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Grant Details

Grant Number: 5U01TW010107-05 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Gonzales, Gustavo
Organization: Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Project Title: 1/2-regional Geohealth Hub Centered in Peru-Peru
Fiscal Year: 2019


 DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Our goal with this application and the linked research application "1/2- Regional Geohealth Hub centered in Peru-Peru," led by Dr. Gustavo Gonzales at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH), is to create a research and training center for environmental health based in Lima, Peru, with links to neighboring countries Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile. We bring together an exceptionally strong team of environmental health researchers from UPCH, Emory University, University of Georgia (UGA), Johns Hopkins University (JHU), Asociacion Benefica PRISMA (Proyectos de Informatics, Salud, Medicina y Agricultura)(a Peruvian NGO focused on health research) and Universidad de Chile (U. Chile) with extensive training and research experience in Peru. We will build on our GeoHealth Hub planning grant, our previous 15 years of Fogarty-sponsored work in Peru and Chile through the International Training and Research in Environmental and Occupational Health program, and our more than 20 years of strong collaborative research among JHU, UPCH and A.B PRISMA. UPCH and A.B. PRISMA will take primary responsibility for the research projects, with support from Emory, UGA, and JHU. U. Chile will provide important training skills within the South American region, building on their previous success in both research and training. Additional training will be led by Emory, JHU, and UGA, and coordinated by UPCH. We will also work together with key Peruvian governmental institutions, including the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Health. We will coordinate work during annual hub meetings, and via email and Skype contact. . Our training programs will include 1) short courses in Peru and Chile, and 2) one-on-one training in Peru by US and Chilean investigators, 3) involvement of Peruvians, Ecuadorians, and Bolivian students in our research projects Peru, and 4) graduate programs in environmental health in the US and US investigators in Peru, training by Chilean investigators in both Chile and in Peru, and graduate training opportunities of Peruvians in the US. Over the project period we anticipate providing short-term training for a minimum of 125 students, medium-term training in research for 25 students, one-on-one training annually by US and Chilean investigators going to Peru, and long-term doctoral training for 3 students. We will also help create a degree-granting program at UPCH, and provide critical one-on-one training for Peruvian researchers. We will evaluate our program by determining whether these goals have been fulfilled during the grant period.


Total Urinary Arsenic and Inorganic Arsenic Concentrations and Birth Outcomes in Pregnant Women of Tacna, Peru: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Authors: Fano-Sizgorich D. , Vásquez-Velásquez C. , Yucra S. , Vásquez V. , Tokeshi P. , Aguilar J. , Ramírez-Atencio C. , Barr D.B. , Gonzales G.F. .
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High altitude reduces infection rate of COVID-19 but not case-fatality rate.
Authors: Segovia-Juarez J. , Castagnetto J.M. , Gonzales G.F. .
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Beyond cost: Exploring fuel choices and the socio-cultural dynamics of liquefied petroleum gas stove adoption in Peru.
Authors: Williams K.N. , Kephart J.L. , Fandiño-Del-Rio M. , Condori L. , Koehler K. , Moulton L.H. , Checkley W. , Harvey S.A. , CHAP trial Investigators .
Source: Energy research & social science, 2020 Aug; 66, .
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Impact of Rotavirus Vaccination Varies by Level of Access to Piped Water and Sewerage: An Analysis of Childhood Clinic Visits for Diarrhea in Peru, 2005-2015.
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Association of PM2.5 concentration with health center outpatient visits for respiratory diseases of children under 5 years old in Lima, Peru.
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[Traffic regulation and environmental pollution by particulate material (2.5 and 10), sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide in Metropolitan Lima, Peru].
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Nitrogen balance after a single oral consumption of sacha inchi (Plukenetia volúbilis L.) protein compared to soy protein: a randomized study in humans.
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Modeling Study of the Particulate Matter in Lima with the WRF-Chem Model: Case Study of April 2016.
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Global Health Education in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowships.
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