Cancer Risk Factors in Nested Case-Control Studies 1R03CA153083-01
Lu, Yani City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute Parental age at birth and risk of adult-onset cancer in female offspring 1R03CA162140-01A1
Maskarinec, Gertraud University Of Hawaii At Manoa Urinary Estrogen Metabolites in a 2-year Soy Trial Among Premenopausal Women 1R03CA150041-01
Mccormack, Valerie International Agency for Res on Cancer International Pooling Project of Mammographic Density 1R03CA167771-01
Mckay, James Dowling International Agency for Res on Cancer Genetic analysis of a large multiplex Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC)family from S 1U01CA165037-01
Metayer, Catherine University Of California Berkeley Parental Occupational Pesticide Exposure Assessment and Childhood Leukemia Risk 1R03CA153048-01A1
Michels, Karin B Brigham And Women'S Hospital Imprinted genes as risk and early detection markers for breast cancer 1R03CA143967-01
Mukherjee, Bhramar University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor Two-Phase Cancer Studies of Gene-Environment Interaction 1R03CA156608-01
Neklason, Deborah Wood University Of Utah Genetic etiology of common familial colorectal cancer 1R03CA150067-01
Newcomb, Polly A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center GWAS Identified Colorectal Cancer SNPs and Colorectal Polyp Risk 1R03CA153323-01
Newcomb, Polly A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Association between HIV and Survival after Cancer Diagnosis 1R03CA153371-01
Newcomb, Polly A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Lipid genotypes, phenotypes, and colorectal adenomas: Elucidating mechanisms 1R03CA171014-01
Olson, Sara H Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Serum IgE and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer 1U01CA150138-01A1
Pasaniuc, Bogdan University of California Los Angeles Metrics and methods for cross-population fine mapping 1R03CA162200-01A1
Potter, John D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center A pooled analysis of risk factors of small intestine cancer 1R03CA150038-01
Potter, John D Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Consortium study of modifiable causes of death in Asians 1R03CA153116-01
Ragin, Camille C Suny Downstate Medical Center Investigating the Role of HPV in Lung Cancer 1R03CA141483-01A1
Ramsey-Goldman, Rosalind Northwestern University at Chicago Cancer risk after renal transplant in autoimmune disease 1R03CA165139-01A1
Rodriguez Zas, Sandra L University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Discovery of exon, microRNA and clinical prognostic markers of glioblastoma survi 1R03CA143975-01
Rolland, Betsy Ann Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center The Role of Coordinating Centers in Collaborative Cancer-Epidemiology Studies 1R03CA150036-01A1
Santella, Regina M Columbia University Health Sciences MicroRNA in Blood as an Early Biomarker of Breast Cancer 1R03CA159427-01
Scheet, Paul A University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Identification of Rare Alleles for Genetic Association and Risk 1R03CA143982-01A1
Scheurer, Michael E. Baylor College Of Medicine Nonhomologous end-joinging polymorphisms and HPV integration in cervical dysplasi 1R03CA143965-01
Schwartz, Joel Lawrence University of Illinois RNA from Brush Cytology to Identify Aggressive Squamous Cell Carcinoma 1R03CA150076-01A1
Shen, Jie University of Texas MD Anderson Can Ctr Mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy and breast cancer risk 1R03CA162131-01A1
Shen, Jing Columbia University Health Sciences Aberrant DNA Methylation of MicroRNA Genes in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) 1R03CA156629-01A1
Siegel, Erin H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Defining Novel Biomarkers for Cervical Cancer Etiology and Progression by Quantit 1R03CA143980-01
Smith-Gagen, Julie University Of Nevada Reno Differential Delivery of Follow-up Care and Survivorship Among Latinos Using Medi 1R03CA153098-01
Stanford, Janet L Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Plasma Vitamin D Levels and Prostate Cancer Outcomes 1R03CA153111-01
Stephen, Josena K Henry Ford Health System DNA methylation markers for early detection of thyroid cancer 1R03CA159426-01A1
Strickler, Howard D Albert Einstein Col Of Med Yeshiva Univ Influence of Fasting Status and Specimen Processing Time on Adipokine Levels 1R03CA143956-01A1
Sturgeon, Susan R University Of Massachusetts Amherst Urinary Levels of Melatonin and Risk of Breast Cancer 1R03CA153078-01
Sun, Wei University of N Carolina at Chapel Hill Dissect genetic basis of cancer using allele-specific gene expression 1R03CA167684-01
Sutcliffe, Siobhan Washington University Trichomonosis and Prostate Cancer: Evidence of Prostate Infection 1R03CA141608-01A1
Sutcliffe, Siobhan Washington University Trichomonosis and Prostate Cancer Risk in the Plco Cancer Screening Trial 1R03CA143949-01A1
Symanski, Elaine University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Early Life Exposures to Air Toxics and the Risk of Early Childhood Leukemia 1R03CA162172-01A1
Tang, Li Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Racial disparities in human endogenous retrovirus and breast cancer 1R03CA156645-01A1
Thompson, James A Texas A&M University System Bayesian Risk Modeling of Racial-spatial Interactions Among Childhood Cancer Hist 1R03CA137779-01A2
Thyagarajan, Bharat University of Minnesota Twin Cities Mitochondria as a novel biomarker of colorectal adenoma 1R03CA167701-01
Tworoger, Shelley S Brigham And Women'S Hospital Characteristics of tubal ligation and risk of epithelial ovarian cancer 1R03CA143918-01A1
Walker, Vernon E University Of Vermont & St Agric College Risk for in vivo mutagenesis of the P53 gene by nucleoside analog antiviral drug 1U01CA153076-01
Wallace, Kristin Medical University of South Carolina Race, prognostic markers and survival in early and late-onset colorectal cancer 1R03CA156668-01A1
Wang, Shuang Columbia University Health Sciences Statistical Methods for DNA Methylation Data 1R03CA150140-01
Weaver, Kathryn Elizabeth Wake Forest University Health Sciences Prevalence and Health Status of Cancer Survivors in the Rural US 1R03CA156641-01
Wei, Esther California Pacific Med Ctr Res Institute Early life anthropometry, IGF pathway polymorphisms, and colorectal cancer risk 1R03CA125837-01A1
Weinmann, Sheila A Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Statins and prostate cancer recurrence 1R03CA159428-01
Wernli, Karen Joanne Group Health Cooperative Mammographic Breast Density and Ovarian Cancer 1R03CA159080-01
Whittemore, Alice S Stanford University Validating Cancer Risk Models: a Pilot Study to Evaluate Cost-efficient Methods 1R03CA150136-01
Yang, Hushan Thomas Jefferson University Inflammation Variants and Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in HBV Patients 1R03CA153099-01
Yang, Hushan Thomas Jefferson University Tumor microRNA signatures as prognostic biomarkers of colorectal cancer 1R03CA162201-01A1
Zhang, Jiajia University Of South Carolina At Columbia Sample Size Method and Software Development in Survival Trial with a Cure Rate 1R03CA150077-01
Zhang, Jiajia University of South Carolina at Columbia Innovative Spatial Survival Models with Geographically Varying Coefficients 1R03CA165110-01
Zhang, Mingfeng Brigham and Women's Hospital Integrating Genetics of Gene Expression into Pathway Analysis for Melanoma GWAS 1R03CA167741-01
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

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