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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Small Grants Program for Cancer Epidemiology
Total Grants: 25   Total Dollars: $3,640,859

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Brewster, Abenaa University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Insulin Resistance and Breast Cancer Outcome 1R03CA123553-01
Camp, Nicola J University Of Utah Transferability of Tagging-SNPs across disease status: colon cancer and XRCC2 1R03CA123550-01
Carlson, Christopher S Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Evolutionary analysis of CTCF and potential links to breast cancer phenotypes 1R03CA123584-01
Egan, Kathleen M Vanderbilt University Serum Vitamin D and Mortality from Eye Melanoma 1R03CA119751-01A1
Egan, Kathleen M H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Ctr & Research Ins Serum Vitamin D and Mortality from Eye Melanoma 7R03CA119751-02
Haiman, Christopher A University Of Southern California A Comprehensive Analysis of Genetic Variation in DNA Repair Genes in Relation to 1R03CA123587-01
Hamilton, Ann S University Of Southern California Androgen Receptor as a Biomarker in Prostate Cancer Progression 1R03CA121874-01A1
Holly, Elizabeth A University Of California San Francisco Pancreatic cancer survival analysis with SEER and active follow-up in SF Bay Area 1R03CA121846-01A1
Horn-Ross, Pamela L Northern California Cancer Center Nutrition and Thyroid Cancer Risk in the CTS Cohort 1R03CA125819-01
Hossain, Mohammed M University Of South Carolina At Columbia Evaluation and Development of Cancer Cluster Diagnostics 1R03CA125828-01
Jeter, Joanne M University Of Arizona Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Melanoma -- A Pooling Project 1R03CA125821-01
Krieger, Nancy Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth) Race & Breast Cancer Estrogen Receptor Status: Impact of Class and Missing Data 1R03CA125839-01
Kurzer, Mindy S University Of Minnesota Twin Cities Soy Isoflavone Distribution in Biological Fluids as Markers of Prostate Exposure 1R03CA119752-01A1
Landi, Stefano University Of Pisa Microarray-based genotyping for studying susceptibility to mesothelioma 1R03CA115062-01A2
Le Marchand, Loic University Of Hawaii At Manoa Case-Control Study of Adenoma in Sao Paulo Japanese 1R03CA119682-01A1
Mahabir, Somdat University Of Texas Md Anderson Can Ctr Effects of Alcohol on Urinary Estrogen and Androgen Levels in Women 1U01CA123566-01
Mannetje 'T, Andrea Massey University Occupational risk factors for NHL and NHL subtypes: an InterLymph-based analysis 1R03CA125831-01
Moysich, Kirsten B Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corp Pharmacogenetics in Ovarian Cancer 1R03CA121881-01A1
Orlow, Irene Sloan-Kettering Institute For Cancer Res Mutational Analysis of Clonality in Multiple Primary Melanoma 1R03CA125829-01
Shen, Jing Columbia University Health Sciences Telomere dysfunction, oxidative damage and breast cancer risk 1R03CA125768-01
Soliman, Amr University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor Biomarkers of Heavy Metal Exposure Related to Pancreatic Cancer Genetic Mutations 1R03CA123715-01
Thompson, James A Texas Agricultural Experiment Station The Joint Risks of Hazadous Air Pollulants Among Childhood Cancer Histotypes 1R03CA119696-01A1
Ulrich, Cornelia M Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Genetic Study of Prostaglandin Synthesis/EGFR and Risk of Colorectal Neoplasia 1R03CA123577-01
Wang, Michael Harvard University (Sch Of Public Hlth) Serum 25(OH)D levels, VDR and CYP24 polymorphisms, and NSCLC survival 1R03CA119650-01A1
Yao, Yin Johns Hopkins University The Role of Toll-Like Receptors in NPC 1R03CA123620-01
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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