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Grant Details

Grant Number: 3P50CA244289-04S1 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Devoe, Jennifer
Organization: Oregon Health & Science University
Project Title: Bridge-C2 Equity Fellowship for Cancer Prevention for Gender-Expansive Patients
Fiscal Year: 2022


PROJECT SUMMARY The objective of this supplement is to provide mentored research training to Rong Shen “Derek” Chen, a post- master's degree trainee. The proposed research project directly contributes to the aims of the BRIDGE-C2 Center and will enhance Mr. Chen's research potential. With this supplement, the BRIDGE-C2 Center has two main aims: Aim 1: Examine the experience and patterns of care for cervical cancer screening and results, and tobacco use status and cessation services among gender-expansive patients compared to cisgender patients seen in OHSU primary care clinics. Aim 2: Provide mentored research training and career development to Mr. Chen, a post-master's degree trainee, by implementing didactic coursework, experiential activities, opportunities to attend and present at conferences, mentorship for research and professional skills, and clinical shadowing. Mr. Chen will gain research and career skills through active participation on the “Cancer Prevention for Gender-Expansive Patients” pilot, one of several active projects within the BRIDGE-C2 Center. The proposed research project work is a pre-implementation study that will fill gaps in our knowledge around cancer screening and risk reduction services among gender-expansive patients (individuals who identify as transgender and those whose gender is broadened from society's notion of gender) compared to cisgender patients. The proposed career development plan is tailored to Mr. Chen and his specific goals, and follows the research and career skills that are outlined in the NIH Office of Intramural Research Guide to Training and Mentoring: scientific investigation, communication, personal interactions, career planning, and scientific responsibility. This supplement is directly relevant to Aims 1, 2 and 3 of the parent award. The mentorship and training of Mr. Chen will “build capacity and training opportunities” (Aim 2). The knowledge gained through the research project will “enhance primary care's ability to equitably deliver evidence-based cancer screening and prevention interventions to all people, emphasizing closing care gaps for vulnerable populations” (Aim 1) and “identifying strategies to improve implementation of cancer screening and prevention evidence-based interventions in primary care” (Aim 3).


None. See parent grant details.

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