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Grant Status Currently Funded
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Program Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP)
Branch Environmental Epidemiology Branch
Topic Health Disparities
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Initiative
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Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Bertrand, Kimberly A Boston University Medical Campus Mammographic Density and Breast Cancer Risk in African American Women 5R01CA214542-04 PA16-160 310142 2020
Brasky, Theodore M. Ohio State University A Pooled Analysis of Dietary Long-Chain Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake and Endometrial Cancer Risk 5R03CA212808-02 PAR16-416 78000 2018
Burch, James University of South Carolina at Columbia Role of Circadian Factors in Inflammation and Colorectal Adenoma Risk 1R01CA231321-01A1 CA18-019 585884 2019
Cai, Qiuyin Vanderbilt University Medical Center Oral Microbiome and Lung Cancer Risk 5R01CA207466-04 PA13-302 630540 2019
Chen, Yu New York University School of Medicine Foregut Microbiome and Risk of Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia, and Gastric Cancer Risk 5R01CA204113-05 PA13-302 665840 2020
Dorgan, Joanne F University of Maryland Baltimore Early Life Exposures and Breast Density in Young Women 5R01CA214783-03 PA15-126 193108 2020
Eliassen, A. Heather Brigham and Women's Hospital Dietary and Hormonal Determinants of Cancer in Women 5P01CA087969-20 PAR13-321 2257215 2019
Gibbons, Frederick X University of Connecticut Storrs Contextual and Health Behavior Effects on Epigenetic Aging Among African Americans 5R01CA220254-02 PAR16-355 634485 2019
Giovannucci, Edward Harvard School of Public Health Predicted Lean Body Mass, Fat Mass, and Risk of Lung, Pancreatic, Colorectal, Breast, and Prostate Cancers 5R03CA223619-02 PAR16-416 79750 2019
Giovannucci, Edward Harvard School of Public Health Impact of Screening and Diagnostic Intensity on the Study of Prostate Cancer Epidemiology 1R03CA226942-01A1 PAR18-021 79750 2019
Hayes, Richard Bernard New York University School of Medicine Colorectal Cancer Risks in People <50 Years of Age 5R03CA215775-02 PAR16-416 91087 2019
Hecht, Stephen S. University of Minnesota E-CIGARETTES: Formaldehyde DNA Adducts, Oxidative Damage, and Potential Toxicity and Carcinogenesis 5R01CA203851-04 PA13-302 401939 2020
Hoyo, Cathrine North Carolina State University Raleigh Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Epigenetics and Cadmium Exposure 5R21CA227023-02 PAR17-150 132881 2020
Hussain, Shehnaz Khursheed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Gut-Related Markers and Hepatocellular Cancer in a Multi-Ethnic Cirrhotic Cohort 5R01CA204145-04 PA13-302 265774 2019
Hussain, Shehnaz Khursheed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Identification of Microbial Biomarkers for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a Multi-Ethnic Population of Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 5R21CA225623-02 PAR17-150 182141 2019
Kantor, Elizabeth David Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Characterizing the Role of Glucosamine and Chondroitin Supplements in the Prevention of Colorectal Tumors 5R03CA212983-02 PAR16-416 85171 2019
Le Marchand, Loic University of Hawaii at Manoa Understanding Ethnic Differences in Cancer: the Multiethnic Cohort Study 3U01CA164973-08S1 PAR15-104 408699 2019
Le Marchand, Loic University of Hawaii at Manoa Understanding Ethnic Differences in Cancer: the Multiethnic Cohort Study 5U01CA164973-08 PAR15-104 3213574 2019
Lim, Unhee University of Hawaii at Manoa Tmao, the Gut Microbiome, and Colorectal Cancer Risk in the Multiethnic Cohort 5R01CA204368-04 PA13-302 239657 2019
Loo, Lenora Wm University of Hawaii at Manoa The Role of 27-Hydroxycholesterol in Breast Cancer: a Population-Based Multiethnic Study 5R01CA229815-02 PA18-484 613542 2020
Martin, Marybeth Georgetown University Impact of Environmental Metal/Metalloid Exposures on Mammographic Breast Density, a Marker of Breast Cancer 5U01ES026132-05 ES14-012 473836 2019
Murphy, Caitlin C UT Southwestern Medical Center Early Life Exposures and Risk of Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer 1R01CA242558-01 PAR18-869 317231 2019
Ogino, Shuji Brigham and Women's Hospital Accelerating Transdisciplinary Epidemiology of Colorectal Cancer 7R35CA197735-05 PA18-590 941059 2019
