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Grant Status Currently Funded
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Baldwin, Austin S Southern Methodist University Positive Affect, Future Thinking, and Planning: Testing Brief Intervention Components to Optimize a Novel Intervention to Promote Physical Activity 5R21CA260360-02 192491 2022
Buller, David B Klein Buendel, Inc. Using Retrospective and Real-Time Physical Activity Tracking to Predict Risk of Sunburn in Outdoor Exercisers on Strava 1R21CA241637-01A1 444313 2020
Butryn, Meghan Drexel University Optimizing an Mhealth Intervention to Change Food Purchasing Behaviors for Cancer Prevention 1R21CA252933-01 402404 2020
Garey, Lorra University of Houston Approach Bias Retraining for Nicotine Addiction Among Dual Combustible and Electronic Cigarette Users 1R21CA263765-01A1 231002 2022
Nezami, Kimberly Brooke Tompkins Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Building a Reinforcement Learning Tool for Individually Tailoring Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions: Extending the Reach of Mhealth Technology for Improved Weight Loss Outcomes 1R21CA260092-01 410893 2021
Recklitis, Christopher John Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Sleep Treatment Education Program-1 (Step-1): a Randomized Trial of a Self-Management Insomnia Intervention for Cancer Survivors 1R21CA267857-01A1 249645 2022
Schnall, Rebecca Columbia University Health Sciences Development and Pilot Testing of a Just in Time Mobile Smoking Cessation Intervention for Persons Living with HIV 5R21CA265961-02 223892 2022
Siconolfi, Daniel Rand Corporation Integrating Smoking Cessation in Tattoo Aftercare 1R21CA263723-01A1 234939 2022
Van Blarigan, Erin Lynn University of California, San Francisco Engaging Diverse Colorectal Cancer Survivors in the Design of an Adaptive Text Message-Based Intervention to Improve Diet Quality 1R21CA263539-01A1 226213 2022
Vandellen, Michelle Renee University of Georgia Testing Financial Incentive Interventions in Dyadic-Smoker Couples 1R21CA241570-01A1 381534 2020
Yeary, Karen Hye-Cheon Kim Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp A Pragmatic Dietary Intervention to Improve Bladder Cancer Survivorship 1R21CA253910-01 440154 2020

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