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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Small Grants Program for Cancer Epidemiology
Total Grants: 67   Total Dollars: $9,763,136

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Adami, Hans-Olov H Karolinska Institute Genetic variation in DNA repair and risk for lymphoma 1R03CA101496-01
Aickin, Mikel G Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Development of a Model for Causal Latent Factors 1R03CA094750-01
Andrew, Angeline Dartmouth College DNA Repair and Bladder Cancer 1R03CA099500-01A1
Arslan, Alan A New York University School Of Medicine Biomarkers of Ovarian Cancer Risk: A Prospective Study 1R03CA096428-01
Assaf, Annlouise R Memorial Hospital Of Rhode Island The Effect of ETOH and Folate on Hormone Related Cancers 1R03CA099491-01
Bale, Allen E Yale University Breast Cancer Genes in Mexican Populations 1R03CA089791-01A1
Bedford, Joel S Colorado State University-Fort Collins DNA Double Strand Break Repair in Tobacco Carcinogenesis 1R03CA096431-01
Begg, Colin B Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res A Method for Validating Gene - Disease Associations 1R03CA103394-01
Bernstein, Leslie University Of Southern California Physical Activity, Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer Risk 1R03CA096400-01A1
Block, Gladys University Of California Berkeley Oxidative Damage in Smokers and Passive Smokers 1R03CA096412-01
Bondy, Melissa L University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Metabolic Polymorphisms and Survival from Brain Tumors 1R03CA094746-01A1
Brennan, Paul J International Agency For Res On Cancer Multicentric Pooled Analysis of Second Primary Cancer 1R03CA101442-01
Brody, Julia G Silent Spring Institute Risk Factors for Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) 1R03CA103478-01
Camp, Nicola J University Of Utah Complex multiple SNP analysis with pedigree data 1R03CA099844-01
Chen, Taiping Wood Hudson Cancer Research Lab, Inc. TGF beta receptor type 1 in ovarian cancer 1R03CA096447-01
Chew, Helen K University Of California Davis Venous thromboembolism among California cancer patients 1R03CA099527-01
Chiu, Brian C University Of Nebraska Medical Center Case-Control Study of Pesticides and t(14;18) Lymphoma 1R03CA094770-01
Crespo, Carlos J State University Of New York At Buffalo Diet and Cancer in Puerto Rican Men 1R03CA103475-01
De Castro, B R Harvard University (Medical School) Monitoring Gene Induction by Indoor PM2.5 With Microarr* 1R03CA099843-01
De Vivo, Immaculata Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth) Whole genome amplification and DNA pooling strategies 1R03CA101501-01
Dennis, Leslie K University Of Iowa Trace elements among Iowa pesticide applicators 1R03CA099524-01A1
Dignam, James University Of Chicago Obesity and Outcomes After Early Stage Breast Cancer 1R03CA099508-01
Disario, James A University Of Utah Development of a Registry for Familial Pancreatic Cancer 1R03CA096429-01
Eisen, Ellen A University Of Massachusetts Lowell Prostate Cancer Morbidity and Metal Working Fluids 1R03CA099514-01
Ellis, Nathan A. Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Mechanisms of carcinogenesis by CRC-susceptibility genes 1R03CA103500-01
Friesen, Marlin D International Agency For Res On Cancer Estrogen metabolite analysis in blood 1R03CA096398-01
Giuliano, Anna R University Of Arizona HPV methylation: a biomarker of cervical lesion progress 1R03CA097752-01
Gueye, Serigne M Hopital General De Grand Yoff Prostate Cancer in Senegalese Men 1R03CA103359-01
Gulley, Margaret L University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill Development of Assays to Detect EBV in Breast Cancers 1R03CA101500-01
Haas, Gabriel P Upstate Medical University Postmortem PSA: role in epidemiology of prostate cancer 1R03CA097751-01
Helzlsouer, Kathy J Johns Hopkins University Androgens, Growth Factors, and Ovarian Cancer 1R03CA097857-01
Herrinton, Lisa J Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Epidemiology of Marginal Zone Lymphoma 1R03CA099261-01
Hunter, David J Brigham And Women'S Hospital DNA repair, genetic variation and skin cancer 1R03CA097746-01
