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DCCPS New and Early Stage R01 Investigators Awards

Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Group All New R01 Investigators
Fiscal Year 2023
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Aristizabal, Paula University of California, San Diego Multisite Implementation of Comprendo (Childhood Malignancy Peer Research Navigation) to Improve Participation of Hispanic Children in Cancer Clinical Trials 1R01CA279945-01 692684 2023
Baughn, Linda B Mayo Clinic Rochester Differences in Tumor Biology of Multiple Myeloma in Association with African Ancestry 1R37CA272883-01A1 431708 2023
Benedict, Catherine Stanford University Testing the Efficacy of a Decision Aid and Planning Tool for Family Building After Cancer 1R37CA282148-01 632887 2023
Chu, Daniel I University of Alabama at Birmingham Adapting Enhanced Recovery Programs (ERPS) Through Health Literacy to Eliminate Surgical Disparities 1R01CA271303-01A1 619516 2023
Coletta, Adriana University of Utah Creatine Supplementation and Resistance Training to Preserve Muscle Mass and Attenuate Cancer Progression: a Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial 1R01CA281759-01 692568 2023
Feng, Miao National Opinion Research Center Using Innovative Machine Learning to Detect Organized Support and Opposition to E-Cigarette Use Prevention Campaign Messaging on Twitter and Tiktok 1R01CA283038-01 691116 2023
Frerichs, Leah M Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Evaluating a Remotely Delivered, Digital Health Crc Screening Intervention Among Racially Diverse Patients of a Community Health Center 1R01CA273331-01A1 650993 2023
Graboyes, Evan Michael Medical University of South Carolina A Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate a Novel Treatment Strategy for Body Image-Related Distress Among Head and Neck Cancer Survivors 1R37CA269385-01A1 658153 2023
Guan, Yue Emory University Evaluating an Evidence-Based Family History Screening Program Adapted to Increase Reach and Uptake of Screening for Brca-Associated Cancers in Rural Public Health Clinics 1R37CA276317-01A1 615683 2023
Hertz, Daniel Louis University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Development of an Integrated Risk Prediction Model of Taxane-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 1R37CA277043-01 601172 2023
Holowatyj, Andreana Natalie Vanderbilt University Medical Center Physiological and Psychosocial Aspects of Reproductive Health After Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer 1R37CA273318-01A1 586714 2023
Hong, Arthur Seokjae UT Southwestern Medical Center Actionable Categories of Avoidable Hospital Care Among Adults with Cancer 1R01CA282242-01 611294 2023
Hong, Julian Clint University of California, San Francisco Multi-Institutional Validation of a Multi-Modal Machine Learning Algorithm to Predict and Reduce Acute Care During Cancer Therapy 1R01CA277782-01 389126 2023
Jenssen, Brian P. Children's Hosp of Philadelphia Refer 2 Quit: Proactive Promotion of Tobacco Use Treatment for Underserved Household Members Who Smoke Through Pediatric Primary Care 1R37CA282153-01 779874 2023
Kepka, Deanna Lee University of Utah Prevent - Practice-Based Approaches to Promote HPV Vaccination 1R01CA279973-01 666739 2023
Leapman, Michael Stuart Yale University Optimizing Prostate Cancer Care: Integrating Risks, Benefits, and Patient Experiences in the New Era of Molecular Imaging 1R01CA281959-01 660392 2023
Lee, Eunjung University of Southern California A Nested Case-Control Study of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) and Breast Cancer Risk in the Multiethnic Cohort 1R01CA279668-01 682533 2023
Lee, Jeffrey Kuang Zou Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Personalizing Post-Polypectomy Surveillance for Colorectal Cancer Prevention 1R37CA276306-01A1 690753 2023
Loeb, Stacy New York University School of Medicine Addressing Misinformation to Promote Equity in Prostate Cancer Care 1R01CA278997-01 627381 2023
