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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Small Grants for Behavioral Research in Cancer Control
Total Grants: 38   Total Dollars: $5,747,768

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Alderfer, Melissa A Children'S Hospital Of Philadelphia Measuring Sibling Cancer Related Beliefs and Adjustments 1R03CA110926-01
Bettencourt, B A University Of Missouri-Columbia Rural women breast cancer survivors 1R03CA097916-01A1
Bryan, Angela University Of Colorado At Boulder Developing Endophenotypes for Responses to Exercise 1R03CA097870-01A1
Burkhalter, John E Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Intention to Quit Smoking Among Smokers 1R03CA103485-01
Denberg, Thomas D University Of California San Francisco Disparities in prostate cancer decision-making and QOL 1R03CA099505-01
Dennis, Leslie K University Of Iowa Tanning bed use among UI Students 1R03CA099520-01A1
Du, Wei Wayne State University Video to Increase Cancer Clinical Trials Participation 1R03CA096437-01A2
Elliott, Michael R. University Of Pennsylvania Combining Data from the NHIS and BRFSS 1R03CA101362-01
Ford, Jennifer S Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Health Behaviors in Adolescent Cancer Survivors 1R03CA101514-01A1
Gaugler, Joseph E University Of Kentucky Cancer Caregiving and the Stress Process 1R03CA099515-01A1
Goel, Anupam Wayne State University Driving distance and mammography utilization in Vermont 1R03CA101493-01
Hastrup, Janice L State University Of New York At Buffalo Beliefs About Gene-Behavior Interactions in Disease 1R03CA096449-01A1
Hurley, Karen E Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Prophylactic colectomy intentions in HNPCC patients 1R03CA101511-01A1
Kim, Hyoshin Battelle Centers/Pub Hlth Res & Evaluatn Bio-Behavioral and Environmental Factors in Teen Smoking 1R03CA105989-01
Latini, David M University Of California San Francisco Qualitative Study of Prostate Cancer Symptom Management 1R03CA101586-01
Lindsay, Ana C Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth) Latina mothers' feeding practices and child obesity 1R03CA108347-01
Madlensky, Lisa University Of California San Diego Health Behaviors and Family History of Colorectal Cancer 1R03CA108360-01
Muraoka, Miles Y University Of Hawaii At Manoa Quality of Life in Multiethnic Testis Cancer Survivors 1R03CA097890-01A1
Nichols, Tracy R Weill Medical College Of Cornell Univ Transitions in Smoking Among Adolescent Minority Girls 1R03CA105998-01
Nonnemaker, James M Research Triangle Institute Tobacco Control Policies and Youth Smoking Transitions 1R03CA101527-01
Pampel, Fred University Of Colorado At Boulder Micro and Macro Causes of Trends in Youth Smoking 1R03CA101498-01
Parker, Patricia A University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Communication Between Patients and their Providers 1R03CA110791-01
Reid Arndt, Stephanie A University Of Missouri-Columbia Predicting Positive Outcomes among Cancer Survivors 1R03CA108340-01
Remenchik, Ellen University Of Texas Hlth Ctr At Tyler Low-dose Nortriptyline in Smoking Cessation 1R03CA106003-01
Rhee, John S Medical College Of Wisconsin Development of a Skin Cancer Quality of Life Insturment 1R03CA108271-01
Risendal, Betsy C University Of Colorado Denver/Hsc Aurora Quality of Life, Ethnicity, and Breast Cancer Survivors* 1R03CA099830-01
Rock, Cheryl L University Of California San Diego Hormones During Weight Loss in Breast Cancer Survivors 1R03CA101489-01
Roper, Kimberly D University Of Colorado Denver/Hsc Aurora Hormones, Quality of Life & Breast Cancer Support Groups 1R03CA099488-01
Sauaia, Angela University Of Colorado Denver/Hsc Aurora A Four-Year Church-Based Intervention for Latinos 1R03CA110820-01
Shapiro, Stewart A University Of Delaware Health Promotions: Shaping Beliefs About Use and Non-use 1R03CA101513-01
Simon, Christian Case Western Reserve University Language and informed consent in childhood cancer 1R03CA099453-01
Smith, Sophia K University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Quality of Life of Older Long-term Lymphoma Survivors 1R03CA101492-01A2
Stoffman, Michael R Yale University Quality of Life in Patients with Brain Metastases 1R03CA110927-01
Visovsky, Constance G Case Western Reserve University Strength Training For Therapy-Induced Muscle Weakness 1R03CA103488-01A1
Walsh-Childers, Kim B University Of Florida Breast Cancer Information in Magazines and Websites 1R03CA097807-01A2
Whiteley, Jessica A Miriam Hospital Smoking Cessation for Women at Risk of Cervical Cancer 1R03CA103499-01
Woodruff, Susan I San Diego State University Hair Nicotine Feedback to Reduce Children's ETS Exposure 1R03CA101587-01
Zimmerman, Richard K University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh Predictors of Cancer Screening in Diverse Practices 1R03CA099516-01A1
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

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