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Grant Details

Grant Number: 5R50CA221836-04 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Gulati, Roman
Organization: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Project Title: Advanced Statistical Modeling and Analytics for Prostate Cancer Interventions
Fiscal Year: 2020


PROJECT SUMMARY Developing sound strategies for prostate cancer control requires integrating information from a vast collection of clinical trials and observational studies and developing statistical and computer models to fill in inevitable evidence gaps. Management of prostate cancer is particularly controversial because of the absence of a consensus about optimal screening and treatment approaches. The PI of this application is a member of a team that develops statistical methods and computer models to advance sound prostate cancer policies. This work can only be done by a skilled specialist in cancer surveillance and statistical modeling. It demands expertise in complex statistical computing, which must be meticulously executed and validated, internally and externally. It requires outstanding writing skills to bring projects from the inquiry phase through the publication process, and it requires a proven ability to communicate and collaborate across multidisciplinary teams. The PI of this application has used these skills and others to establish his research group as a leader in prostate cancer modeling and policy. In this application he proposes to use these skills in support of new modeling analyses including (1) targeted screening in high-risk patient subgroups, (2) frameworks for decision making around novel biomarkers for screening and treatment, and (3) advancing methods to estimate overdiagnosis— the detection by screening of cancers that would never be diagnosed otherwise. Additionally, this application will support (1) developing online calculators and decision aids to assist clinicians and policymakers in selecting appropriate recommendations and (2) providing high-quality biostatistical service in a multi-project translational prostate cancer research program. The overarching aim is to optimize interventions to reduce morbidity and mortality from this most common cancer in men.


