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DCCPS New and Early Stage R01 Investigators Awards

Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Group All New R01 Investigators
Fiscal Year 2018
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL
Badger, Terry A. University of Arizona Improving Informal Caregivers' and Cancer Survivors' Psychological Distress, Symptom Management and Health Care Use 1R01CA224282-01A1 650204 2018
Bansal, Aasthaa University of Washington Personalized Risk-Adaptive Surveillance Strategies in Cancer -- Praise 1R37CA218413-01A1 414368 2018
Blinder, Victoria S Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research The Breast Cancer and the Workforce Communication App: a Randomized Controlled Trial of an English/Spanish Intervention to Promote Long-Term Job Retention 1R37CA214785-01A1 730499 2018
Carter-Harris, Lisa Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Using a Mixed Methods Approach to Understand Shared Decision-Making in Lung Cancer Screening 1R01CA222090-01A1 558179 2018
Carvajal Carmona, Luis Guillermo University of California at Davis Genetic Studies of Homologous Recombination Deficiency in Hispanic Gastric Cancer 1R01CA223978-01 617977 2018
Chao, Herta Huey-An Yale University Neurocognitive Changes From Long-Term Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Prostate Cancer Patients 1R01CA218501-01A1 355312 2018
Coffman, Donna Lynn Temple Univ of the Commonwealth Developing Methodology to Examine Causal Mediation of Time-Varying Effects in Smoking Cessation Treatments 1R01CA229542-01 349542 2018
Dieli-Conwright, Christina University of Southern California Taking Aim at Breast Cancer: Targeting Adiposity and Inflammation with Movement to Improve Prognosis in Breast Cancer Survivors 1R01CA214385-01A1 636684 2018
Epstein, Marina University of Washington Risk and Protective Factors for E-Cigarettes Among Adolescents, Young-Adults, and Adults and Across Two Generations 1R37CA225690-01A1 354690 2018
Escoffery, Ngoc-Cam Emory University SURVIVORLINK: Scalability of an Electronic Personal Health Record for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers at Pediatric Cancer Centers. 1R01CA218389-01A1 731759 2018
Fallin-Bennett, Amanda University of Kentucky Adoption of Smoke-Free Laws and Voluntary Policies in Rural Communities in Southern States 1R37CA229337-01 403190 2018
Fleischer, Nancy University of Michigan at Ann Arbor The Impact of Tobacco Control Policies on Health Equity in the United States 1R37CA214787-01A1 568400 2018
Guo, Xingyi Vanderbilt University Medical Center Transcriptome-Wide Association Study to Identify Susceptibility Genes for Colorectal Cancer 1R37CA227130-01A1 619625 2018
Gupta, Samir Veterans Medical Research Fdn/San Diego Post-Polypectomy Surveillance for Reducing Colon Cancer Incidence and Mortality 1R37CA222866-01 587269 2018
Gusev, Alexander Dana-Farber Cancer Inst (PQ3) a Functional Genomic Approach to Identification and Interpretation of Germline-Tumor Genetic Interactions 1R01CA227237-01 686519 2018
Han, Summer S Stanford University Evaluation of Genetic, Clinical, and Environmental Risk Factors to Establish Effective Screening Strategies for Second Primary Lung Cancer 1R37CA226081-01 692450 2018
He, Qianchuan Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Methods for Analyzing Cancer Somatic Mutation Data 1R01CA223498-01 402600 2018
Jacobson, Robert M. Mayo Clinic Rochester "Less Pain, Less Fuss, Right Now!" and "Make It Count!" Multilevel Interventions for Patient, Parent, and Practice to Enhance Provider Recommendations for HPV Vaccination 1R01CA217889-01A1 617672 2018
Kantor, Elizabeth David Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Obesity, Chemotherapy Dosing, and Breast Cancer Outcomes 1R37CA222793-01 548185 2018
Khurana, Ekta Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Computational Methods for Identifying Non-Coding Cancer Drivers 1R01CA218668-01A1 531893 2018
Leone, Lucia A State University of New York at Buffalo Effectiveness and Implementation of a Research Tested Mobile Produce Market Designed to Improve Diet in Underserved Communities 1R37CA215232-01A1 655400 2018
Liu, Ying Washington University Residential Mobility, Treatment Quality and Survival in Low-Income Women with Breast Cancer 1R01CA215418-01A1 356278 2018
Mack, Jennifer W Dana-Farber Cancer Inst End-of-Life Care for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer: an Evaluation of Care and Development of Patient-Centered Quality Measures 1R01CA218651-01A1 671298 2018
Nan, Xiaoli Univ of Maryland, College Park Framing HPV Vaccination Messages for African American Parents 1R01CA219060-01A1 442195 2018
Penney, Kathryn L Brigham and Women's Hospital Comprehensive Characterization of Prostate Stromal Gene Expression and Association with Lethal Prostate Cancer 1R37CA227190-01 600105 2018
Phipps, Amanda Irene University of Washington Bacterial Correlates of Colorectal Cancer Subgroups and Survival 1R01CA217970-01A1 683210 2018
Poisson, Laila M Henry Ford Health System Molecular and Clinical Evaluation of the Glioma Patient Experience to Anticipate Modern Outcomes and Guide Patient Care 1R01CA222146-01A1 577553 2018
Ray, Andrew Donald Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Preoperative Respiratory Muscle Training to Prevent Postoperative Pulmonary Complications in Patients Undergoing Resection for Lung Cancer 1R01CA222382-01A1 585953 2018
Reiter, Paul L Ohio State University A Randomized Controlled Trial of an HPV Vaccine Intervention for Young Sexual Minority Men 1R37CA226682-01 602822 2018
Salomonis, Nathan G. Cincinnati Childrens Hosp Med Ctr Unbiased Identification of Spliceosome Vulnerabilities Across Cancer 1R01CA226802-01 455925 2018
Skolarus, Ted Albert University of Michigan at Ann Arbor DE-Implementation of Low Value Castration for Men with Prostate Cancer 1R37CA222885-01 623084 2018
Sterling, Kymberle L. University of Texas Hlth Sci Ctr Houston Implied Modified Risk Statements as Predictors of Flavored Little Cigar and Cigarillo Use 1R01CA228906-01A1 486124 2018
Sun, Virginia Chih-Yi Beckman Research Institute/City of Hope A Multimedia Self-Management Intervention to Prepare Family Caregivers and Patients for Lung Cancer Surgery 1R01CA217841-01A1 717367 2018
Wackowski, Olivia Rbhs-School of Public Health Perceptions and Impact of Modified Risk Tobacco Product Communication Messages 1R37CA222002-01A1 464465 2018
Weaver, Kathryn Elizabeth Wake Forest University Health Sciences Assessing Efficacy and Implementation of an Ehr Tool to Assess Heart Health Among Survivors 1R01CA226078-01 499843 2018
Zubkoff, Lisa Dartmouth College Implementing Palliative Care: Learning Collaborative Vs. Technical Assistance 1R01CA229197-01 691825 2018

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