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DCCPS New and Early Stage R01 Investigators Awards

Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Group All New R01 Investigators
Fiscal Year 2021
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Bailey, Steffani R Oregon Health & Science University CONNECT: Comprehensive Training and Engagement in Cessation Treatment 1R01CA255016-01A1 660260 2021
Binder, Alexandra Margaret Lynn University of Hawaii at Manoa Characterizing the Risk of Chemotherapy Side Effects Based on Epigenetic Age and Modification By Resistance Training Intervention 1R37CA263064-01 549396 2021
Borrayo, Evelinn University of Colorado Denver Improving the Timeliness and Quality of Care for Rural Lung and Head-and-Neck Cancer Patients 1R01CA254730-01 561761 2021
Charlton, Mary E. University of Iowa Effectiveness and Implementation of a Health System Intervention to Improve Quality of Cancer Care for Rural, Underserved Patients 1R01CA254628-01 640200 2021
Cheng, Ting-Yuan University of Florida Energy Balance, Mtor Pathway Signaling, and Breast Cancer Prognosis 1R37CA248371-01A1 585964 2021
Chow, Philip University of Virginia Evaluating a Mobile Application to Reduce Distress in Breast Cancer Survivors Using an Adaptive Design 1R37CA248434-01A1 518789 2021
Cole, Allison University of Washington Rural Community Support for Colonoscopy 1R01CA254515-01 643266 2021
Cornacchione (Ross), Jennifer Jane Wake Forest University Health Sciences The Impact of Cigarillo Warnings on Purchasing and Smoking Behaviors Among Young Adult Cigarillo Users 1R01CA260460-01 406006 2021
Cui, Yan University of Tennessee Health Sci Ctr Algorithm-Based Prevention and Reduction of Cancer Health Disparity Arising From Data Inequality 1R01CA262296-01 352275 2021
Desai, Pinkal Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Pre-Malignant Mutation Landscape and Risk Factors for Progression to Hematologic Cancers 1R01CA248747-01A1 670935 2021
Dunbar, Michael Rand Corporation Predictors and Consequences of Nicotine and Cannabis Vaping CO-Use in Young Adults: a Longitudinal and Ema Analysis 1R37CA249707-01A1 403859 2021
Ehlers, Diane Kristen University of Nebraska Medical Center Enhancing Cognitive Function in Breast Cancer Survivors Through Community-Based Aerobic Exercise Training 1R37CA252060-01A1 603299 2021
Haggstrom, David A. Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Sphere (Survivorship Plan Health Record) Implementation Trial 1R01CA241143-01A1 649730 2021
Hua, May Columbia University Health Sciences Determinants of Palliative Care Effectiveness for Patients with Metastatic Cancer 1R37CA246565-01A1 666091 2021
Hurtado De Mendoza Casaus, Alejandra Georgetown University Testing a Culturally Targeted Narrative Video to Reduce Disparities in the Use of Genetic Counseling and Testing in Latina Women at-Risk of Hboc 1R01CA248543-01A1 596045 2021
Jiang, Shu Washington University Dynamic Prediction Incorporating Time-Varying Covariates for the Onset of Breast Cancer 1R37CA256810-01A1 360281 2021
Johns, Shelley A. Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ at Indianapolis Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Fear of Recurrence in Breast Cancer Survivors 1R01CA255480-01A1 655048 2021
Johnston, Fabian M Johns Hopkins University Dissemination and Implementation of a Community Health Worker Intervention for Disparities in Palliative Care (Decide Pc) 1R01CA252101-01A1 679683 2021
King, Andy J Iowa State University Using Natural Language Processing and Crowdsourcing to Monitor and Evaluate Public Information and Communication Disparities About Colon Cancer Screening 1R37CA259156-01 396908 2021
Mancuso, Nicholas University of Southern California An Integrative Multi-Omics Approach to Characterize Prostate Cancer Risk in Diverse Populations 1R01CA258808-01 691648 2021
Mccullough, Lauren E Emory University Improving Our Understanding of Breast Cancer Mortality Disparities Through Recurrence: a Multi-Level Approach Among Women in Georgia 1R01CA259192-01 564781 2021
Miller, Kimberly Ann University of Southern California Social Health, Activity Behaviors, and Quality of Life Among Young Adult Cancer Survivors: a Longitudinal Study 1R37CA256867-01 660272 2021
Miller, Sarah J Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Developing and Testing a Digital Toolkit to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in Federally Qualified Health Centers 1R01CA248981-01A1 692818 2021
Moen, Erika Dartmouth College Improving Cancer Health Equity By Targeting Physician Networks 1R37CA263936-01 394140 2021