Targeting backdoor androgen synthesis through AKR1C3 inhibition: A presurgical hormonal ablative neoadjuvant trial in high-risk localized prostate cancer.
Authors: Graham L.S. , True L.D. , Gulati R. , Schade G.R. , Wright J. , Grivas P. , Yezefski T. , Nega K. , Alexander K. , Hou W.M. , et al. .
Source: The Prostate, 2021 May; 81(7), p. 418-426.
EPub date: 2021-03-23.
PMID: 33755225
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Inter- and intra-tumor heterogeneity of metastatic prostate cancer determined by digital spatial gene expression profiling.
Authors: Brady L. , Kriner M. , Coleman I. , Morrissey C. , Roudier M. , True L.D. , Gulati R. , Plymate S.R. , Zhou Z. , Birditt B. , et al. .
Source: Nature communications, 2021-03-03; 12(1), p. 1426.
EPub date: 2021-03-03.
PMID: 33658518
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Lifetime Benefits and Harms of Prostate-Specific Antigen-Based Risk-Stratified Screening for Prostate Cancer.
Authors: Heijnsdijk E.A.M. , Gulati R. , Tsodikov A. , Lange J.M. , Mariotto A.B. , Vickers A.J. , Carlsson S.V. , Etzioni R. .
Source: Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 2020-10-01; 112(10), p. 1013-1020.
PMID: 32067047
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Reconsidering the Trade-offs of Prostate Cancer Screening.
Authors: Shoag J.E. , Nyame Y.A. , Gulati R. , Etzioni R. , Hu J.C. .
Source: The New England journal of medicine, 2020-06-18; 382(25), p. 2465-2468.
PMID: 32558473
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Combined TP53 and RB1 Loss Promotes Prostate Cancer Resistance to a Spectrum of Therapeutics and Confers Vulnerability to Replication Stress.
Authors: Nyquist M.D. , Corella A. , Coleman I. , De Sarkar N. , Kaipainen A. , Ha G. , Gulati R. , Ang L. , Chatterjee P. , Lucas J. , et al. .
Source: Cell reports, 2020-05-26; 31(8), p. 107669.
PMID: 32460015
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Overdiagnosis and Lives Saved by Reflex Testing Men With Intermediate Prostate-Specific Antigen Levels.
Authors: Gulati R. , Morgan T.M. , A'mar T. , Psutka S.P. , Tosoian J.J. , Etzioni R. .
Source: Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 2020-04-01; 112(4), p. 384-390.
PMID: 31225597
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Durable Response of Enzalutamide-resistant Prostate Cancer to Supraphysiological Testosterone Is Associated with a Multifaceted Growth Suppression and Impaired DNA Damage Response Transcriptomic Program in Patient-derived Xenografts.
Authors: Lam H.M. , Nguyen H.M. , Labrecque M.P. , Brown L.G. , Coleman I.M. , Gulati R. , Lakely B. , Sondheim D. , Chatterjee P. , Marck B.T. , et al. .
Source: European urology, 2020 02; 77(2), p. 144-155.
EPub date: 2019-06-19.
PMID: 31227306
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Impact of mutations in homologous recombination repair genes on treatment outcomes for metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer.
Authors: Carlson A.S. , Acevedo R.I. , Lim D.M. , Gulati R. , Gawne A. , Sokolova A.O. , Cheng H.H. , Nelson P.S. , Montgomery R.B. , Yu E.Y. , et al. .
Source: PloS one, 2020; 15(9), p. e0239686.
EPub date: 2020-09-30.
PMID: 32997692
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CDK12-Mutated Prostate Cancer: Clinical Outcomes With Standard Therapies and Immune Checkpoint Blockade.
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Source: JCO precision oncology, 2020; 4, p. 382-392.
EPub date: 2020-04-21.
PMID: 32671317
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Personalized Risks of Over Diagnosis for Screen Detected Prostate Cancer Incorporating Patient Comorbidities: Estimation and Communication.
Authors: Gulati R. , Psutka S.P. , Etzioni R. .
Source: The Journal of urology, 2019 11; 202(5), p. 936-943.
EPub date: 2019-10-09.
PMID: 31112106
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Cancer Outcomes in DCIS Patients Without Locoregional Treatment.
Authors: Ryser M.D. , Weaver D.L. , Zhao F. , Worni M. , Grimm L.J. , Gulati R. , Etzioni R. , Hyslop T. , Lee S.J. , Hwang E.S. .
Source: Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 2019-09-01; 111(9), p. 952-960.
PMID: 30759222
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Randomized trial evaluating the role of weight loss in overweight and obese men with early stage prostate Cancer on active surveillance: Rationale and design of the Prostate Cancer Active Lifestyle Study (PALS).
Authors: Schenk J.M. , Neuhouser M.L. , Beatty S.J. , VanDoren M. , Lin D.W. , Porter M. , Gore J.L. , Gulati R. , Plymate S.R. , Wright J.L. .
Source: Contemporary clinical trials, 2019 06; 81, p. 34-39.
EPub date: 2019-04-16.
PMID: 31002955
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Clinical determinants for successful circulating tumor DNA analysis in prostate cancer.
Authors: Schweizer M.T. , Gulati R. , Beightol M. , Konnick E.Q. , Cheng H.H. , Klemfuss N. , De Sarkar N. , Yu E.Y. , Montgomery R.B. , Nelson P.S. , et al. .
Source: The Prostate, 2019 05; 79(7), p. 701-708.
EPub date: 2019-03-13.
PMID: 30865311
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A natural history model for planning prostate cancer testing: Calibration and validation using Swedish registry data.
Authors: Karlsson A. , Jauhiainen A. , Gulati R. , Eklund M. , Grönberg H. , Etzioni R. , Clements M. .
Source: PloS one, 2019; 14(2), p. e0211918.
EPub date: 2019-02-14.
PMID: 30763406
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Identification of the Fraction of Indolent Tumors and Associated Overdiagnosis in Breast Cancer Screening Trials.
Authors: Ryser M.D. , Gulati R. , Eisenberg M.C. , Shen Y. , Hwang E.S. , Etzioni R.B. .
Source: American journal of epidemiology, 2019-01-01; 188(1), p. 197-205.
PMID: 30325415
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When Clinical Trials Disagree.
Authors: Etzioni R. , Gulati R. .
Source: The Journal of urology, 2018 09; 200(3), p. 506-507.
EPub date: 2018-03-01.
PMID: 29496471
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Undetectable prostate-specific antigen after short-course androgen deprivation therapy for biochemically recurrent patients correlates with metastasis-free survival and prostate cancer-specific survival.
Authors: Lim D.M. , Gulati R. , Aleshin-Guendel S. , Gawne A. , Wingate J.T. , Cheng H.H. , Etzioni R. , Yu E.Y. .
Source: The Prostate, 2018-07-10; , .
EPub date: 2018-07-10.
PMID: 29987912
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A phase I study of niclosamide in combination with enzalutamide in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer.
Authors: Schweizer M.T. , Haugk K. , McKiernan J.S. , Gulati R. , Cheng H.H. , Maes J.L. , Dumpit R.F. , Nelson P.S. , Montgomery B. , McCune J.S. , et al. .
Source: PloS one, 2018; 13(6), p. e0198389.
EPub date: 2018-06-01.
PMID: 29856824
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