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Grant Number: 7R00CA242589-03 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Chen-Sankey, Julia
Organization: Rutgers Biomedical And Health Sciences
Project Title: Understanding the Influence of E-Cigarette Advertisement Features
Fiscal Year: 2022


Modified Project Summary/Abstract Section Project Summary Young adults’ initiation and use of e-cigarettes are on the rise in the U.S. E-cigarette use produces toxicants, is addictive, and is associated with future use of combustible tobacco products among young adults. The situation is compounded by aggressive e-cigarette marketing, which often features flavors, models, marketing claims, and price promotions. Evidence has shown the strong influence of tobacco marketing on the initiation and use of tobacco products among young adults, especially young adults who are naïve to tobacco. Thus, a timely public health response comprising more regulation on e-cigarette marketing is needed to prevent and reduce e-cigarette uptake among this group. Although e-cigarette marketing has been pervasive and is rapidly growing, studies to examine the influence of e-cigarette advertisement features on young adults’ reactions have been virtually nonexistent. The proposed project will examine the influence of four e-cigarette advertisement features (flavors, models, marketing claims, and price promotions) among young adult non- tobacco users who are susceptible to e-cigarette use. This study will pursue three Specific Aims: (1) Identify key features of e-cigarette advertisements that lead to greater attention. (2) Examine the associations between key features of e-cigarette advertisements and positive neurocognitive responses. (3) Determine whether edited advertisements without key features lead to reduced positive e-cigarette perceptions and behavioral intentions compared to original advertisements. Study on Aim 1 (K99 Phase) will use eye-tracking technology with a between-subject design among 70 young adults. Study on Aim 2 (R00 Phase) will apply electroencephalogram (EEG) technology with a fractional factorial study design among 120 young adults. Study on Aim 3 (R00 Phase) will adopt a comparative randomized experiment among 900 nationally representative young adults enrolled in an online panel. Individual differences in neuro-cognitive reactions and e-cigarette related perceptions and behavioral intentions will also be assessed throughout the three studies. The proposed studies will innovatively use neuroscience technologies to objectively measure young adults’ neuro-cognitive reactions to e-cigarette advertisements. It will be guided by a new conceptual framework comprising the communication model of the Limited Capacity Model of Mediated Message Processing. This proposal will enable me to expand my training in tobacco control, regulatory science, neuroscience-based experiments, and tobacco marketing and counter-marketing research under the mentorship of a multidisciplinary team of experts in tobacco control, and provide critical preliminary data to launch my independent research career. This research is directly relevant to the development of FDA’s policymaking and educational efforts to reduce the impact of e-cigarette advertisements on young adults’ potential uptake of e-cigarettes.


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