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Grant Details

Grant Number: 1U24CA271246-01 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Evans, Scott
Organization: George Washington University
Project Title: Enicto Consortium Coordinating Center
Fiscal Year: 2022


PROJECT SUMMARY ABSTRACT The goal of the Exercise and Nutrition Interventions to Improve Cancer Treatment-related Outcomes (ENICTO) Consortium is to support and enhance exercise and/or medical nutrition intervention research designed to evaluate interventions that may improve cancer treatment-related outcomes among patients being treated with curative of life-extending intent. The aims of the ENICTO Coordinating Center are to facilitate the work of the ENICTO consortium by: 1) supporting the scientific goals of the ENICTO consortium through collection, harmonization and analysis of common data across Consortium sites, 2) facilitating communication within the Consortium and between the Consortium with external audiences, and 3) coordinating administrative functions of the ENICTO consortium. Under the direction of the ENICTO Steering Committee, the ENICTO Coordinating Center will work with Consortium investigators to identify common data elements and procedures across Consortium sites, harmonize cohort variables, and identify opportunities for novel data collection to enrich the ENICTO data resources. The Coordinating Center will organize training sessions for Consortium site staff to ensure the quality, consistency, and completeness of the data across sites, develop and implement a data management platform for data collection and reporting from the Consortium sites, and train and support Consortium sites on platform use. The Coordinating Center will lead analyses for cross-consortium pilot projects examining common research questions, and make the harmonized ENICTO data available to qualified researchers based on Consortium policies and data sharing agreements. The Coordinating Center will plan and coordinate the ENICTO Consortium Annual Meeting and meetings of the Steering Committee, establish email listservs, develop and maintain a website for the ENICTO Consortium, plan and facilitate communication among the scientific working groups, support the distribution of research materials such as study protocols and education materials, and disseminate research findings to the scientific and cancer communities. Administrative functions of the Coordinating Center will include development and implementation of ENICTO operating policies and procedures pertaining to data sharing, publications and presentation, external collaborations and ancillary studies under the guidance of the ENICTO Steering Committee, and an evaluation system to track U01 site performance and project progress. The Coordinating Center will prepare meeting agendas, compile meeting materials, record meeting minutes and action items, and provide general administrative support and oversight.


Hypertension: Are Current Guidelines Inclusive of Sex and Gender?
Authors: Griffin B.L. , Bolch C.A. , Bourjeily G. , Madsen T.E. , Hasnain M. , McGregor A.J. , Merhi B.O. , Pratt-Chapman M.L. , Romano M. , Trott J. , et al. .
Source: Journal of women's health (2002), 2022 Oct; 31(10), p. 1391-1396.
EPub date: 2022-09-29.
PMID: 36178463
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