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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Cancer Prevention & Control Research Small Grant Program
Total Grants: 24   Total Dollars: $1,428,671

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Albright, Cheryl L Stanford University Shared Decision Making for Breast Cancer Rescreening 1R03CA078184-01
Beech, Bettina M Tulane University Of Louisiana Smoking Initiation Among African Americans-Pilot Survey 1R03CA080641-01
Beech, Bettina M University Of Memphis Smoking Initiation Among African Americans-Pilot Survey 7R03CA080641-02
Boyle, Raymond G Healthpartners Research Foundation Smokeless Tobacco Cessation in an Hmo Population 1R03CA074025-01A1
Cullen, Karen W University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Goal Setting for Health Behavior Change Among Children 1R03CA079413-01
Dhillon, Preet K University Of Washington Efficacy of Psa Screening and Prostate Cancer Mortality 1R03CA080674-01
Fleming, Matthew G Medical College Of Wisconsin Structural Analysis of Dermatoscopic Imagery 5R03CA073727-02
Frank, Erica Emory University Women Physicians Health Study-Cancer Prevention 1R03CA071434-01A2
Glasser, Alice J University Of California Los Angeles California Sun Sense Project 1R03CA078186-01
Halcon, Linda R University Of Minnesota Twin Cities High Risk Behaviors in Homeless Adolescents 1R03CA079388-01
Hudmon, Karen S Sri International Characterizing Nicotine Replacement Therapy Users 1R03CA082058-01
Koopman, Cheryl Stanford University Treatment of Sexual Problems in Gynecological Cancer 1R03CA079414-01
Kumar, Nagi B University Of South Florida Specific Role of Genistein in Estrogen Metabolism 7R03CA072588-02
Lee, W R Wake Forest University Health Sciences Dietary Soy Effects on Markers of Prostate Cancer 1R03CA080627-01
Martinson, Brian C University Of Minnesota Twin Cities Incentives to Recruit Teens for Smoking Cessation 1R03CA078183-01
Nixon, Daniel W Medical University Of South Carolina Absorption of Ellagitannins From Dietary Sources 5R03CA074149-02
Ostroff, Jamie S Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Spousal Influence on Tobacco Use After Cancer Diagnosis 5R03CA067125-02
Park, Chung S North Dakota State University Lipotrope Mediated Programmed Cell Death in Mcf7 Cells 1R03CA078179-01
Powe, Barbara D Medical University Of South Carolina Cultural Methods-Decrease Cancer Fatalism Among Blacks 1R03CA080659-01
Sanchez, Kathleen M University Of Southern California Vocational Rehabilitation of Colorectal Cancer Surivors 1R03CA082071-01
Shankar, Sharada Johns Hopkins University Developing Dietary Assessment Tool for African Americans 5R03CA077184-02
Skates, Steven J Massachusetts General Hospital Optimal Screening for Prostate CA with Serial Psa Levels 5R03CA073922-02
Tucker, Mary A University Of Alabama At Birmingham Inhibition of Tumor Promotion By Quercetin-Role of Pkc 1R03CA078197-01
Tyc, Vida L St. Jude Children'S Research Hospital Intervention Targeting Tobacco Use 1R03CA070267-01A2
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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