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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: NCI Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program (NCI Omnibus R21)
Total Grants: 73   Total Dollars: $26,800,119

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Badr, Hoda J Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Improving Self-management in Head and Neck Cancer 1R21CA178478-01A1
Beck, Andrew H Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Computational pathology to predict breast cancer risk in benign breast disease 1R21CA187642-01A1
Berg, Carla J Emory University Policy, Advertising and Social Media Related to E-cigarette Consumer Behavior 1R21CA198455-01
Birmann, Brenda M Brigham and Women's Hospital Diet patterns, aspirin use, obesity and multiple myeloma: a prospective analysis 1R21CA198239-01
Biswas, Swati University of Texas Dallas A Model for Individualized Risk Prediction of Contralateral Breast Cancer 1R21CA186086-01
Braciszewski, Jordan Michel Henry Ford Health System Promoting Smoking Cessation Among Youth Exiting Foster Care 7R21CA205190-02
Braciszewski, Jordan Michel Pacific Institute for Res and Evaluation Promoting Smoking Cessation Among Youth Exiting Foster Care 1R21CA205190-01
Branstetter, Steven A. Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park Effect of Price on Consumption of Cigarettes with High and Low Nicotine Content 1R21CA181962-01A1
Brewer, Judson A Univ of Massachusetts Med Sch Worcester Mobile Mindfulness for Smoking Cessation 1R21CA184254-01
Butterly, Lynn F Dartmouth College Longitudinal outcomes of serrated polyps: a population based study 1R21CA191651-01A1
Cho, Eunyoung Brown University Psoralens and melanoma 1R21CA198216-01
Cohen, Jules State University New York Stony Brook Neuroinflammation, NMDA receptors and cognitive function in chemobrain 1R21CA179425-01A1
Dai, James Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Genomic studies for understanding etiology of esophageal adenocarcinoma 1R21CA197502-01
Danforth, Kim N Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Trends and Disparities in Bladder Cancer Treatment 1R21CA185931-01
Danhauer, Suzanne C. Wake Forest University Health Sciences Work Ability in Young Adult Surviviors (WAYS): A Quantitative Investigation 1R21CA191989-01A1
Danhauer, Suzanne C. Wake Forest University Health Sciences A Stepped-Care Telehealth Approach to Treat Distress in Rural Cancer Survivors 1R21CA198237-01A1
Diefenbach, Michael A Feinstein Institute for Medical Research Novel Approach to Facilitate Decisions in Patients w/ Muscle Invasive Bladder CA 1R21CA176551-01A1
Egleston, Brian L Research Inst of Fox Chase Can Ctr Deep learning for representation of codes used for SEER-Medicare claims research 1R21CA202130-01
Ferrante, Jeanne M Rbhs-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Virtual Weight Loss Program for African-American Breast Cancer Survivors 1R21CA191431-01A1
Forman, Evan M Drexel University Reducing Cancer Risk by Training Response Inhibition to Obesogenic Foods 1R21CA191859-01A1
Gerend, Mary A. Florida State University HPV Vaccination among Low-Income Hispanic Adolescents 1R21CA178592-01A1
Hashibe, Mia University of Utah Population-based Cohort of Endometrial Cancer Survivors in Utah 1R21CA185811-01A1
Heck, Julia University of California Los Angeles Maternal comorbidities, prescription drug use in pregnancy and childhood cancer 1R21CA175959-01A1
Hruska, Carrie B Mayo Clinic Rochester Background parenchymal uptake (BPU) on molecular breast imaging as a novel breast cancer risk factor 1R21CA197752-01
Hsing, Ann Cancer Prevention Instit of California Ghana Cancer Registry - from Hospital to Population: a Pilot Study 1R21CA181843-01A1
Huang, I-Chan St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Symptom progress and adverse health outcomes in adult childhood cancer survivors 1R21CA202210-01
Kaiser, Karen Northwestern University at Chicago Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy: The Patient Decision-Making Process 1R21CA175950-01A1
Karliner, Leah S University of California, San Francisco Disparities in Abnormal Mammogram Follow-up: Actionable Communication and Care Coordination Strategies 1R21CA195429-01A1
Kato, Ikuko Wayne State University High Resolution Helicobacter SNP Typing to Identify Carcinogenic cagPAI Variants 1R21CA182822-01A1
Lash, Timothy L. Emory University Does stanniocalcin predict late breast cancer recurrence, or is it a fish story? 1R21CA185932-01
Lee, Sandra J Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Comparative Assessment of Screening Strategies for Melanoma 1R21CA182241-01A1
Lewis, Carmen Lynn University of Colorado Denver Improving targeted colorectal cancer screening in the elderly 1R21CA191454-01A1
Lindstroem, Sara Harvard School of Public Health Prioritizing follow-up of GWAS loci using genetic and functional annotation data 1R21CA182821-01A1
Mahabee-Gittens, E. Melinda Cincinnati Childrens Hosp Med Ctr Pediatric Emergency Department Decision Support System to Reduce Secondhand Smoke 3R21CA184337-01A1S1
Mahabee-Gittens, E. Melinda Cincinnati Childrens Hosp Med Ctr Pediatric Emergency Department Decision Support System to Reduce Secondhand Smoke 1R21CA184337-01A1
Mai, Volker University of Florida Big data approach for correlating gut microbiota with epithelial methylation pattern 1R21CA195251-01A1
Mallett, Kimberly A Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park Efficacy of A Behavioral Intervention to Reduce Skin Cancer Risk Among Patients 1R21CA196924-01A1
