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Grant Status Currently Funded
Division Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences
PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Awarded Dollars Fiscal Year Abstract Page URL Funding Announcement URL
Bao, Yuhua Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ Opioid Treatment of Pain in People with Cancer: Intended and Unintended Consequences of State Policies Addressing Opioid Prescribing 5R01CA267996-02 379977 2023
Ellis, Shellie Dawn University of Kansas Medical Center Teamsport to Community Teamsport: Validating and Adapting a Precision Oncology Reflex Testing Team Intervention to Reduce Rural Disparities in Cancer Care Delivery 5R01CA274560-02 347471 2023
Hong, Julian Clint University of California, San Francisco Multi-Institutional Validation of a Multi-Modal Machine Learning Algorithm to Predict and Reduce Acute Care During Cancer Therapy 1R01CA277782-01 389126 2023
Liu, Ying Washington University Impacts of Neighborhood Contexts and Medicaid Policy on Lung Cancer Survival in Low-Ses Patients 5R01CA268007-02 349373 2023
Llanos Wilson, Adana A.M. Columbia University Health Sciences Impact of Allostatic Load and Neighborhood Contextual Factors on Breast Cancer in the Women's Health Initiative 5R01CA274564-02 364178 2023
Lobo, Jennifer Mason University of Virginia Optimizing Treatment Decision Making for Patients with Localized Renal Mass 1R01CA284057-01 396067 2023
Lund, Jennifer Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill Applying Causal Inference Methods to Improve Estimation of the Real-World Benefits and Harms of Lung Cancer Screening 1R01CA277756-01A1 348648 2023
Mendoza, Jason A Seattle Children's Hospital Developing and Testing a Culturally Tailored Mobile Health and Social Mediaphysical Activity Intervention Among Adolescent and Young Adult Childhoodcancer Survivors 1R01CA274450-01A1 431195 2023
Mitchell, Aaron P Sloan-Kettering Inst Can Research Understanding the Importance of Industry Relationships for Cancer Care Quality, Outcomes, and Costs 5R37CA264563-02 384714 2023
Nahata, Leena Research Inst Nationwide Children's Hosp Adaptation and Implementation of a Web-Based Family Centered Adolescent Sperm Banking Decision Tool for Adolescent Males with Cancer 1R01CA284073-01 367085 2023
Nattinger, Ann B Medical College of Wisconsin A Longitudinal, Nationally Representative Study of Cognition-Related Effects of Breast Cancer and Its Treatment 5R01CA264326-02 349713 2023
Pace, Thaddeus University of Arizona Leveraging Social Connection By Including Informal Caregivers in an Internet Video Conference-Based Compassion Meditation Intervention to Reduce Psychological Distress in Breast Cancer Survivors 5R01CA264047-02 345018 2023
Posluszny, Donna M University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Dyadic Intervention to Improve Patient-Family Caregiver Team-Based Management of the Medical Regimen After Allogenetic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation 5R01CA268004-02 356438 2023
Prizment, Anna University of Minnesota Proteomic Aging in Adults Before and After Cancer Diagnosis 5R01CA267977-02 341677 2023
Rendle, Katharine University of Pennsylvania DE-Implementation of Low-Value Cervical Cancer Screening 5R01CA267995-02 364284 2023
Thrift, Aaron Peter Baylor College of Medicine Genetic Epidemiology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in African Americans 1R01CA274528-01A1 366000 2023
Vogel, Rachel Isaksson University of Minnesota Time Toxicity of Cancer: the Time Demands of Cancer-Related Activities and Their Impact on Well-Being and Quality of Life 1R01CA277714-01 364486 2023
Wheeler, David Charles Virginia Commonwealth University Assessing Residential Neighborhood Exposome Exposures and the Associations with Cancer Incidence 1R01CA277780-01A1 371967 2023

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