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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: NCI Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Program (NCI Omnibus R21)
Total Grants: 28   Total Dollars: $10,197,258

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Allen, Jennifer Dacey Tufts University Boston Addressing Prostate Cancer Information Disparities with eHealth Technology 1R21CA178296-01
Armenian, Saro City of Hope/Beckman Research Institute Anthraycline-related cardiotoxicity in long-term survivors of lymphoma 1R21CA178344-01
Baranowski, Tom Baylor College of Medicine Minimizing Memory Errors in Child Diet Assessment 1R21CA172864-01A1
Bauman, Laurie J Albert Einstein College of Medicine The Feasibility of a Peer-Driven Pap Testing Intervention for Young Bronx Women 1R21CA169960-01A1
Berkman, Elliot Todd University of Oregon Reducing Craving for Cancer-promoting Foods Via Cognitive Self-regulation 1R21CA175241-01A1
Byrne, Margaret M. University of Miami School of Medicine Development and feasibility testing of a lung cancer screening decision aid 1R21CA173880-01A1
Christensen, Brock Clarke Dartmouth College MicroRNA Related Genetic Variation in Bladder Cancer Recurrence and Survival 1R21CA175553-01
Compas, Bruce E Vanderbilt University Neuroplasticity-Based Cognitive Remediation for Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors 1R21CA175840-01A1
Crary, Michael A University of Florida Swallow Function and Oral Morbidities in RT Treated Head/Neck Cancer Survivors 1R21CA167554-01A1
Deshpande, Anjali D Washington University Examining Comorbidity Burden and Patient-Reported Outcomes of Crc Survivors 1R21CA169876-01A1
Gordon, Judith S University of Arizona Mobile Application for Guided Imagery to Address Smoking, Diet and Physical Activ 1R21CA174639-01A1
Henderson, Louise Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Developing a Lung Cancer Screening Registry in a State with a High Smoking Rate 1R21CA175983-01A1
Laurenceau, Jean-Philippe Philippe University of Delaware Intensive Longitudinal Study of Fear of Recurrence in Cancer Patients and Spouses 1R21CA171921-01A1
Lee, Sunmin University of Maryland College Pk Campus Behavioral Intervention to Reduce Breast Cancer Disparity in Underserved Koreans 1R21CA178471-01
Lipkus, Isaac M Duke University Effects of Message Framing and Risk Feedback on CRC Screening 1R21CA181256-01
Mckay, James Dowling International Agency for Res on Cancer Two Hit Gene Mapping in Renal Cell Carcinoma 1R21CA175979-01A1
Muramoto, Myra L University of Arizona Online Tobacco Cessation Training & Competency Assessment for CAM Practitioners 1R21CA175450-01
Okeke, Edward N Rand Corporation The Demand for Cancer Screening: Peer Effects or Learning 1R21CA173621-01A1
Palmer, Steven C University of Pennsylvania Implementing survivorship care plans: Metrics to foster research and fidelity 1R21CA169950-01A1
Reding, Kerryn W University of Washington Gentoxic Estrogen Ratio: A Novel Estrogen Biomarker and Breast Cancer Risk 1R21CA178373-01
Ridner, Sheila H Vanderbilt University Med Ctr Feasibility and Preliminary Efficacy of Yoga in Head and Neck Cancer Survivors 1R21CA173202-01A1
Schnur, Julie B. Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Cancer treatment retraumatization in sexual abuse survivors 1R21CA173163-01A1
Sterba, Katherine Regan Medical University of South Carolina A Surviorship Planning Tool for Head and Neck Cancer Patients and Caregivers 1R21CA173271-01A1
Toll, Benjamin Andrew Yale University Novel Treatment to Enhance Smoking Cessation before Cancer Surgery 1R21CA181569-01
Wagner, Lynne I Northwestern University at Chicago Targeted eHealth intervention to reduce fear of recurrence among cancer survivors 1R21CA173193-01A1
Walkosz, Barbara Klein Buendel, Inc. Sun Safety Ink A Skin Cancer Prevention Program for the Tattoo Community 1R21CA173654-01A1
Walter, Roland Bruno Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Prediction of Treatment-Related Mortality and Therapeutic Resistance in AML 1R21CA182010-01
Ziv, Elad University of California San Francisco Genetics of Mammographic Density in Ashkenazi Jews 1R21CA179442-01
Last Updated: November 13, 2023

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