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Grant Details

Grant Number: 3P01CA200512-07S1 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Cummings, Kenneth
Organization: Medical University Of South Carolina
Project Title: Predicting and Understanding the Use of Nicotine Products in a Rapidly Evolving Nicotine Marketplace: the International Nicotine Product, Policy, and Market (INPAM) Study
Fiscal Year: 2022


PROJECT SUMMARY We are requesting consideration of an Administrative Supplement (i.e., see PA-20-272) to support additional data collection associated with Project 2 (Examining uptake and use patterns of cigarettes and other nicotine delivery products among youth in countries with different regulatory environments: The Nicotine Product Youth and Young Adult Survey) in our current Program Project Grant (P01CA200512). The research proposed will develop each aim in Project 2, further by adding a 4th country, New Zealand, to the currently planned youth tobacco use data collections in the US, Canada, and England. Recently, New Zealand has announced their national Smokefree New Zealand 2025 Action Plan and the research we propose aims to inform the policy discussions that are part of the Action Plan. Adding New Zealand to the ITC Youth & Young Adult Surveys would provide critically important ‘baseline’ data, before the implementation phase of the Action Plan begins in 2023 as well as providing detailed information on youth and young adult attitudes and behaviors that could help inform implementation of the action plan proposals. Over the longer term, a New Zealand youth and young adult sample would allow the ITC Project to compare the relative effects of policies among youth versus adult smokers in New Zealand—both of which are critically important target groups for the proposed policy measures. The between-country design provides a unique framework for assessing the impact of specific policies against the broader changes in the tobacco and nicotine market, including the emergence of heated tobacco products and newer forms of oral nicotine. Comparisons between New Zealand, the US, and the other countries in the ITC Youth & Young Adult Surveys also has the potential to directly inform tobacco control policy in the US. For example, virtually all of the research to date on reducing nicotine content cigarettes has been conducted on adult smokers; the New Zealand proposals represent a unique opportunity to examine the ‘real world’ impact of this policy on tobacco use among young people. Each of the core policy measures in New Zealand’s 2025 Action Plan are being considered, but have yet to be fully implemented, at the federal, state, or local levels. Finally, the project provides an excellent opportunity to examine effectiveness of novel policies in reducing racial and ethnic disparities in tobacco use, particularly among Indigenous peoples, who continue to experience a substantially greater health burden from tobacco use.


None. See parent grant details.

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