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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Cancer Surveillance Using Health Claims-Based Data System
Total Grants: 10   Total Dollars: $5,877,852

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Birkmeyer, John D Dartmouth College Structure, Process, and Outcomes in Cancer Surgery 1R01CA098481-01A1
Birkmeyer, John D University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor Structure, Process, and Outcomes in Cancer Surgery 7R01CA098481-02
Freeman, Jean L University Of Texas Medical Br Galveston Evaluating Mammography Claims Data 2R01CA072076-07A1
Iezzoni, Lisa I Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Cancer Care and Outcomes for Disabled Medicare Patients 1R01CA100029-01
Keating, Nancy L Harvard University (Medical School) Local Therapy of Breast Cancer in Community Populations 1R01CA104118-01A2
Panageas, Katherine S Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Analysis Methods for Volume-Outcome Studies 1R21CA107439-01
Parikh-Patel, Arti Public Health Institute Cancer Surveillance in Patients with Autoimmune Diseases 1R21CA100759-01A2
Schrag, Deborah Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Validation of Medicare Claims to Define Chemotherapy Use 1R21CA098353-01A2
Subramanian, Sujha Research Triangle Institute Evaluation of Enteral Stent Placement Using Claims Data 1R21CA098035-01A1
Wright, George University Of Washington Role of Physicians and Their Groups in Cancer Screening 1R21CA104264-01A1
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

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