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Grant Details

Grant Number: 5P01CA250989-02 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Brewer, Noel
Organization: Univ Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Project Title: Program Project – Improving Provider Announcement Communication Training (IMPACT)
Fiscal Year: 2022


ABSTRACT – Overall Widespread HPV vaccination in the US could prevent 32,100 cancers every year. Despite this tremendous potential, HPV vaccination coverage is far short of the nation's goal of 80%. Provider recommendations are uniquely powerful in increasing HPV vaccine uptake. However, primary care teams and healthcare systems face barriers to effective HPV vaccine communication, and many questions remain unanswered about how to increase the potency of provider recommendations. We propose the P01 Program Project, “Improving Provider Announcement Communication Training (IMPACT).” The goal of IMPACT is to improve HPV vaccine communication and uptake among adolescents. IMPACT's specific aims are to 1) Identify opportunities to improve HPV vaccine communication; 2) Evaluate the impact and cost of HPV vaccine communication interventions in cluster randomized clinical trials; and 3) Support implementation of HPV vaccine communication interventions in healthcare systems. The IMPACT Program Project's shared theme is amplifying the impact of a Research-Tested Intervention Program to improve HPV vaccine communication in healthcare systems. The projects will work together to enhance the impact of the Announcement Approach Training (AAT), an HPV vaccine communication training for primary care professionals, which received designation as a Research-Tested Intervention Program (RTIP) from the National Cancer Institute. Project 1 will establish how to involve the whole primary care team in HPV vaccine recommendations. The project will examine whether optimizing the use of standing orders support increases HPV vaccine uptake in clinics receiving the AAT. Project 2 will examine what motivates providers to recommend HPV vaccination. The project will establish whether clinic-level financial incentives increase vaccine uptake in clinics receiving the AAT. Project 3 will examine who should facilitate the trainings. The project will establish whether engaging clinical champions in healthcare systems to implement the AAT within their own systems increases vaccine uptake. Project 4 will examine which interventions fit systems' resources. The project will examine the budget impact, cost-effectiveness, and population health impact of HPV vaccine interventions in rural and nonrural communities and aid decision makers with a decision support tool to facilitate the adoption of promising interventions. The research projects will receive support from 3 cores: Administrative, Data, and Intervention. IMPACT's activities will culminate with the creation of the AAT Intervention Package to support improving HPV vaccine uptake in healthcare systems. Throughout the proposed Program Project, the shared theme and AAT focus will create synergies among the projects and cores that generates significant and novel scientific insights into how to improve HPV vaccine communication and uptake. Our approach will also accelerate the evolution of communication trainings for primary care professionals, accomplishing in 5 years what might otherwise take two decades.


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