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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Change of Grantee Organization (Type 7 Parent)
Total Grants: 17   Total Dollars: $7,404,234

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Asgari, Maryam Mandana Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Genome-wide association study of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma 5R01CA166672-03
Asgari, Maryam Mandana Massachusetts General Hospital Genome-wide association study of cutaneous squamous cell carincoma 7R01CA166672-04
Foley, Kristie L Wake Forest University Health Sciences Building Capacity for Tobacco Research in Romania 7R01TW009280-04
Gayther, Simon Andrew Cedars-Sinai Medical Center The contribution of rare alleles to ovarian cancer in the population 7R01CA178535-04
Gerend, Mary A. Northwestern University at Chicago HPV Vaccination among Low-Income Hispanic Adolescents 5R21CA178592-03
Hoyo, Cathrine North Carolina State University Raleigh Disparities in Cervical Cancer Percursors and Deregualtion of Imprinted Genes 7R01CA142983-05
Hubbard, Rebecca University of Pennsylvania Statistical Methods for Estimation of Benefits & Harms of Repeat Cancer Screening 7R03CA182986-02
Kendzor, Darla Elizabeth University of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Small Financial Incentives to Promote Smoking Cessation in Safety Net Hospital Patients 7R01CA197314-03
Kirchner, Thomas Robert New York University Real-time Exposure to Point-of-Sale Tobacco and Longitudinal Patterns of Use 7R01DA034734-02
Maley, Carlo Arizona State University-Tempe Campus Modeling Neoplastic Progression in Barrett's Esophagus 7R01CA140657-07
Michaud, Dominique S Tufts University Boston Microbiomes in Human Pancreatic Cancer 5R01CA166150-04
Michaud, Dominique S Tufts University Boston Integrative Modeling of Gene Expression into GWAS of Glioma 5R03CA182937-03
Schildkraut, Joellen M. University of Virginia Epidemiology of Ovarian Cancer in African-American Women 7R01CA142081-06
Schwartzman, Armin University of California San Diego Multiple testing methods for random fields and high-dimensional dependent data 7R01CA157528-05
Toll, Benjamin Andrew Medical University of South Carolina Novel Treatment to Enhance Smoking Cessation before Cancer Surgery 3R21CA181569-02S1
Vidrine, Jennifer Irvin University of Oklahoma Hlth Sciences Ctr Smoking Cessation for Cervical Cancer Survivors in a Safety Net Healthcare System 7R01CA172786-02
Waldron, Levi David Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy Validation and Clinical Relevance of Ovarian Cancer Molecular Subtypes 7R03CA191447-02
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

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