Hurtubise, Robert J University Of Wyoming Solid-Matrix Luminescence of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydroc* 1R03CA097723-01
Hyland, Andrew Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Cigarette smoking and colorectal cancer risk 1R03CA097780-01
Kendziorski, Christina University Of Wisconsin Madison Pooling Designs for Microarray Studies 1R03CA103522-01
Lee, I-Min M Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth) Dairy Products, Calcium, and Risk of Prostate Cancer 1R03CA101358-01
Lee, I-Min Brigham And Women'S Hospital Saw Palmetto Use and Risk of Prostate Cancer 1R03CA097480-01A1
Liang, Ping Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Computational analysis of cancer cytogenetic data 1R03CA101515-01
Madeleine, Margaret M Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Chlamydia trachomatis and Cervical Cancer 1R03CA094741-01
Mandal, Diptasri M Louisiana State Univ Hsc New Orleans Genetics of Prostate Cancer in an Af-Am Population 1R03CA097778-01
Mueller, Beth A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Smoking During Pregnancy and Breast Cancer 1R03CA096434-01
Mundt, Kenneth A Applied Epidemiology, Inc. PAHs and Cancer: Planning a Study in the Slovak Republic 1R03CA101508-01
Nasseri, Kiumarss Public Health Institute Cancer in the Middle Eastern Population in California 1R03CA103457-01
Newcomb, Polly A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Colon Cancer Risk: IGF Polymorphisms/Lifestyle Factors 1R03CA094785-01
Parker, Alexander S Mayo Clinic Coll Of Med, Jacksonville Differential Gene Expression in Renal Cancers 7R03CA103494-02
Parsonnet, Julie Stanford University Microarrays of Intermediate Endpoints of Gastric Cancer 1R03CA103492-01
Pathak, Dorothy R Michigan State University Breast Cancer Gene-Diet Interactions in Polish Women 1R03CA092838-01A1
Pathak, Dorothy R Michigan State University Breast Cancer Gene-Diet Interaction US Polish Migrants 1R03CA096436-01
Peeters, Petra H University Medical Center Utrecht Variations in plasma phytoestrogen levels in Europe 1R03CA099846-01A1
Perez-Perez, Guillermo I New York University School Of Medicine Immune response to Helicobacter pylori VacA as a marker 1R03CA099512-01A1
Rogatko, Andre Fox Chase Cancer Center Etiology of Toxic Response to Cancer Treatment 1R03CA092769-01A1
Rossing, Mary A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Use of Antidepressants and Risk of Breast Cancer 1R03CA094745-01
Samet, Jonathan M Johns Hopkins University A Cohort Study of Active and Passive Smoking in Korea 1R03CA094771-01
Samet, Jonathan M. Johns Hopkins University Risk Factors for Breast Cancer in Orange County, Florida 1R03CA094776-01A1
Schwartz, Gary G Wake Forest University Health Sciences Cadmium & Pancreatic Cancer: A Pilot Case-Control Study 1R03CA089798-01A2
Schwartzbaum, Judith A Ohio State University Allergic Condition Biomarkers and Glioma Risk 1R03CA103379-01
Semenza, Jan C Portland State University Trichloroethylene Exposure Assessment 1R03CA094685-01A1
Shiff, Clive J Johns Hopkins University Bladder Cancer and Urinary Schistosomiasis in Ghana 1R03CA103497-01
Soliman, Amr University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Cadmium, K-ras, and Pancreatic Cancer in Egypt 1R03CA099513-01
Stuff, Janice E Baylor College Of Medicine Development of Diet Methodology for N-nitroso Compounds 1R03CA103515-01
Trentham-Dietz, Amy University Of Wisconsin Madison SES, Environmental Factors and Colorectal Cancer Risk 1R03CA099504-01
Tseng, Marilyn Fox Chase Cancer Center Dietary Soy/Isoflavones and Urinary Estrogen Metabolites 1R03CA096414-01
Vaughan, Thomas L Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Insulin-like Growth Factors & Esophageal Adenocarcinoma 1R03CA099897-01
Whittemore, Alice S Stanford University Protein Expression in Tissue of Ovarian Cancer Patients 1R03CA103479-01
Yager, James D Johns Hopkins University Mitochondrial SOD & Breast Cancer Risk-Mechanism 1R03CA094747-01A1
Zheng, Tongzhang Yale University Smoking, alcohol and NHL: an InterLymph-based analysis 1R03CA103490-01
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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