Manne, Sharon L Rbhs Cancer Institute of New Jersey Facilitating Informed Decisions for Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy 1R21CA187643-01A1
Mccarthy, Ellen P Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Integrating Competing Risks into the CISNET DFCI Breast Cancer Model 1R21CA180793-01A1
Mccormack, Valerie International Agency for Res on Cancer Esophageal cancer in West Kenya 1R21CA191965-01
Mclaughlin, Sarah A Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Evaluation of Biomarkers to predict lymphedema after breast cancer surgery 1R21CA191270-01
Mcmullen, Carmit Kurn Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Optimizing risk stratification to manage early stage bladder cancer 1R21CA191610-01
Mcqueen, Amy Washington University Comparing Screener Vs. Survivor Role Models to Improve Colon Cancer Screening 1R21CA187608-01
Metayer, Catherine University of California Berkeley Perinatal hormonal biomarkers and risk of testicular germ cell tumors 1R21CA185725-01
Muramoto, Myra L University of Arizona Effect of Helpers Program On-line Training on Smoking Relapse and Social Networks 1R21CA184361-01A1
Murphy, Adam Bryant Northwestern University at Chicago Comparative Effectiveness of Genomics Assay for Active Surveillance Failure Prediction in African American Men: the impact of genetic ancestry and socioeconomic status. 1R21CA202552-01
Nan, Xiaoli Univ of Maryland, College Park Self-Affirmation and Responses to Smoking Risk Messages among African Americans 1R21CA187631-01
Nathanson, Katherine L. University of Pennsylvania Investigating the association between the somatic and inherited genetics of pheoc 1R21CA185953-01
Neklason, Deborah Wood University of Utah Genetic and Environmental Etiology of Familial Small Intestinal Carcinoid Cancer 1R21CA205796-01
Pike, Malcolm C Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Hormonal effects on fallopian tube and ovary inclusion cysts, and ovarian cancer 1R21CA181923-01A1
Primack, Brian A University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Improving U.S. health policy regarding water-pipe tobacco smoking 1R21CA185767-01
Redd, William H Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Treating Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment Through Systematic Light Exposure 1R21CA178307-01A1
Rosenfeld, Barry Fordham University Measurement of prognostic understanding in patients with advanced cancer 3R21CA186932-01A1S1
Rosenfeld, Barry Fordham University Measurement of prognostic understanding in patients with advanced cancer 1R21CA186932-01A1
Sartor, Maureen Agnes University of Michigan 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in HPV(+) and HPV(-) oral and oropharyngeal cancers 1R21CA187537-01A1
Schwartz, Marc D Georgetown University Genetic Testing For Men From Hereditary Cancer Families 1R21CA185808-01A1
Schwartz, Marc D Georgetown University Evolving Model of Cancer Susceptibility Testing: Clinical Decisions & Outcomes 1R21CA194965-01A1
Sheffer, Christine Elizabeth City College of New York Enhancing relapse prevention for smoking cessation with rTMS 1R21CA178813-01A1
Shokar, Navkiran Texas Tech University Health Scis Center Colorectal Cancer Screening: A New Web-Based Decision-Making Strategy for Low-Lit 1R21CA178506-01A1
Sicklick, Jason Keith University of California San Diego Defining the Germline Genomic Landscape of a Novel GIST Multi-tumor Syndrome 1R21CA192072-01A1
Stadler, Zsofia Kinga Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Germline Susceptibility in Double Primary Cancers via Nexy-Generation Sequencing 1R21CA178800-01A1
Stillman, Frances National Opinion Research Center Defining the urban-rural continuum and distinguishing rural differences to prevent tobacco use 1R21CA205589-01
Tercyak, Kenneth Georgetown University Improving Pediatric Tobacco Control in Primary Care 1R21CA192950-01A1
Toll, Benjamin Andrew Medical University of South Carolina Quit4hlth: Enhancing Tobacco and Cancer Control Through Framed Text Messages 1R21CA181471-01A1
Travers, Maansi Bansal Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Assessing the impact of differing pharmacy tobacco retail displays on smokers awareness, perceptions, and intentions to quit 1R21CA198824-01A1
Tyekucheva, Svitlana Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Statistical methods for transcriptome profiling from archival tumor samples 1R21CA185787-01A1
Uno, Hajime Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Statistical analysis methods for validating risk prediction models 1R21CA185704-01
Wang, Tao Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Inc Develop and Apply a Novel Genome-wide Mendelian Randomization Method to Examine Relationship between Obesity and Lung Cancer 1R21CA202529-01
Wernli, Karen J Group Health Cooperative National trends in end of life care for adolescent and young adult cancer patients 1R21CA205309-01
Xirasagar, Sudha University of South Carolina at Columbia Reducing Colorectal Cancer Disparities: Racial Differences in Colorectal Polyp Profile 3R21CA202477-01S1
Xirasagar, Sudha University of South Carolina at Columbia Reducing Colorectal Cancer Disparities: Racial Differences in Colorectal Polyp Profile 1R21CA202477-01
Yonkers, Kimberly A Yale University Progesterone Augmentation for Smoking Cessation in Women 1R21CA198187-01
Zhao, Zhongming University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston MicroRNA and Transcription Factor Co-regulation in Cancer 1R21CA196508-01A1
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

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