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DCCPS Grants Awarded in Response to an NIH PA/PAR Initiative

Initiative: Geographic-Based Research in Cancer Control and Epidemiology
Total Grants: 10   Total Dollars: $12,951,066

PI Name Organization Name Project Title
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Grant Number Abstract Page URL
Carozza, Susan E Texas A&M University Health Science Ctr Cancers Associated With Agricultural Pesticide Use 1R01CA092670-01
Harris, Robin B University Of Arizona Use of GIS in analyzing environmental cancer risks 1R01CA092680-01
Jacquez, Geoffrey M Biomedware A Space-Time Information System for the NCI Cancer Atlas 1R01CA092669-01
Kulldorff, Martin University Of Connecticut Sch Of Med/Dnt Tests for Spatial Randomness in Cancer Maps 1R01CA095979-01
Maceachren, Alan Pennsylvania State University-Univ Park Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis of Cancer Data 1R01CA095949-01
Nriagu, Jerome University Of Michigan At Ann Arbor Arsenic Exposure and Bladder Cancer in Michigan 1R01CA096002-01
Nuckols, John R Colorado State University-Fort Collins Exposure assessment of agricultural chemicals 1R01CA092683-01
Reynolds, Peggy Impact Assessment, Inc. Exposure Insights Using GIS in a Case-Control Study 1R01CA092674-01A1
Rushton, Gerard University Of Iowa A GIS Based Workbench to Interpret Cancer Maps 1R01CA095961-01
Wartenberg, Daniel Univ Of Med/Dent Nj-R W Johnson Med Sch Geographic Tools for Surveillance and Study of Disease 1R01CA092693-01
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

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