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Grant Details

Grant Number: 3R01CA159954-09S2 Interpret this number
Primary Investigator: Marcus, Bess
Organization: Brown University
Project Title: Promoting Physical Activity in Latinas Via Interactive Web-Based Technology
Fiscal Year: 2021


Health behaviors such as physical activity are important in the prevention and management of chronic diseases including cancer. Nevertheless, certain vulnerable populations such as Latina women are less likely to engage in these preventive behaviors, which may lead to disparities in health outcomes. Dr. Mendoza-Vasconez aims to become an independent investigator and behavioral scientist engaging in impactful behavioral health promotion research that can help to address health disparities. The proposed diversity supplement, through mentored training, will allow her to further develop necessary skills to attain her career goals. Numerous activities are proposed to achieve four training goals: 1) acquiring knowledge and skills related to dissemination and implementation research; 2) refining scientific writing and grant writing skills; 3) honing leadership and management skills; and 4) continuing to develop networking skills. The research component of this application will also provide opportunities for career development and will extend the aims of the parent study (which focuses on testing the efficacy of the enhanced Pasos Hacia La Salud (Pasos) physical activity intervention, compared to the original intervention, among Latinas in a controlled environment). The proposed research will use D&I approaches to adapt and evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of the Pasos intervention in a "real world" setting: a predominately Latino-serving Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). In collaboration with community and clinic stake holders and using the Practical, Robust Implementation and Sustainability Model (PRISM) and the concept of 'function and form', the Pasos intervention will be adapted following steps that are commonly used in D&I research. Quantitative and qualitative data will be used to evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of the adapted intervention. Additionally, to evaluate the effectiveness of the adapted Pasos intervention in this new context (i.e., among Latina patients in an FQHC), a small subsample (N=40) of Pasos intervention participants will be recruited from this site and assigned to use the adapted intervention in a pre- post, one-arm open label study design over a 6-month period. The proposed research will circumvent challenges to PA promotion in healthcare settings by using a low-contact, web-based PA intervention that could supplement the role of health professionals' advice without over-burdening already overtaxed healthcare systems. Ultimately, this research will provide evidence for future implementation and dissemination of an efficacious low-contact PA intervention for Latinas at FQHCs, which could have a population-level impact and help to combat health disparities. Overall, the proposed career development plan and research experience will equip Dr. Mendoza- Vasconez to pursue a career as a productive independent researcher in the field of behavioral health. Dr. Mendoza-Vasconez will be working in an unparalleled research and academic environment at Brown University, and she will be aided by an extremely qualified team of mentors with extensive research and mentorship expertise, including Dr. Bess Marcus (primary mentor), Dr. Borsika Rabin, and Dr Sarah Linke.


None. See parent grant details.

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