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Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Adams, Alyce Sophia Stanford University Leveraging Machine Learning to Improve Risk Prediction for Chemotherapy Inducedneuropathy 5R01CA249127-04 589573 2023
Ambrosone, Christine B. Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Tumor Immune Contexture and Breast Cancer Disparities: a Multi-Disciplinary Study in Women of African and European Ancestry 5R01CA247281-04 1112696 2023
Amos, Christopher I. Baylor College of Medicine Sequencing Familial Lung Cancer 5R01CA243483-04 642057 2023
Azagba, Sunday Pennsylvania State University, the Assessing the Impact of State Preemption Laws 5R01CA249052-03 1 2023
Brady, Matthew J University of Chicago Effects of Chronic Pubertal Stressors on Mammary Gland Biology and Cancer Risk 5R01CA239719-04 102323 2023
Braithwaite, Dejana K University of Florida Personalized Screening for Lung Cancer: the Importance of CO-Existing Chronic Conditions to Clinical Practice and Policy 5R01CA249506-03 626652 2022
Burk, Robert D Albert Einstein College of Medicine Investigations Into the Molecular Pathogenesis of Cervical Glandular Neoplasias 5U01CA238592-04 571572 2023
Butterly, Lynn F Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic Optimizing Colorectal Cancer Prevention: a Multi-Disciplinary, Population-Based Investigation of Serrated Polyps Using Risk Prediction and Modeling 5R01CA243449-04 568734 2023
Cai, Qiuyin Vanderbilt University Medical Center Identification of Genes and DNA Methylation Markers for Lung Cancer Risk By Integrating Multi-Omics Data 5R01CA249863-03 651010 2023
Carroll, Judith E University of California Los Angeles Accelerated Biological Aging in Breast Cancer and Risk for Cognitive and Physical Complaints 5R01CA237535-04 390165 2023
Chatterjee, Nilanjan Johns Hopkins University Multifactoral Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Accounting for Ethnic and Tumor Diversity 7U01CA249866-04 613125 2023
Cheng, Ting-Yuan Ohio State University Energy Balance, Mtor Pathway Signaling, and Breast Cancer Prognosis 5R37CA248371-04 713527 2023
Choquet, Helene Kaiser Foundation Research Institute The Role of Genetic Risk Factors in Keratinocyte Carcinoma Susceptibility 5R01CA241623-04 396556 2023
Cook, Linda S University of Colorado Denver A Population Based Study of Ketorolac and Ovarian Cancer Survival 5R01CA236789-05 302341 2023
De Vivo, Immaculata Brigham and Women's Hospital Comprehensive Molecular Characterization of Endometrial Cancer, Etiologic Heterogeneity, and Racial Disparities 5U01CA250476-03 1060827 2023
Desai, Pinkal Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Pre-Malignant Mutation Landscape and Risk Factors for Progression to Hematologic Cancers 5R01CA248747-03 650905 2023
Doherty, Jennifer Anne University of Utah Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Survival: an Integrative Approach 3R01CA243188-04S1 100833 2023
Doherty, Jennifer Anne University of Utah Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Ovarian Cancer Treatment and Survival: an Integrative Approach 5R01CA243188-04 1365470 2023
Francis, David O. University of Wisconsin-Madison Estimating and Mitigating Thyroid Cancer Overdiagnosis: a Mathematical Modeling Approach 5R01CA251566-04 422335 2023
Gayther, Simon Andrew Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Characterizing Non-Coding Somatic and Germline Variant Interactions in Ovarian Cancer 5R01CA244569-04 643149 2023
Gerhardt, Cynthia A Research Inst Nationwide Children's Hosp Psychosocial Risk in Young Survivors of Early Onset Pediatric Cancer: the Role of Physical and Neurocognitive Late Effects 5R01CA248103-03 677089 2023
Gerhardt, Cynthia A Research Inst Nationwide Children's Hosp Psychosocial Risk in Young Survivors of Early Onset Pediatric Cancer: the Role of Physical and Neurocognitive Late Effects 3R01CA248103-03S1 29006 2023
Gerhardt, Cynthia A Research Inst Nationwide Children's Hosp Psychosocial Risk in Young Survivors of Early Onset Pediatric Cancer: the Role of Physical and Neurocognitive Late Effects 3R01CA248103-03S2 29006 2023
Gomez, Scarlett L University of California, San Francisco Insights From Asian Populations Into Disparities in Breast Cancer Prognosis and Outcomes 5R01CA241125-04 1048826 2023
Gonzalez, Brian D H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Identifying and Reducing Disparities in Patient-Reported Outcomes Among African American Prostate Cancer Survivors 5R01CA242742-04 367549 2023
Goode, Ellen L. Mayo Clinic Rochester Relating Molecular Subgroups of Endometriosis-Associated Ovarian Cancers to Survival and Risk 5R01CA248288-03 998385 2023
Haiman, Christopher Alan University of Southern California Multiethnic Gwas and Twas to Inform Risk Prediction for Prostate Cancer 5U01CA257328-03 631506 2023
Heckman, Carolyn Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences A Multi-Level Investigation of Us Indoor Tanning Policyenactment, Implementation, Compliance, Impact, and Economics 7R01CA244370-04 561491 2023
Henderson, Louise Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Comorbidity and Functional Status in a Population Undergoing Lung Cancer Screening 5R01CA251686-04 403840 2023
Hur, Chin Columbia University Health Sciences A Personalized Approach to Targeted Esophageal Cancer Screening 5R01CA247790-04 507813 2023
Keating, Nancy L Harvard Medical School The Impact of a Changing Health Care Delivery System on the Quality of Oncology Care 3R01CA255035-03S1 186474 2023
Keating, Nancy L Harvard Medical School The Impact of a Changing Health Care Delivery System on the Quality of Oncology Care 5R01CA255035-03 684102 2023