Morales-Campos, Daisy Yvette University of Texas at Austin Investigating Facilitator-Driven, Multi-Level Implementation Strategies in Federally Qualified Health Centers to Improve Provider Recommendation and HPV Vaccination Rates Among Latino/a Adolescents 1R01CA272757-01A1 622806 2023
Nahata, Leena Research Inst Nationwide Children's Hosp Adaptation and Implementation of a Web-Based Family Centered Adolescent Sperm Banking Decision Tool for Adolescent Males with Cancer 1R01CA284073-01 367085 2023
Offodile, Anaeze C Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Examining the Effects of Global Budget Revenue Program on the Costs and Quality of Care Provided to Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy 1R37CA276322-01A1 624077 2023
Peres, Lauren Cole H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Methylomic Basis of Survival Disparities Among Black and White Women with High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer 1R01CA275974-01 706049 2023
Roberts, Megan Eleanor Ohio State University Modeling the Equity Impact of Age Restricted in-Person Location Policies for Youth Tobacco Use 1R01CA273206-01A1 674377 2023
Shaffer, Kelly Mclean University of Virginia Optimizing Psychosocial Intervention for Breast Cancer-Related Sexual Morbidity: a Factorial Trial Using the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) Network 1R37CA269776-01A1 705130 2023
Somani, Amrita Basu University of California, San Francisco Analyzing Patient-Level Data in a Breast Cancer Clinical Trial 1R01CA283179-01 369431 2023
Stopsack, Konrad Hermann Massachusetts General Hospital Etiologic Heterogeneity Between Molecular Subtypes of Prostate Cancer 1R37CA275914-01A1 756060 2023
Sulam, Jeremias Johns Hopkins University SCH: Quantifying and Mitigating Demographic Biases of Machine Learning in Real World Radiology 1R01CA287422-01 318506 2023
Tackett, Alayna Pauline Ohio State University The Abuse Liability, Topography and Toxicology of Ice Flavors and Non-Menthol Synthetic Cooling Agents in E-Cigarette Products 1R01CA276696-01 790429 2023
Thompson, Tess Washington University Dyadic Analysis of Unmet Social Needs Among Breast and Gynecologic Patients and Their Informal Caregivers 1R37CA277778-01 27322 2023
Thrift, Aaron Peter Baylor College of Medicine Genetic Epidemiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in African Americans 1R01CA274528-01A1 366000 2023
Triplette, Matthew Adam Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Evaluating Centralizing Interventions to Address Low Adherence to Lung Cancer Screening Follow-Up in Decentralized Settings 1R01CA284032-01 560138 2023
Van Cleave, Janet H University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Implementing the Nyu Electronic Patient Visit Assessment (EPVA) for Head and Neck Cancer in Rural and Urban Populations 1R01CA282149-01 733528 2023
Vandellen, Michelle Renee University of Georgia Randomized Controlled Trial of Dyadic Financial Incentive Treatment for Dual Smoker Couples: Evaluation of Efficacy, Mechanisms, and Cost Effectiveness 1R01CA276594-01A1 606831 2023
Vogel, Rachel Isaksson University of Minnesota Time Toxicity of Cancer: the Time Demands of Cancer-Related Activities and Their Impact on Well-Being and Quality of Life 1R01CA277714-01 364486 2023
Wallner, Lauren P University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Risk Stratified Survivorship Care Pathways for Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer 1R37CA275907-01 678584 2023
Wan, Neng University of Utah Using Momentary Measures to Understand Physical Activity Adoption and Maintenance Among Pacific Islanders in the United States 1R37CA276365-01A1 683689 2023
Wright, Alexi A Dana-Farber Cancer Inst BOLSTER: Strengthening Patient and Caregiver Supports in Advanced Gynecologic and Gastrointestinal Cancers - a Multi-Site Randomized Controlled Trial 1R01CA270040-01A1 741387 2023
† For more information on the R37 designation, please visit the NCI MERIT Award Policy

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