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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Small Grants for Behavioral Research in Cancer Control
Total Grants: 47   Total Dollars: $6,970,841

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Bartle-Haring, Suzanne Ohio State University Factors in Choosing Breast Cancer Risk Assessment 1R03CA110949-01A1
Bennett, Jill A Oregon Health & Science University Exercise CHOICE to Prevent Cancer in Rural Adults 1R03CA113135-01
Bigatti, Silvia M Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ At Indianapolis Dyadic Analysis to Explain Distress in Couples 1R03CA115224-01A1
Brooks, Daniel R Boston University Medical Campus Predictors of Smoking Behaviors in U.S. Black Women 1R03CA115228-01
Chen, Jarvis Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth) Geosocial Health Disparities: Temporal Analyses 1R03CA115245-01
Coups, Elliot J Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Patterns of Physical Activity in Lung Cancer Survivors 1R03CA115212-01
Daley, Christine M University Of Kansas Medical Center Colorectal Cancer Screening Barriers in American Indians/Alaska Natives 1R03CA121828-01
De Moor, Janet S Ohio State University Cancer Survivors' Employment Patterns and Consequent Economic and Health Outcomes 1R03CA124203-01
Della, Lindsay J University Of Georgia (Uga) Explain Fruit/Vegetable Intake--Consumer Marketing Tool 1R03CA117470-01
Delnevo, Cristine D Univ Of Med/Dent Nj-Sch Of Public Health Improving surveillance and monitoring of cigars 1R03CA119799-01A1
Deshpande, Anjali D Saint Louis University Understanding the contex for physical activity in urban African Americans 1R03CA121801-01
Frazier, Linda M University Of Kansas Medical Center Improving Employment among Gynecologic Cancer Survivors 1R03CA110911-01A1
Gurmankin, Andrea Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Risk Perception Fluctuation and PSA Screening Preference 1R03CA113087-01
Han, Hae-Ra Johns Hopkins University Better Breast Health for Korean American Women 1R03CA110939-01A1
Harden, Janet K Wayne State University Quality of Life in Partners of Survivors of Prostate Cancer 1R03CA119764-01A1
Holmes, Michelle Brigham And Women'S Hospital Maintaining Weight after Breast Cancer Diagnosis 1R03CA110908-01A1
Hopko, Derek R University Of Tennessee Knoxville CBATD for Depressed Cancer Patients 1R03CA112918-01
Jayadevappa, Ravishankar University Of Pennsylvania Variations of care in older men with prostate cancer 1R03CA121338-01A2
Keegan, Theresa H M Northern California Cancer Center Socioeconomic Disparities in Survival After Hodgkin Lym* 1R03CA117454-01
Klein, William M P University Of Pittsburgh At Pittsburgh Acceptance of Colorectal Cancer Risk Factor Feedback 1R03CA101529-01A2
Lechner, Suzanne C University Of Miami Coral Gables Positive Adjustment In Long-Term Breast Cancer Survivors 1R03CA113096-01
Lesko, Samuel M Northeast Regional Cancer Institute Physician Characteristics and Colorectal Cancer Stage 1R03CA113107-01A1
Love, Gail D California State University Fullerton Using EE Video to Promote Cancer Screening in Thai Women 1R03CA113158-01
Maddock, Jason E University Of Hawaii At Manoa Improving Direct Measurement of Sun Protective Behaviors 1R03CA115092-01
Marcy, Theodore W University Of Vermont & St Agric College Usability Testing of a CDSS for Tobacco Use Treatment 1R03CA111640-01
Mcgregor, Bonnie A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Psychological stress, cortisol, and B lymphocyte decrements 1R03CA119757-01A1
Meeske, Kathleen A Children'S Hospital Los Angeles Carotid Artery Disease Following Neck Irradiation in Ch* 1R03CA119755-01
Michael, Yvonne L Oregon Health & Science University Psychosocial factors and breast cancer screening 1R03CA113084-01
Monahan, Patrick Indiana Univ-Purdue Univ At Indianapolis Improving Item Bias Detection in Cancer Control Scales 1R03CA113099-01
Mosavel, Maghboeba Case Western Reserve University Cervical Cancer and the Mother-Daughter Relationship 1R03CA113086-01A1
Napolitano, Melissa A Miriam Hospital Exercise to Aid Smoking Cessation in Adolescent Girls 1R03CA119712-01
Nelson, Christian J Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res The impact of androgen ablation therapy on cognition in* 1R03CA119756-01
Palmer, Richard C Henry M. Jackson Fdn For The Adv Mil/Med Colorectal Cancer Screening Patient Navigation for African Americans 1R03CA124215-01
Pereira, Deidre B University Of Florida PNI Relations Among Women With Endometrial Cancer During the Perioperative Period 1R03CA117480-01A1
Pirl, William F Massachusetts General Hospital Survey of oncology providers on psychosocial distress 1R03CA113104-01
Reger-Nash, William E West Virginia University Role of the Mass Media for Promoting Physical Activity * 1R03CA117549-01
Sindelar, Holly A Brown University Developing an Expectancy Challenge for Diverse Teens 1R03CA115306-01A1
Small, Brent J University Of South Florida Apolipoprotein E Genotype and Cognitive Performance in Breast Cancer Survivors 1R03CA121750-01
Tercyak, Kenneth Georgetown University A Telephone-Based Cancer Education & Prevention Intervention for Teens 1R03CA119686-01A1
Wang, Judy W Georgetown University Promoting Adherence to Mammography Use in Chinese Ameri* 1R03CA117552-01
Weaver, Hilary N State University Of New York At Buffalo Healthy Living in Two Worlds 1R03CA115220-01
Weitlauf, Julie C Palo Alto Institute For Res & Edu, Inc. PTSD and Receipt of Guideline Concordant Cervical Cancer Surveillance in Women 1R03CA121006-01
Wells, Rebecca S Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park Participation in Community-Based Coalitions 1R03CA113141-01
Williams, David M Miriam Hospital Does Moderate Intensity Exercise Help Prevent Smoking Relapse Among Women? 1R03CA119747-01A1
Wu, Dongfeng Mississippi State University Statistical Inference for Lead Time in Cancer Screening 1R03CA115012-01
Zebrack, Bradley J University Of Southern California Families of Childhood Cancer Survivors 1R03CA113145-01A1
Zhang, Amy Y Case Western Reserve University Assessing depression in African American cancer patients 1R03CA115191-01A2
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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