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DCCPS New and Early Stage R01 Investigators Awards

Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
Group All New R01 Investigators
Fiscal Year 2024
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Brenner, Alison T Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Expanding Access to Colorectal Cancer Screening Through Community Pharmacies: the Pharmfit Study 1R01CA279010-01A1 666969 2024
Lee, Clara Nan-Hi Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Dissemination of a Breast Reconstruction Decision Tool Through Social Media and Online Communities 1R01CA276408-01A1 576993 2024
Naing, Aung University of TX MD Anderson Can Ctr Integrating Patient-Reported Outcomes and T-Cell Receptor Sequencing to Predict Immune-Related Adverse Events 1R01CA279749-01A1 657119 2024
Veliz, Philip T University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Smoking and Cancer-Related Health Disparities Among Sexual and Gender Minority Adults 1R01CA276500-01A1 481294 2024
† For more information on the R37 designation, please visit the NCI MERIT Award Policy

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