Klein, Alison P Johns Hopkins University Multi-Ancestry Mapping of Pancreatic Cancer Susceptibility Loci 5U01CA247283-03 524504 2022
Kostygina, Ganna National Opinion Research Center Assessing the Effects of Cigar and Cigarillo Social Media Promotion on Tobacco and Marijuana Use 5R01CA248871-03 651725 2023
Kuhn, Louise Columbia University Health Sciences Automated Digital Imaging for Cervical Cancer Screening 5R01CA254576-04 516477 2023
Kushi, Lawrence H Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Breast White Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Breast Cancer Outcomes 5R01CA241409-04 920624 2023
Lacreuse, Agnes University of Massachusetts Amherst Impact of Brain Estrogens on Cognition and Brain Aging in a Non-Human Primate 5R01CA246929-03 387316 2023
Laurenceau, Jean-Philippe University of Delaware Health Consequences of Fear of Cancer Recurrence in Breast Cancer Survivors and Partners 5R01CA240727-03 630284 2023
Li, Guojun University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Immuno-Inflammatory Response Non-Coding Rnas as Predictors of HPV Status & Outcome of Oropharyngeal Cancer Patients 5R01CA236859-04 97182 2023
Li, Yi University of Michigan at Ann Arbor New Statistical Methods for Modelling Cancer Outcomes 5R01CA249096-03 336060 2023
Luo, Jun Johns Hopkins University Genetic and Genomic Determinants of Homologous Recombination Repair Deficiency as Treatment Selection Markers for Lethal Prostate Cancer 5R01CA238284-04 367087 2023
Mccormack, Valerie International Agency for Res on Cancer African Breast Cancer - Disparities in Outcomes - Plus (Abc-Do Plus) 5R01CA244559-04 337216 2023
Miller, Jeffrey Wayne Harvard School of Public Health Statistical Methods for Cancer Genomics and Cell-Free DNA Analysis 5R01CA240299-04 339476 2023
Nathanson, Katherine L. University of Pennsylvania Post Genome Wide Association Studies in Testicular Germ Cell Tumors 5U01CA164947-08 766653 2023
Peters, Ulrike Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Interdisciplinary Epidemiologic Consortium to Investigate T-Cell Response in Colorectal Cancer 5R01CA248857-05 692007 2023
Peters, Ulrike Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Advancing Equity in Colorectal Cancer Genetic Risk Prediction Through Expansion of Racial/Ethnic Minority Representation 5R01CA244588-05 643405 2023
Platz, Elizabeth A. Johns Hopkins University Stromal Senescence in Lethal Prostate Cancer: a Novel Target for Prognosis and Therapy 5R01CA255349-03 411778 2023
Rabin, Karen R Baylor College of Medicine Molecular Epidemiology of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children with Down Syndrome 4R01CA249867-02 843979 2023
Rohan, Thomas E Albert Einstein College of Medicine Tmem, Menacalc, and Menainv as Prognostic and Predictive Markers for Breast Cancer Metastasis 5R01CA240646-04 866476 2023
Sabik, Lindsay Marie University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Impact of Rural Hospital Payment and Delivery Reform on Geographic Disparities in Cancer Surgery 5R01CA244189-04 559671 2023
Schildkraut, Joellen M. Emory University Ovarian Cancer Survival in African-American Women 5R01CA237318-04 1062875 2023
Spector, Logan G. University of Minnesota Admixture Analysis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in African American Children: the Admiral Study 4R01CA239701-02 635018 2023
Sprague, Brian L University of Vermont & St Agric College Identifying Effective Risk-Based Supplemental Ultrasound Screening Strategies for Women with Dense Breasts 5R01CA248068-04 641789 2023
Thomas, Nancy E Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Identification of Lethal Melanomas at the Time of Diagnosis 5R01CA233524-04 888702 2023
Traube, Chani Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Delirium in Children Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants 5R01CA244500-04 524874 2023
Travis, Lois B. Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Genetic Susceptibility and Biomarkers of Platinum-Related Toxicities 5R01CA157823-10 1093680 2023
Tsodikov, Alexander University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Refining Castration Use for Recurrent Prostate Cancer 5R01CA242559-04 335229 2023
Tsui, Jennifer University of Southern California Advancing the Implementation of Evidence-Based Strategies for HPV Vaccination in Safety-Net Primary Care Settings 5R37CA242541-04 366591 2023
Uhlemann, Anne-Catrin Columbia University Health Sciences The Role of the Microbiome in HPV-Associated Cervical Cancer in Women with HIV 5R01CA245894-04 471169 2023
Wang, Judy Huei-Yu Georgetown University Longitudinal Investigation of Sociocultural and Behavioral Influences on Symptom Management, Biological Response, and Functioning Between Chinese and White Breast Cancer Survivors. 5R01CA248413-03 615979 2023
Witte, John S. Stanford University Precision Prostate Cancer Screening with Genetically Adjusted Prostate-Specific Antigen Levels 5R01CA241410-05 544995 2023
Wolfson, Julie Anna University of Alabama at Birmingham Predictors of Systemic Exposure to Oral 6mp During Maintenance in Adolescentsand Young Adults with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 5R01CA248439-03 649823 2023
Yaghjyan, Lusine University of Florida The Role of Breast Stem Cells in Breast Cancer Etiology and Risk Prediction 5R01CA240341-04 346591 2023
Yang, Gong Vanderbilt University Medical Center Time-Dependent and Bidirectional Effect of Oxidative Stress - a Missing Piece of the Free Radical Theory of Cancer and Its Potential Implications 5R01CA237895-04 675163 2023

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