Morgan, Gareth John New York University School of Medicine Mutographs Differentiating the Racial and Temporal Incidence of Multiple Myeloma 1R01CA249981-01A1 1234790 2021
Nagler, Eve M Dana-Farber Cancer Inst Scaling Up Tobacco Control in India: Comparing Smartphone to in-Person Training for Implementing an Evidence-Based Intervention to Reduce Tobacco Use Among Schoolteachers 1R01CA248910-01A1 346901 2021
Poghosyan, Hermine Northeastern University Longitudinal Mixed Method Investigation of Social Networks and Affective States as Determinants of Smoking Behavior Among Cancer Patient 1R01CA258269-01 638089 2021
Rojewski, Alana Medical University of South Carolina Optimizing Tobacco Treatment Delivery for People Living with HIV 1R01CA261232-01 434843 2021
Rose, Shyanika W University of Kentucky Local Flavor Policies to Enhance Equity in Tobacco 1R01CA251478-01A1 566018 2021
Schembre, Susan University of Arizona Mobile Ecological Momentary Diet Assessment: a Low Burden, Ecologically-Valid Approach to Measuring Dietary Intake in Near-Real Time 1R01CA244404-01A1 705426 2021
Scherer, Laura D. University of Colorado Denver Understanding Affective Processing of Scientific Evidence to Promote Informed Choice for Breast Cancer Screening 1R37CA254926-01 663745 2021
Sheeran, Paschal Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill State-of-the-Art Synthesis of Interventions to Promote Quit Intentions and Smoking Cessation 1R01CA242746-01A1 320136 2021
Smith, Cardinale B Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai The Role of Implicit Bias on Outcomes of Patients with Advanced Solid Cancers 1R01CA251547-01A1 708475 2021
Sweet, Kevin M. Ohio State University A Randomized Controlled Trial: Genetic Counseling Patient Preference Intervention Via Electronic Health Record Portal Vs. Conventional Genetic Counseling for Women at Elevated Risk for Breast Cancer 1R01CA248739-01A1 563458 2021
Swindle, Taren Univ of Arkansas for Med Scis Testing an Adaptive Implementation Strategy to Optimize Delivery of Obesity Prevention Practices in Early Care and Education Settings 1R37CA252113-01A1 642818 2021
Thomas, Teresa Hagan University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Efficacy of a Self-Advocacy Serious Game Intervention for Women with Advanced Cancer 1R37CA262025-01 646893 2021
Thompson, Caroline Avery San Diego State University Diagnosis of Cancer in the Emergency Room - Explaining Persistent Disparities 1R01CA264176-01 359400 2021
Van Blarigan, Erin Lynn University of California, San Francisco Optimization of a Remote Intervention to Improve Nutrition and Physical Activity in Colorectal Cancer Survivors 1R37CA248774-01A1 705777 2021
Veenstra, Christine University of Michigan at Ann Arbor A Registry-Based Study of Patterns of Use of Targeted Therapies for Metastatic Cancers in Diverse Populations 1R37CA251464-01A1 676657 2021
Vijayaraghavan, Maya University of California, San Francisco A Community-Based Trial of a Voluntary Smoke-Free Home Intervention in Permanent Supportive Housing for Formerly Homeless Adults 1R37CA248448-01A1 670185 2021
Vinci, Christine H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Res Inst Efficacy of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Program for Allogeneic Hct Caregivers 1R01CA255265-01 563424 2021
Warren Andersen, Shaneda University of Wisconsin-Madison Understanding the Contribution of Colorectal Cancer Tumor Characteristics to Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Survival 1R01CA255318-01A1 684014 2021
Wernli, Karen J Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Multilevel Interventions to Increase Adherence to Lung Cancer Screening 1R01CA262015-01 712200 2021
Wolfson, Julie Anna University of Alabama at Birmingham Predictors of Systemic Exposure to Oral 6mp During Maintenance in Adolescentsand Young Adults with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 1R01CA248439-01A1 809032 2021
Yanez, Betina Northwestern University at Chicago Technology Facilitated Behavioral Intervention for Depression Among Diverse Patients in Ambulatory Oncology 1R37CA255875-01 685418 2021
Zebrack, Bradley Jay University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Social Genomic Mechanisms of Health Disparities Among Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Survivors 1R01CA261752-01 980073 2021
Zhang, Xuehong Brigham and Women's Hospital Helicobacter Infection and Liver Cancer Risk Among African Americans and Whites in the United States 1R37CA262299-01 454914 2021
† For more information on the R37 designation, please visit the NCI MERIT Award Policy

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