Oncken, Cheryl A University of Connecticut Sch of Med/Dnt Electronic Cigarette Use During Pregnancy 5R01CA207491-04 PA16-160 601399 2020
Palmer, Julie R Boston University Medical Campus A Prospective Investigation of the Oral Microbiome and Pancreatic Cancer 5U01CA187508-04 PA13-302 430565 2018
Park, Song-Yi University of Hawaii at Manoa Dietary Quality Indexes and Cancer Risk: the Multiethnic Cohort Study 5R03CA223890-02 PAR18-021 77000 2020
Phipps, Amanda Irene University of Washington Bacterial Correlates of Colorectal Cancer Subgroups and Survival 5R01CA217970-02 PA16-160 609386 2019
Richardson, David B Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Low-Dose Exposure to Ionizing Radiation in Adulthood and Subsequent Cancer 1R01CA242852-01 PAR18-869 359555 2019
Setiawan, Veronica Wendy University of Southern California Investigating the Cause of Racial/Ethnic Disparity in Pancreatic Cancer Incidence 5R01CA209798-04 PAR15-093 300442 2020
Setiawan, Veronica Wendy University of Southern California Understanding the Determinants of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Liver Cancer and Chronic Liver Disease in Understudied and High-Risk Populations 5R01CA228589-03 PAR17-151 382956 2020
Shariff-Marco, Salma University of California, San Francisco Understanding the Multilevel Drivers of Liver Cancer Disparities 1R01CA225478-01A1 PAR17-151 680549 2019
Singh, Seema University of South Alabama Impact of Social Factors on Breast Cancer Biology in African-American Women 1R01CA231925-01A1 PAR16-355 618241 2019
Smith-Bindman, Rebecca University of California, San Francisco Risk of Pediatric and Adolescent Cancer Associated with Medical Imaging 5R01CA185687-05 PA13-302 1630353 2019
Spector, Logan G. University of Minnesota Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection, Kir Genotypes, and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 5R01CA228478-03 PA16-160 407134 2020
Stampfer, Meir Brigham and Women's Hospital Long Term Multidisciplinary Study of Cancer in Women: the Nurses Health Study 2UM1CA186107-06 PAR17-233 1542363 2019
Strickler, Howard D Albert Einstein College of Medicine Next Generation of HPV and Cervical Cancer Research in Hiv+ Women 5R01CA230331-03 PA16-160 628673 2019
Su, L Joseph Univ of Arkansas for Med Scis Genetic Variability in Dhfr and Folic Acid Supplementation as Novel Risk Factors for Aggressive Prostate Cancer 1R15CA231510-01 PA16-200 489650 2018
Su, L Joseph Univ of Arkansas for Med Scis Evaluating Impact of Diet and Fresh Food Access on Aggressive Prostate Cancer Using Multi-Level Modeling 3R15CA231510-01S1 PA18-591 74996 2019
Turesky, Robert J. University of Minnesota Profiling DNA Adducts in Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Human Colorectal Tissue 1R21CA235094-01A1 PA16-175 212715 2019
Walsh, Kyle M Duke University Immune Correlates and Mechanisms of Perinatal Cytomegalovirus Infection and Later Life All Development 1R21CA242439-01 PA18-532 245123 2019
Wang, Sophia S. Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope Risk Factors for Molecular Subtypes of Nhl a Prospective Evaluation 5R01CA202712-04 PA13-302 785202 2019
Wiemels, Joseph Leo University of Southern California Perinatal Immune Development and Risk of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 7R01CA175737-05 PA13-302 346914 2017
Willett, Walter C. Harvard School of Public Health Life Course Cancer Epidemiology Cohort in Women 5U01CA176726-07 PAR15-104 2332015 2019
Willett, Walter C. Harvard School of Public Health Cancer Epidemiology Cohort in Male Health Professionals 5U01CA167552-08 PAR15-104 1883641 2019
Wu, Kana Harvard School of Public Health Integrating Diet, Lifestyle and Tumor Tissue Molecular Subtyping to Study the Role of Adolescent Calcium Intake on the Risk of Early Onset Colorectal Neoplasia 5R21CA230873-02 PA16-175 180420 2019
Wu, Kana Harvard School of Public Health Integrating Diet and Tissue Whole Exome Sequencing Data to Study Processed Meat and Colorectal Cancer 5R21CA222940-02 PA16-175 177746 2019
Wu, Lang University of Hawaii at Manoa Uncovering Roles of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Pancreatic Cancer Etiology 4R00CA218892-02 PA16-193 249000 2019
Zeleniuch-Jaquotte, Anne New York University School of Medicine The Nyu Women's Health Study 2U01CA182934-06 PAR17-233 545949 2020